Wednesday, April 27, 2005

American Idol and The Amazing Race

I know- you all have been wating to see what to think about American Idol this week... So let me dazzle you with my expert opinion..... This week, we had songs from the 0's... The last 5 years have pretty much sucked musically, and the contestants proved it. These were the best ya'll could find? Trully sad. But then, most of what these folks have chosen has pretty much sucked all the way thru.... Thank God that once they get their contracts, they won't be the ones choosing the music. Anyway, here's my thoughts: Carrie Underwood Martina McBride's "When God Fearin' Women Get the Blues" Carrie is definately a country singer. She sounds the best and looks the most animated when she sings country- you can tell it's her comfort zone. I disagree with Randy and Paula, I thought she did great. Simon said it didn't matter anyway, she'd get the votes to put her through... I'll have to agree with Simon on this one. Bo Bice "I Don't Wanna Be" by Gavin DeGraw Bo had the best performance of the night. He just goes out and does what he does, and it works for him. But what do you expect from the guy who's going to win the whole thing? Vonzell Solomon Christina Aguilera's "I Turn to You" Randy and Paula prasied this, but I thought it was weak. Every time Vonzell has tried to slow down she's done badly with the votes... I have a feeling she'll be in the bottom three tonight. Anthony Fedorov Celine Dion's "I Surrender" OK... dude... Here's a little hint for you... No matter how much you like Celine Dion... NEVER admit that you couldn't wait to get a chance to sing one of her songs on national TV. Do you realize what this makes you look like? You are bottom three tonight, and probably the one to go home. That is, if the next guy can get enough votes to stay in after his performance..... Constantine Maroulis Nickelback's "How You Remind Me" Whoever labeled Constantscream as a rocker needs their head examined. Just cuz the guy has long hair does not mean he can rock. This just plain sucked. Sucked hard. If the votes were based on just tonights performance, he'd easily be the one going home. I have a feeling he won't be, but he will make the bottom three. Scott Savol Luther Vandross' "Dance with My Father" The judges hate Scott, it's obvious. They look very worried by the fact that he is still there. Their comments don't fit the performance though... he did a good job with this. I think they are getting scared of the contract that Scott is going to end up with. They have no clue how to package him. They don't want him to get this far... but he's doing a hell of a job and he has the Vote For The Worst crowd behind him. I don't think he'll even see the bottom three tonight. So, my bottom three:Vonzell, Anthony and Constantine. Going home: Anthony On to The Amazing Race They started off within like 7 minutes of eachother.... the last leg really was as close as they made it look. All ran off to get tickets to fly to Turkey. At the airport, Rob jokingly asked gretchen if they got the earlier flight to Turkey... This got them wondering, and Uchenna called a travel agent who did indeed find them an earlier flight. So Gretchen and Meridith and Uchenna and Joyce all gained a two hour advantage over the other two teams. I like Rob and Amber to win this, but that was just too funny to watch. Anyway, then we got treated to one of the stupidest comments I have ever heard.... Kelly told Ron that he got out of his commitment to the military by becoming a POW. WTF? The stunned look on his face was second only too the disbelief of people everywhere who realized that yes, there really are people in this world that are that stupid. Anyway, they got to Turkey, boarded a train, then a ferry, then a small boat out to an island to pick up a gnome that they had to pack along with them till the pitstop. Oh my... it's a Travelocity™ gnome! Somebody is gonna winna a trip! Oh goodie! I understand that the point of the show is to make money with advertising, but the product plugs on reality shows are getting unbearable... Survivors play for Pringles™ or Budweiser™... These folks getting this trip.... it's friggin annoying! Anyway.... next they go to the detour.... most choose to weich people on a public square... apparently getting weighed is a pasttime in Turkey, and then they get the next clue... Ron & Kelly chose to go read a mmap and get numbers off of some columns that would end up being a combination for a lock... Both detours looked incredibly simple this week. Then we go to the Roadblock... they have to climb a rope ladder, find a key, then repel down a wall and unlock a book. Uchenna did it first, made it look easy, and they were first on the mat. Next Gretchen chose to do this one.... nothing like seeing a 66 year old lady climbing and repelling.... I figured she'd fall off and kill herself this time, but she's a tough old broad and pulled thru. Next Rob and Amber showed up... Rob started his way up and the Ron and Kelly made it... Ron decided this was his challenge.... Either way, Rob and Amber beat Ron and Kelly... But wait... this is a non-elimination leg... Ron and Kelly gave up all their money and their stuff but they get to stay in the race. They also won the trip, a hotel suite, and the Internet for the night. So we still have four teams going into next week....

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