Friday, September 30, 2005

Getting back into regular life again....

I had a tree guy come out yesterday.... He said he could remove my limb for $300 today or could wait a couple of weeks and do it for $200. I talked to the neighbor and we both agreed we could live with it for a couple of weeks. I especially can- it's not bothering my yard in the slightest.... I did agree to go help my neighbor clean up all the other branches that he has scattered around his yard- they are all off of my tree.... I am finally starting to feel rested up a bit. I have been sleeping hard every night since we got back. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I will be completely recovered... I got to watch Survivor last night.... It sucks that we missed the second episode, but it was great getting to watch again. Brianna or whatever her name is would have made me vote her off to.... WTF? Why just stand there during the immunity competition? Did she not realize how big of a target she was painting on herself? Lazy ass. Anyway- one of these days I'll get back into a regular schedule and not be so busy at work.... Then maybe I can start visiting the folks on my blogroll again.... My mom has figured out how to post pictures... she made another post this morning and it looks like she is getting in to it... go by and say hi if you get a chance! Hope everybody has a great day!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Evacuation adventures!

***Edit*** Before you read all this, go over and welcome my mother to the world of blogging.... She just made her first post! So.... They want to evacuate the forth largest city in the US? Did anybody think this thru before this???? We left Wednesday at 6:30pm... Hopped on the road from my house and cruised over to 146... no problem... there are hardly any cars out here at all.... oops... there's quite a few on 146... At 6:48pm I reset my trip meter to zero while sitting on top of the Kemah bridge. Then we sat. Every so often, we'd get to move forward... but mostly, we just sat. and sat. and sat. At 8:30 the next morning we pulled over to a gas station in Mont Bellevue- about 20 miles away from where we started... Then I got the privilege of standing in line for 45 minutes waiting for a bathroom. The first night of it all was ok... we weren't moving, but it was cool enough that people were still friendly... we were listening to people call in to the local talk radio station and the local Christian station... everybody was in the same boat on all the different highways... we just knew that just up ahead it had to clear out and traffic would be flowing..... Around noon on Thursday, we got diverted onto 321 in Dayton. This is a road thru the middle of nowhere with nowhere to stop and nothing to look forward to.... this is where we sat thru the heat of the day on Thursday... 101 degrees and worried that we'll run out of gas... can't run the AC... Did I mention that in the car was me, my wife, my daughter and our two dogs... both the 8 1/2 pounder and the 86 pounder.... Anyway... we sat on this little road thru most of the day... people were trying to pass on the shoulder and then cut in line farther up... The guy in front of me decided to drive on the shoulder and block some of these people... then they started passing in the grass... He got pissed and pulled out a gun... between the heat and the traffic, tempers were flaring.... About the time I told my wife it looked like things were going to get ugly, a little country road appeared... We decided to turn down it and try our chances on finding gas. It turned out to be the best decision of the entire trip. After about 7 gas stations that told us no chance, we finally found one with a long line in Cold Spring... we hopped in line and waited, and we finally got to fill up with gas... all they had was plus or super left, but I was willing to grab anything at that point. After we filled up, I pulled into another gas station and bought a couple of maps... There was no way I was going to try to get on the freeways again... I plotted out a back road rout to Crockett, and figured we'd jump over to Nachadoches from there.... It felt really weird for awhile driving on roads where you could actually touch the gas pedal... We got to run the AC! Things started looking up! Aside from a little bit of traffic just outside Crockett, the roads were mostly clear... We finally made it to my dad's at around 9:30pm on Thursday, just 27 short hours after we started. 150 miles in 27 hours. Not too bad considering some of the stories I was hearing... it took my niece 36 hours to get to Fort Worth.... So anyway... we got cleaned up and slept hard at my dad's... the next morning we hit the road around 11am and it was clear sailing all the way to Kentucky. Got in around 3:30am. Slept hard again... Being out there was great... got to spend a lot of time with Stormii's family... Got to see new babies and see how older one's are growing... Got to spend some time thanking God for getting us thru the most nightmarish evacuation I have ever seen... It was a good trip and well worth all the time spent in the car. Coming home wasn't nearly as bad.... We left at 8pm on Monday... I drove through most of the night until we pulled over in one of the last rest stops in Arkansas to take a little nap... After a couple of hours sleeping, we went on to my dad's house... he still doesn't have power.. Lot's of trees down and power lines down... We went out to lunch with them and headed on our way again... finally got home around 7pm on Tuesday to find just some slight tree damage.... Thank God for that! I came back to work yesterday and today.... I have a tree service guy going by the house to give me an estimate on removing the tree that fell... I'm still tired from all the driving, but all in all... it was a good trip. The only problem from it all is my sudden urge to cry when I see brake lights in front of me (even at a stop sign)... other than that, it's all good. We missed Survivor, The Amazing Race, and a few others, but I could really care less at this point. My family was my only concern and I am grateful that the storm missed us... Thank you everyone who was concerned and for your thoughts and prayers...

