Saturday, April 30, 2005


I just wanted to tell the world that I love my wife so much!!!!! She is the greatest thing that ever happened to me! And By the way..... She guessed the bottom three on American Idol on the week when Bo made it to the bottom! (even though Bo is her fav too) Go baby!!!!! You Rock!!!!!


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Well.... figured I'd post some pics of how the garden has grown......


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Figured it was time that my puppy got some exposure.... Here she is world!

Friday, April 29, 2005

Bocaine and Survivor

Here we go.... it seems that the future American Idol winner Bo Bice (aka Harold Bice) has been outed by the Smoking Gun as a coke head... Seems he got busted with possesion of cocaine, and later got busted with pot.... Got all charges dropped by successfully completeing a diversion program.... My thoughts? Well... Simon did say he is the only authentic rocker on the show.... now we have proof. I still think he's likely to win the whole thing..... If they end up kicking him off because of this, My full support will have to switch to Scott Savol.... Survivor Well... after last week when Steph helped make sure Janu quit, she decided it was time to actually start trying to influence how folks were going to vote.... She tried to get the girls rallied around the idea of voting Tom off... Too bad they didn't get hold of Caryn before Tom did.... They went to the madatory food auction.... Bought even more food (like these folks have not eaten enough... They are gaining weight this season). This time it just didn't have the same effect.... It's nice to watch starving people drooling over the plate of food someone just bought... this was just kind of like..... what's the point? Tom held his money until he saw something from home.... letters! He bid $220 for his, but then Jeff decided he'd sell the others their letters for the same price.... These people are way too coddled! Yippeee... ya'll got mail... nobody broke down so badly that we felt for them... It was really kinda lame. Ian and Greg played bath games in full view of the entire camp.... getting eachother all lathered up and stuff... making the girls wonder if they had some sort of "secret alliance" (Or was that a Seacrest alliance?) Next they got to toss coconuts at ceramic tiles to see who gets immunity... Ian eventually won it... Tribal council saw the entire tribe vote for Stephanie... Rather than playing smart now while they had the numbers, the girls decided that 4th, 5th and 6th place were good enough for them. Stupid. Now I guess I'll have to root for Tom... He is the last one there that even remotely deserves this thing....(maybe Ian). I see why the guys went after Steph, but why did the girls? I'm still baffled.... Anyway... next week, we'll get to see everybody eat some more (I'm sure) and then we'll wonder which girl will go home first... I'd say Caryn is most likely.

Thursday, April 28, 2005


Constantine is gone!!!!! How sweet was that? No more looking at the horror that was butt-chin!!! OMG he sucked so badly!!!! I never thought he'd go before Anthony, but I am so happy it happened! Happy days!!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

