Sunday, January 23, 2005

Aquarium Stand

I found plans on the Internet for an aquarium stand for my 55 gallon tank. I must give thanks to this guy for making these plans available. Anyway- I've had the basic structure of the stand built for quite some time... I just never could get the time to get out there and finish the thing. Yesterday, I finally did it! So hopefully by the end of today, I'll tear down the tank and get it put in place on the stand. I have to move another tank out of the way first, and paint the trim behind where it'll go- Then I have to empty the 55 and get it moved... Should make for a fun day today. Anyway- here's the stand: Aquarium Stand 002

1 comment:

phoenix said...

I missed this post or would have commented on it long ago! You do have a talent for wood working and I hope to some day soon put in an order for one of your cute bench's... that is if you are still doing them!

This stand is gorgeous!