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I had a second so I figured I'd share a few pictures of my tree.... It broke in the storm... It's hanging over our's and our neighbor's power lines and the fence, ending up resting on my neighbor's back porch.... Not real sure how we are going to get this out of here yet..... Thankfully, it only dented their gutter and knocked their phone cable off... all other services are still there. Hopefully I get some time to fill you in on the trip.

Back at home.....

Well... we made it back home last night... I am back at work today and busy as hell.... House is ok... got one tree problem to take care of. i will update more later and tell of the adventure that was evacuation.... Thanks everybody for your prayers, thoughts and all....

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Safe and tired

We made it to Kentucky finally..... Way too much time in the car going .5 mph...... going to sleep.... just thought I'd let you know

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

We are out of here.....

I'll talk to everybody in a few days! We are heading out here in a few.... I am about to dimantle this PC so we can grab the puters, router, cables etc..... Thanks for the prayers and well wishes everybody.... now pray that traffic lets up and we get out of here sometime this century!


She's a category 5 storm!!!! 165 MPH.... Gusts over 200! SHIT SHIT SHIT

Run on the bank.....

I just took a journey out to try to get us lunch.... Jack in the Box was abandoned.... then I noticed a lot of places were closed up tight. I ended up going to Krogers and just getting some sandwich fixins..... Then I decided to go to the bank. The first branch I visited was limiting withdrawls to $200... Great! So I sat thru traffic and went to another branch.... OMG... The line in the lobby came out the front door.... the line in the drive-thru was about 6 cars deep in abround 10 lanes.... I finally got my turn and they are at a $500 limit.... To get lunch and money from the bank took me about 2 hours.... The freeways are parking lots.... this town is going nuts! Anyway- I am going to try and get as much as I can done in the next few hours and then go to bed.... I want to try and get out of here around 1 or 2am..... Hopefully there won't be as much traffic then and if there is, I won't have to sit through 100 degree heat while sitting in it. Here's the evacuation map so far if anyone is interested.... we live in Zone C of Galveston county- required to start getting out at noon tomorrow.... God bless everybody and we'll let you know how we're doing.... We're taking a few computers with us and the folks we're staying with have cable.... so I will get to update ya'll.... Gee... this is so much fun.

Rita now a Cat. 4 hurricane!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I got home this evening and I have been playing Evacuation traffic cop on the phone ever since..... Lucky me.... But anyway.... Gotta coordinate getting my grandmother out of her home, gotta find a spot for my niece... gotta make plans for getting my daughter tomorrow... gotta board up my mom's house.... gotta talk to half a million people to get everything coordinated.... The original plan had me going up to west Texas to my dad's house.... but my step-mom is in the hospital so I won't be going there,..... So we decided that we will load the car up with me, my wife and daughter and two dogs and drive 20 hours to Kentucky..... Why not? It should be cool..... Gotta love hurricanes.... So Thursday morning I am out of here.... as of noon thursday it'll be mandatory for me to leave anyway... Unplanned vacation.... Hope everybody has a good rest of the week... who knows when I'll get to update this.... Pray for our house.... hopefully it's here when we get back.

BB6 Hate Websites....

Pissed about the way BB6 turned out? Apparently, so are a lot of other people.... here are a few sites people have developed to express their disgust.... April, You are a horrible person Jen Vasquez Sucks Cafe Press Store where you can buy the above shirt and more A little guestbook dedicated to the 'Friendship' Seen any more? I'd love to know about them!

New reality show I'd like to see...

Big Brother 6 - Escape from the house This would be a show that followed the Big Brother houseguests after they get out of the house and try to go back into their daily lives.... Especially the 'Friendship'.... I would love to see how they react to the news that they are hated by America... I would love to see them read the blog posts, the message boards, see the photoshop pictures people have made... I would love to see the mental breakdown that is sure to follow. You could follow Ivette's journey into therapy... Maggie's meltdown.... Jennifer's realization that the world knows her history as the blowjob queen... April's constant attempts to make herself happy thru plastic surgery... Beau's bouts with alcohlism... Cappy's... well... screw cappy! You could even follow the S6.... Howie & Rachael's upcoming romance... Kaysar's dealing with obsessed blogger chicks who are after him... Janey's quest for a sugar-daddy.... James and Sarah's upcoming divorce, etc.... OK... So how do I get hold of CBS???? Tonight.... We get to see which bitch wins the money.... joy o joy! And we get to see which guy wins the horror of being a part of OBINXS!

