Friday, April 08, 2005

A tribe of one?

OK.... Survivor is making things ridiculous. A tribe of one now? From the previews... it looks like they are making her go back to Ulose's beach all by herself.... Is there a point to this? Just add her to the other tribe already.... I can't wait to watch Koror have to start picking themselves off.... After being on the island for 3 weeks, you know these folks have to be getting annoyed with eachother. They look fat happy and bored at this point.... I have never seen a season where they have given these folks so much to make their Survival experience more like a vacation.... they built them a shelter from hell... they have a bathroom, shower, and now everything to make em smell pretty... more food than they can eat- the rats are invading there is so much food! It's like an island vacation resort rather than trying to survive. For real fun, they need to merge them and make them go to a different beach.... bring em together for the next challenge, and spring it on them there.... "Oh, by the way- you are one tribe now, and you have to go to your new home with just what you brought to this challenge. Let's bring the survival part back to Survivor! Anyway- Go Steph!

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