American Idol and The Amazing Race

I know- you all have been wating to see what to think about American Idol this week... So let me dazzle you with my expert opinion..... This week, we had songs from the 0's... The last 5 years have pretty much sucked musically, and the contestants proved it. These were the best ya'll could find? Trully sad. But then, most of what these folks have chosen has pretty much sucked all the way thru.... Thank God that once they get their contracts, they won't be the ones choosing the music. Anyway, here's my thoughts: Carrie Underwood Martina McBride's "When God Fearin' Women Get the Blues" Carrie is definately a country singer. She sounds the best and looks the most animated when she sings country- you can tell it's her comfort zone. I disagree with Randy and Paula, I thought she did great. Simon said it didn't matter anyway, she'd get the votes to put her through... I'll have to agree with Simon on this one. Bo Bice "I Don't Wanna Be" by Gavin DeGraw Bo had the best performance of the night. He just goes out and does what he does, and it works for him. But what do you expect from the guy who's going to win the whole thing? Vonzell Solomon Christina Aguilera's "I Turn to You" Randy and Paula prasied this, but I thought it was weak. Every time Vonzell has tried to slow down she's done badly with the votes... I have a feeling she'll be in the bottom three tonight. Anthony Fedorov Celine Dion's "I Surrender" OK... dude... Here's a little hint for you... No matter how much you like Celine Dion... NEVER admit that you couldn't wait to get a chance to sing one of her songs on national TV. Do you realize what this makes you look like? You are bottom three tonight, and probably the one to go home. That is, if the next guy can get enough votes to stay in after his performance..... Constantine Maroulis Nickelback's "How You Remind Me" Whoever labeled Constantscream as a rocker needs their head examined. Just cuz the guy has long hair does not mean he can rock. This just plain sucked. Sucked hard. If the votes were based on just tonights performance, he'd easily be the one going home. I have a feeling he won't be, but he will make the bottom three. Scott Savol Luther Vandross' "Dance with My Father" The judges hate Scott, it's obvious. They look very worried by the fact that he is still there. Their comments don't fit the performance though... he did a good job with this. I think they are getting scared of the contract that Scott is going to end up with. They have no clue how to package him. They don't want him to get this far... but he's doing a hell of a job and he has the Vote For The Worst crowd behind him. I don't think he'll even see the bottom three tonight. So, my bottom three:Vonzell, Anthony and Constantine. Going home: Anthony On to The Amazing Race They started off within like 7 minutes of eachother.... the last leg really was as close as they made it look. All ran off to get tickets to fly to Turkey. At the airport, Rob jokingly asked gretchen if they got the earlier flight to Turkey... This got them wondering, and Uchenna called a travel agent who did indeed find them an earlier flight. So Gretchen and Meridith and Uchenna and Joyce all gained a two hour advantage over the other two teams. I like Rob and Amber to win this, but that was just too funny to watch. Anyway, then we got treated to one of the stupidest comments I have ever heard.... Kelly told Ron that he got out of his commitment to the military by becoming a POW. WTF? The stunned look on his face was second only too the disbelief of people everywhere who realized that yes, there really are people in this world that are that stupid. Anyway, they got to Turkey, boarded a train, then a ferry, then a small boat out to an island to pick up a gnome that they had to pack along with them till the pitstop. Oh my... it's a Travelocity™ gnome! Somebody is gonna winna a trip! Oh goodie! I understand that the point of the show is to make money with advertising, but the product plugs on reality shows are getting unbearable... Survivors play for Pringles™ or Budweiser™... These folks getting this trip.... it's friggin annoying! Anyway.... next they go to the detour.... most choose to weich people on a public square... apparently getting weighed is a pasttime in Turkey, and then they get the next clue... Ron & Kelly chose to go read a mmap and get numbers off of some columns that would end up being a combination for a lock... Both detours looked incredibly simple this week. Then we go to the Roadblock... they have to climb a rope ladder, find a key, then repel down a wall and unlock a book. Uchenna did it first, made it look easy, and they were first on the mat. Next Gretchen chose to do this one.... nothing like seeing a 66 year old lady climbing and repelling.... I figured she'd fall off and kill herself this time, but she's a tough old broad and pulled thru. Next Rob and Amber showed up... Rob started his way up and the Ron and Kelly made it... Ron decided this was his challenge.... Either way, Rob and Amber beat Ron and Kelly... But wait... this is a non-elimination leg... Ron and Kelly gave up all their money and their stuff but they get to stay in the race. They also won the trip, a hotel suite, and the Internet for the night. So we still have four teams going into next week....