My list of hurricane preparations....

Earlier I posted the official list of hurricane preparations you should make.... It just didn't look right to me... So I modified it a bit.... *At least a three day supply of canned or bottled alcohol. Any storm is better when you are shitfaced. *Enough ice to keep your beer cold for at least three days.... warm beer sucks. *First aid kit- Whiskey mostly... it'll cure most injuries (or at least make you forget about them) *Limes - Corona always tastes better with lime. *Extra prescription medication (Who cares who it was prescribed to... it'll suffice with enough alcohol to go with it) *Plywood boards to build a boat with when the flood water comes... *Lantern- It's best to mix drinks when you can see so you don't spill any. *Fuel- for those looting trips to the liquor store *Fire extinguisher- to put out any of your drunk friends when they fall on the lantern... *Radio- What's a party without tunes? *Flashlights- You can use them like lightsabers and have a drunken Jedi battle! *Extra batteries - Can't have the tunes die! *Toiletries... Gotta keep the women happy... *Bottle Opener *Munchies - Chips and snacks... *Matches- Because drunk people, no power, killer storm and fire go so well together *Emergency cooking facilities - cuz some munchies just taste better hot. *Baby stuff- So you can talk your drunk friends into eating the creamed spinach... *Portable cooler - To keep the beer in *Mosquito repellant - as if a mosquito could handle you blood alcohol level anyways.... Anyway- The official list needed some tweaking.... I hope this practical list helps you out a little more than there's did.

Are you ready for a hurricane?

Me neither.... But just in case you wanna be..... here's a checklist for what should go in your hurricane kit. (BTW- This week will probably have a lot to do with hurricane Rita.... She's threatening to come visit me......) HURRICANE SUPPLY KIT During the hurricane season between June and November, you should keep the following supplies on hand: * At least a three-day supply of canned or packaged, non-perishable food. * Enough water to supply each person with one gallon per day. Also fill bathtub and other containers. * First-aid kit * Bleach (without lemon or any other additives) * Extra prescription medicine * Plywood boards to board up windows * Lantern * Fuel * Fire extinguisher * Battery-operated radio * Flashlights * Extra batteries * Toiletries * Can opener (non-electric) * Eating utensils * Matches * Emergency cooking facilities * Baby food, diapers and formula if applicable * Portable cooler * Mosquito repellent

Monday, September 19, 2005

George Bush takes aim at Evacuees.....

I didn't realize how deep Gerge Bush's hatred of the New Orleans black people ran until today. After trying to wipe them all out in New Orleans with the Republican created hurricane Katrina, so many folks fled to Houston.... Well... Here comes Rita! Another Republican created storm on a track across the Gulf Of Mexico slated to hit right here on the Texas coast. I am actually a little suprised... He should know he has a really strong Conservative base here- even his dad lives here.... But I guess that hatred runs deaper. I guess he figures all us rich white conservatives own our own vehicles and we can get out before the storm hits. I guess he figures that only the poor black evacuees will be left in town and he'll finally get them! I'm glad that I'm not in one of the chosen hated groups! I can't imagine being the target of a President that controls the weather! You can even tell that this hurricane was designed to target people from New Orleans just by the name.... 'Rita.... I always figured that most of them would be done in by a drink.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Pissed off.....

I was working on a post where I went to each of the blogs on my blogroll and posted on what was happening over there...... But I ran into a blog that froze me up.... It shut down Firefox and I lost most of the post. I even tried the recover option and it only gave me back the very beginning..... So screw that... I ain't doing it again. Some of my blog neighbors are doing some quite entertaining things, but you will have to check them out from my blogroll if you want to know what they are. I'm sick of typing.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Why o why o why????? My BB6 rant

Why do I let myself get so wrapped up in reality shows.....? Why do I watch every friggin episode only to get to the end and hate that one of the folks left get to be the winner? Would it be wrong to just skip the finale after seeing every episode PLUS wasting time reading the live feed reports and all that.....? I am so pissed that Ivette won the final immunity! So pissed that either Evilette or Maggot will win the money.... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Thankfully the only episode left brings everybody back, so it won't be devoted to just those two.... but still..... this sucks! I'm so disgusted I don't have anything else to say about it.....

