Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Well... here's my take on this weeks American Idol... Nadia Turner sang Crystal Gale's When I Dream Almost put me to sleep... she was the unlucky one in the first spot tonight, and put in a lackluster performance.... I bet she's in the bottom 3 tonight. Bo Bice Free Bird OMG I can't believe he did Free Bird! There are 2 songs in the world that nobody should perform... Freebird and Stairway.... Why Bo, Why? OK... considering the majority of the audience doesn't know the rule about that (Simon seemed to be the only judge that knew that rule), he'll make it thru.... But come on Bo... you gotta step it up next week... You are going to win, but we gotta see better. Anwar Robinson Dionne Warwick's "I'll Never Love This Way Again." Has anybody else noticed that Anwar seems to pick diva songs every week? Does he think that he should be a diva? He seems to lean that way... But he sucks. He's a wanna-be diva that just can't cut it. I see bottom 3 for him too. Anthony Fedorov Paul Young's "Every Time You Go Away." I hate Anthony! Usually, even the folks who suck at least have some likable qualities, but he doesn't even have that. I'm annoyed by his presence on the stage. I will say this- the song he sang last night fit him perfectly. He could sing things like that or maybe some Ah-ha (Take on me). But that's the stuff that I'd rather nobody record ever.... hopefully, Anthony rounds out the bottom 3 tonight. Vonzell Solomon Denise Williams' "Let's Hear It for the Boy" Vonzell's shirt was cool! She came dressed as a disco ball! How cool is that? She was full of energy and sounded good... she should be safe. Scott Savol "She's Gone" by Darryl Hall and John Oates. Scott started off sounding horrible... but stepped it up and finished off pretty well... he even got a standing O from Hall & Oats. Damn... those guys are even uglier than I remembered! But looking at them, I see hope for Scott- They were that ugly and still made it to the big time... Hell, look at Tom Petty, Ronnie James Dio, Neal Young, Dylan... etc... All a bunch of ugly guys who made it.... Let's hope the Vote the worst folks can keep Scott around.... I really want to see how they'll package him for a record contract. Carrie Underwood Pat Benetar's "Love Is A Battlefield." Bad mix of this song, forgotten words, but I still like Carrie. She's in the top 2 with Bo. Constantine Maroulis Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody Constant scream showed his theater side last night and it fit him. I can see him performing stuff like that, or say, stuff from Meatloaf. Big theatrical productions actually do fit his style. I still can't stand him, but he did a good job with it. OK- So my picks for bottom 3 tonight- Anwar, Nadia and Anthony. I think Anwar is probably the one to go although I hope it's Anthony. On to the Amazing Race- 5 teams left- Rob & Amber (Romber) Ron & Kelly Uchenna & Joyce Lynn & Ashley (or Alex or whatever) Gretchen & Meridith Good episode last night, with the end not really the end.... These folks are going to be tired and bitchy next week... always adds to the fun when they get bitchy! When this season started, I thought I'd hate Romber... but they have become my favorites... I hope they win. The challenges were kinda lame, and I still don't understand why nobody decided to carry the coal instead of doing the tea thing. Anyway.... can't wait for next week to see how long they'll be running and how bitchy they get.

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