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I was thinking about bands I have seen... When I was a teenager, I used to go to concerts just about every weekend... samll hole in the wall clubs to huge outdoor festivals, it didn't matter as long as there was live music... I used to think that music was everything... Somehow I grew out of it. I don't know quite how it happened... It's importance just faded away over time... But some days I miss the pit- Some days I miss the pure adrenaline that comes when the first note blares thru the amplifiers.... the rush of you and 20,000 screaming fans pulsating to the music.... the blood, sweat and beer..... I figured I'd post a small list of some of the bands I have seen live.... This is far from a complete list, This is just what I can remember off the top of my head.... Add hundreds of local bands and opening bands that didn't make an impression.... And yes, I know, some of these I question my own sanity for going to see.... But it wasn't all about the band who was on stage... sometimes it was just the whole scene... the people... the crowd that I was a part of.... the pure energy.... AC/DC, Anthrax, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Page & Plant, Black Crowes, Beastie Boys, DRI, COC, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Fight, Judas Priest, Motorhead, Metal Church, Dangerous Toys, White Lion, Great White, Warrant, Dead Horse, Rigor Mortis, Morbid Angel, Morbid Scream, Ramones, Frank Black, White Zombie, Alice Cooper, Prince, Sheila E, Hank Williams Jr, Willie Nelson, Chicago, Charlie Daniels, Eddie Money, Joe Walsh, Glen Fry, L7, George Clinton, Veruca Salt, Bo Diddley, Steppenwolf, Frehley's Comet, Heart, Beach Boys, Def Lepard, Tesla, Johnny Winter, Lynard Skynard, Uncle Slam, Exhorder, Retarded Elf..... Theres the short list.... I wish my memory was better, I know there are so many I missed when putting that together.... And I'm sure there are quite a few that my chiropractor wishes i had missed (She once asked me if I had been in a motorcycle wreck after looking at my x-rays- the only explanation I had was too many stage dives). Anyway... There goes one little trip down memory lane....

Hand in Hand

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I am a Bush supporter, but this pic kills me.... I just really hope that their little hand in hand stroll thru the bluebonnets gets my gas prices lower....

Friday, April 22, 2005


This has to be the biggest vacation season this show has ever had... Even the so-called 'abandon someone on an island' looked like she was just taking a break.... I have questions:Where in the world did Janu get the jeans she was wearing on the other island? She left the challenge with a basic pack of stuff... she wasn't wearing the jeans when she left... so WTF? Why give her the pack of survival stuff? They should have made her time there hard rather than just a break from the rest of the group. Anyway- The challenges- First up they split into teams of 4 and built scaffolding in the water... The winners got to go hang out with some tribe and eat (like they don't have enough food- I miss the days of trading your shelter for rice). Then they brought food back to the losers too. Lots of food. These people are going to gain weight on this little trip they eat so much.Janu showed she hasn't changed her style just because she's on Survivor... she purged halfway thru her meal just to make sure she wouldn't gain an ounce. The second challenge they had to hang out under some bars until the tide came in and they couldn't breath... Janu quit after about 5 seconds claiming something about the cold making her nipples hurt or something or other... The rest hung out for 45 minutes or so until Tom once again got immunity. Then we got treated to Janu's little break from the rest.... the next morning she looked like she felt better than she had since they got there... I guess not having food at all will leave you feeling better than having to puke up what you ate for appearances. Anyway- it looked like they'd be voting Steph out with the editing, so I knew she would end up safe- But I didn't realize Janu would end up quitting like she did. Why go on a show like this if you are such a baby that you can't hang for a month? Some of the people they let on these shows just SUCK. Next week, it looks like Steph wakes up and finally starts doing some scheming... about time!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

A'ight Dawg Props for me!

I did pretty good last night... I nailed 2 out of the bottom 3, and I got who was going home correct! Self High five! Now we just need to figure out how to get Anthony voted off next week! Here's my picks for the boot order from here on: Anthony Constantine Scott Vonzell Carrie Bo Wins! And WTF is up with Ryan Seacrest getting a star on the walk of fame? He is a talentless hack! William Hung should have been there before Ryan! Grrrrrrrrrrrr..... And the pathetic excuse for a song they sang.... 'Shine' Ummmmm.... no. Bye bye Anwar.... You won't be missed! At least they did the wanna be big headed Baevis and Butthead looking Ford commercial... It wasn't as good as the muppets, but it was still funny as Hell.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

American Idol, Amazing Race and the new Pope

Well... It's time for my weekly roundup of American Idol... Here lately, I haven't been right about the bottom three, but I'll still give my opinions of who I'd like to see there.... Here goes..... Constantine Maroulis Nights on Broadway by the Bee Gees Constantscream's performance tonight sucked. I remembered tonight why the Vote for the Worst crowd had originally picked him. Hopefully he makes the bottom three. Carrie Underwood MacArthur Park by Donna Summer Not the greatest performance, but she sang it well.... and what's wrong with looking like a cross between barbie and a Stepford Wife? I thought she was pretty hot. Scott Savol Everlasting Love by Carl Carlton Scott sang it well, but his presence there still bugs Simon half to death. I hope the Vote the worst crowd keeps him around... he wasn't the worst by far. Anthony Fedorov Don't Take Away The Music by Tavares Please please please send this boy home... he sucks, he's boring, he's goofy looking. Not his worst performance, but so far under what the rest are doing. How did he ever make it this far? Vonzell Solomon I'm Every Woman Chaka Khan Vonzell nailed it... she's a lock to make it through to next week. Anwar Robinson September by Earth, Wind & Fire Anwar needs to go back to teaching choir... Those who can, do... those who can't, teach. Anwar... you are the weekest link..... goodbye! Bo Bice Vehicle by The Ides of March Best of the night... Bo nailed it and looked comfortable doing it... I agree with Simon on this one.... the only authentic performance of the night! Bottom three? Anthony, Constantine and Anwar Anwar is going home. Amazing Race I am so thrilled today.... The "happy boys" finally got sent home! Let's see.... first, they sent them all to a train station and bunched them all up again on the train... Then it was off to some clock tower which was closed... insuring they stay bunched up even longer. Why does CBS do this???? Not much of a race when every time you turn around, the folks you worked so hard to get ahead of are suddenly placed right next to you. Anyway... They got their clue which included a fast forward, that Uchenna & Joyce headed off to. The rest went and pushed elephants through the streets... Well all except Gretchen, who decided to take a ride in her elephant... Then they had to go race a camel around a track a couple of times.... The camels weren't to thrilled with the idea, but eventually they all made it around... Uchenna & Joyce found out that their fast forward required them to shave their heads... Uchenna's already bald, so Joyce was the only one to have to lose any hair.... She actually looked pretty hot bald... funny stuff. Anyway, they raced to the mat, but the happy boys got lost on the way, and came in last! Happy days! The new Pope- I'm not Catholic, but I am confused by what I am hearing about the new pope... people are saying he is too conservative.... What I can see is that he wants to keep the church focused on the teaching of Christ. Others seem to think that just because they are living some morally depraved life, they want the church to justify it for them, thus insuring lots of company when they end up in Hell I guess. Go figure... Folks, if you don't like what the church belives... and you aren't willing to follow the teachings of Christ, why are you in the church? Just move on and hope that you are right when it comes down to judgement day. Anyway- I think I'm done for now... I get Comments! I concur 100% with your assessment of the American Idol Crew. I think Constantine would be good on Broadway.. he's very dramatic and theatrical. His facial expressions still grate on my nerves... Carrier sounded great again. I don't mind the way she dresses, and like it that she dressed the way she wanted to, even after Simon said she was dressing old fashion in a previous show. I agree with you on Scott. He picked the perfect song for his voice tonight. Again, he has a lot of heart... but he looks like a homeboy standing up there. I still like him though. Anthony is the worst of the worst. Anthony singing = Nails on a blackboard. Nothing else to say! haha Vonzell has been rocking the last few weeks! You go girl! lol I don't think she will make it to the final 2 though. Anwar just doesn't have what it takes in my opinion. His song choices and his singing are both very forgettable. Bo, Bo, Bo... he rocks the house! His voice is really sexy too. I just wish he would cut that 80's Metal do... hahahaha He would look super hot with a short do! lmao Here's the order in which I WISH they would get voted off: Anthony Anwar Constantine ScottVonzell Then the 2 running for Idol status will be Bo and Carrie. Texas_ivy10 04.20.05 - 10:18 am Oh the new Pope. The one thing that really stuck out to me is that he is 78 years old. They may be choosing another Pope in a few years! I'm thinking it would have been better to choose a somewhat younger person. I am not Catholic, so my knowledge of the Pope and the Catholic religion is slim to nil. I looked up the Vatican website and have been doing some reading but... Texas_ivy10 04.20.05 - 10:21 am

Friday, April 15, 2005

10 Second Survivor Update

Poor Stephanie... all alone... (except for all the production crew members who are always around)... She has to keep the fire going... has to find food all by herself... has to do it all... Then she got mail... Load up your stuff... You are going to Koror! She loaded up her boat and took off with the map to Koror's Island... Then commercial time while they hooked up the tow rope to Jeff's speedboat to tow her to Koror's beach. So here comes Steph up to Koror.... everybody seems overly excited by the smell of her clean buff (yes, I said BUFF- get your mind out of the gutter). Then they get some locals to teach em how to fish. Those local guys sure eat well, you can tell. Anyway... after the master baiter Coby throws a hissy-fit about who gets to go fishing, they start pulling in fish left and right.... Enough so that they have a huge meal. Tom proves that he is a lightweight, stumbles around and falls down a lot... Morning comes and he's first up fishing again like nothing ever happened. Next up is individual immunity... and this part confuses me... they all ate very well the night before, but every one of them (except Tom) jumps off for food. Maybe after Coby jumped off they all figured they were safe, but still... you never know, do you? I figured Steph and Tom would at least make a good show of it. Coby ends up going home... I am so glad... He was such a whiny little bitch. Next week, the first one to give up on a challenge ends up living alone for awhile. Maybe that'll teach em not to give up so quickly.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

American Idol results....

OK... well..... I was one for three with my bottom three choices.... It ended up being Scott, Bo and Nadia. Suprised? Yes.... but not dissapointed with the outcome. Nadia needed to go... she had gotten very boring. Scott getting more votes than Bo was a bit of a suprise too... I guess the Vote For The Worst crowd had a lot to do with that.... Bo needs to step it up back to the level he was at... I have a feeling that a lot of folks who just assume he's safe no matter what got a wake up call last night... he won't see another bottom 3 for quite some time. Hopefully next week we see Anthony or Anwar go home....

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Well... here's my take on this weeks American Idol... Nadia Turner sang Crystal Gale's When I Dream Almost put me to sleep... she was the unlucky one in the first spot tonight, and put in a lackluster performance.... I bet she's in the bottom 3 tonight. Bo Bice Free Bird OMG I can't believe he did Free Bird! There are 2 songs in the world that nobody should perform... Freebird and Stairway.... Why Bo, Why? OK... considering the majority of the audience doesn't know the rule about that (Simon seemed to be the only judge that knew that rule), he'll make it thru.... But come on Bo... you gotta step it up next week... You are going to win, but we gotta see better. Anwar Robinson Dionne Warwick's "I'll Never Love This Way Again." Has anybody else noticed that Anwar seems to pick diva songs every week? Does he think that he should be a diva? He seems to lean that way... But he sucks. He's a wanna-be diva that just can't cut it. I see bottom 3 for him too. Anthony Fedorov Paul Young's "Every Time You Go Away." I hate Anthony! Usually, even the folks who suck at least have some likable qualities, but he doesn't even have that. I'm annoyed by his presence on the stage. I will say this- the song he sang last night fit him perfectly. He could sing things like that or maybe some Ah-ha (Take on me). But that's the stuff that I'd rather nobody record ever.... hopefully, Anthony rounds out the bottom 3 tonight. Vonzell Solomon Denise Williams' "Let's Hear It for the Boy" Vonzell's shirt was cool! She came dressed as a disco ball! How cool is that? She was full of energy and sounded good... she should be safe. Scott Savol "She's Gone" by Darryl Hall and John Oates. Scott started off sounding horrible... but stepped it up and finished off pretty well... he even got a standing O from Hall & Oats. Damn... those guys are even uglier than I remembered! But looking at them, I see hope for Scott- They were that ugly and still made it to the big time... Hell, look at Tom Petty, Ronnie James Dio, Neal Young, Dylan... etc... All a bunch of ugly guys who made it.... Let's hope the Vote the worst folks can keep Scott around.... I really want to see how they'll package him for a record contract. Carrie Underwood Pat Benetar's "Love Is A Battlefield." Bad mix of this song, forgotten words, but I still like Carrie. She's in the top 2 with Bo. Constantine Maroulis Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody Constant scream showed his theater side last night and it fit him. I can see him performing stuff like that, or say, stuff from Meatloaf. Big theatrical productions actually do fit his style. I still can't stand him, but he did a good job with it. OK- So my picks for bottom 3 tonight- Anwar, Nadia and Anthony. I think Anwar is probably the one to go although I hope it's Anthony. On to the Amazing Race- 5 teams left- Rob & Amber (Romber) Ron & Kelly Uchenna & Joyce Lynn & Ashley (or Alex or whatever) Gretchen & Meridith Good episode last night, with the end not really the end.... These folks are going to be tired and bitchy next week... always adds to the fun when they get bitchy! When this season started, I thought I'd hate Romber... but they have become my favorites... I hope they win. The challenges were kinda lame, and I still don't understand why nobody decided to carry the coal instead of doing the tea thing. Anyway.... can't wait for next week to see how long they'll be running and how bitchy they get.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Best Reality TV Finale EVER!!!!

The Ultimate fighting champion reality show just ended Saturday... It was a fairly decnt show all the way thru, but the finale was intense! Middlweight Final Diego Sanchez vs. Kenny Florian Winner: Diego Sanchez Light Heavyweight Final Stephan Bonnar vs. Forrest Griffin Winner: Forrest Griffin Ken Shamrock vs. Rich Franklin Winner: Rich Franklin The first fight didn't prepare me for what was to come.... Diego pretty much just stomped on Kenny quickly in the first round. But the second fight.... DAMN!!!! Forrest and Stephan pounded the hell out of eachother. That had to be the best fight I have ever seen. Both ended up with contracts after it was all said and done, and both deserve it. I think both will make it big in the UFC, esp with more training and experince... Can't wait to see a rematch. The last fight was kinda a letdown after that... The World's Most Dangerous Man got his ass kicked.... I think it's time for Shamrock to retire... he had a great run but he looked like he was way beyond it. Can't wait for another season of this one.... If anything like this one, it'll be great!

Saturday, April 09, 2005


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Here's guinea pig number 2... Got her last night... this one is much friendlier tan the other one....

Friday, April 08, 2005

New garden

Spring fever hit..... so a few weekends ago I went out and built this flower box along side my driveway..... It's 4' x 16' and only took about 35 bags of dirt/manure to fill it up..... flowers 003 So here's some of the stuff we put in it.... We're still waiting on the bulbs and seeds we also planted.... this thing will be overflowing by mid summer. flowers 006 flowers 005 flowers 004 flowers 001 And one new one that hasn't made it into the ground yet.... flowers 007


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A tribe of one?

OK.... Survivor is making things ridiculous. A tribe of one now? From the previews... it looks like they are making her go back to Ulose's beach all by herself.... Is there a point to this? Just add her to the other tribe already.... I can't wait to watch Koror have to start picking themselves off.... After being on the island for 3 weeks, you know these folks have to be getting annoyed with eachother. They look fat happy and bored at this point.... I have never seen a season where they have given these folks so much to make their Survival experience more like a vacation.... they built them a shelter from hell... they have a bathroom, shower, and now everything to make em smell pretty... more food than they can eat- the rats are invading there is so much food! It's like an island vacation resort rather than trying to survive. For real fun, they need to merge them and make them go to a different beach.... bring em together for the next challenge, and spring it on them there.... "Oh, by the way- you are one tribe now, and you have to go to your new home with just what you brought to this challenge. Let's bring the survival part back to Survivor! Anyway- Go Steph!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Reality TV updates....

Just thought I'd give some thoughts on reality TV..... American Idol- This week sucked for all of em. The Bottom three were Scott, Nikko and Vonzell.... I yawned... any of them could have gone and I would have said "Who cares"? Nikko went home... The Vote For The Worst crowd have decided to put their support behind Scott since it was found out he has a criminal record. They have been trying to get behind somebody horrible to keep in and they kept switching... they went thru Janay, Mikalah, Constantscream, and I think a few others.... hopefully they can stick with Scott and get the support they need.... He'd be the funniest one to watch the American Idol folks try to package. On another note... Why the Hell is Anthony still on that show? He sucks beyond belief. Even he admitted it last night.... he is by far the worst singer who has ever made it this far. As long as Bo and Carrie are the final 2... I could care less about the rest... I'm still pissed they voted Jessica off last week. Amazing Race- I went in to this season thinking I would hate Rob and Amber, but they have become my favorites to win. Rob has turned out to be a lot smater than I gave him credit for. The food challenge he quit and then got two other teams to quit was brilliant. Lynn and Ashley (or alex or whatever) get on my nerves.... racist little queer boys... I can't wait till they show up last. The old folks have suprised me by how tough they've turned out to be... I hope they do well too. Survivor- A tribe of two... OK... if they lose again and go to Tribal Council.... Do you think Bobby John will still lose? I think he's dumb enough that Steph could convince him to vote himself out.... Guess we'll have to wait and see. Koror hasn't been on camera enough for us to know who all is over there, much less have an opinion about any but Tom and Ian.... The Ultimate Fighter- Final episode is on Saturday, with the last 2 fights plus a bonus Ken Shamrock match! Can't wait for that one... It's been a great show! I think that's all the current reality shows we are watching.... wow... I could have sworn there were more than that but I guess they all ended... So I guess I'm done with this post. Comments: I couldn't agree more with your American Idol opinion. Bo and Carrier are also my favs. Last nights format bit the big one. Freakin show tunes? UGH! I didn't haar about Scott's criminal background... interesting. Texas_ivy10 | 04.07.05 - 6:40 pm |

Monday, April 04, 2005

Saturday outing.....

We decidied to run up to ride a train on Saturday.... Went to Rusk TX to take a ride on the Texas State Railroad. I did this a few years ago and had no problems... went up, paid and hopped behind an old steam engine and off we went... It was not quite the same this time. Fist off, I didn't get reservations... Last time, I didn't need them... This time, I found out it would have been a really good idea. It was the last weekend of the Dogwood festival.... The place was packed! I didn't realize so many people would want to see the dogwoods in bloom. So it took awhile before I finally convinced them to sell me some tickets- I started to worry I wouldn't get on... but that finally worked out. Then I realized that we would not be sitting behind a steam engine... we were going to be pulled by an Alco RS2. Not the same effect. Then I figured out that out of the 500 or so people on board, probably only 100 of them were adults.... There were kids everywhere... screaming, running up and down the isles, being wild, just being kids.... not quite the relaxing trip I had counted on.... I still had fun... I still got to see a Baldwin 2-8-0 pass us.... but it just didn't meet up with my expectations.... Next time... I am going to call ahead and make sure of a few things... When is the slowest time... which end is the steam engine running out of... make reservations... etc... Next time I'll get my relaxing trip. Either way... I got to go play on a train and that will always make for a good day! I'll have some pics to post later.... Now I just gotta wake up and figure out where my hour they stole went. I hate dayligt savings!