Friday, September 16, 2005

Squirrels - Cute little creatures, or Evil decorated rats from Hell?

When I first moved into my house a little over a year ago, I thought it was great that there were squirrels in the trees out back. I even got them a feeder and kept them happy with corn.... Awwwwweeee... How cute..... Yeah right. Little bastards decided that the trees weren't good enough for them. They figured since the guy with the food was so nice, he'd share his house with them too... so they decided to move in to the attic. And nooooooo.... One entrance isn't gonna cut it either.... they decided they needed about 20 different doorways... Nice, eh? So now I have a couple of problems. #1 I have squirrels in my attic! I need to figure out how to get them all to move out. #2 I have to fix all the soffit vents around the house... Not sure if I'll go back with the screen or if I should use something more durable (and expensive). Anybody have experience with squirrels? How did you drive them out and keep them gone? Did you trap em? Mothballs? Cats? Light and loud music? What works? Little friggin pretty rats are all these things are! I now aim for them on the roads when they run out in front of me (I used to slow down and swerve...) Death to squirrels!


. SURVIVOR: GUATEMALA Yay! Survivor is back! We start out seeing the 16 folks treking there way thru the jungle to Jeff.... Oops... he just said 18.... Must be time for one of them twist thingies.... I wonder if this is the one everybody already knew about.... yep sure is! So they bring out two members from the worst tribe in Survivor history.... Bobby-jon & Steph! Both teams cry about their arival.... Yaxha because they got Steph who is one of the best and most determined women ever to play, and Nakum because they got Booby-Jon, who is one of the dumbest to ever play the game... Anyway.... Jeff tells them to grab some stuff and take a hike... An 11 mile hike... thru the jungle... all to see who can win in a race to the best camp site... So off we go... And ..... yes..... Yay! We have our first major injury! Blake gets nailed in the shoulder by some thorny piece of tree.... He's down... he's in pain.... but they have a nurse on their team and she pulls out the thorns... on they go... till night falls.... Now Blake is puking cuz it hurts so bad. Both teams camp in the jungle for the night, but Yaxha gets up earlier and gets on the move.... And it almost sorta pays off... they catch up to Nakum, but then they discover that some of their folks are out of shape and can't keep up... So Nakum runs away.... At least until Booby-Jon gets cramps. Damn PMS! He can't walk.... the girls rub his legs and he has found his new strategy.... Milk this for all it's worth! Anyway... Man this hike took a lot of showtime tonight... I'm glad they are making these people work, but damn.... edit a little better folks! Eventually Nakum makes it to the campsite first. Jeff is there to tell Yaxha that they must leave... NOW... So they go row themselves across the lake.... Nakum has problems.... Blake is down and puking. Judd is down and puking Jim is down and puking Booby-Jon is so far down his eyes are rolling back in his head... He looks like the chick from the Exorcist.... They hang out at camp for a bit and build shelters and watch the guys puke a bunch and make fun of them and stuff.... Immunity challenge- They have to row row row their boat out around a buoy, then bring it back, hook it to a rope, and pull it up a hill... some will have to move logs in front of the boat so it keeps rolling, and one poor person on each tribe gets stuck with the killer task of carrying their torch all the way up to the fire pit on top.... damn... that's gotta suck.... anyway, after seeing some great falls and people getting their feet stuck under logs and all kinds of painful stuff, Yaxha finally wins, sending Nakum to Tribal Council.... At tribal council they decide to send home Jim Lynch, the 63-year-old fire department retiree because in the immunity challenge he tore his bicep... ouch..... Anyway.... first episode is done and Survivor is back! I hope they make the entire season as hard on these folks as the first episode.... After all, the game is Survivor, not vacation..... Last time I think everybody actually gained weight! Let's hope for more pain and suffering for the remaining 17 contestants!

Thursday, September 15, 2005


First off- I Pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. OK... I feel better now.... On Rockstar:INXS last night.... First up, we got the encore performances.... JD did Pretty Vegas.... Again.... This time acoustic. Joy... like it wasn't bad enough the first couple of times... I can't wait till JD wins this thing and both he and INXS fade back into obscurity.... Next up, Marty got to do Trees again... But first, he smashed his guitar showing everyone what he really thinks of the 'softer side of Marty'. Then the bottom three.... Suzie got the honor of being in the bottom three for the hundredth time last night... So she sang the Bottom Three Blues... She belted it out and made me realize that there was no way in Hell INXS would ever take her as a singer... All they'd be if they did was a backup band to someone much more talented than they are. Next up was JD... He got to sing the classic- I'm Ugly and My Mom Dresses Me Funny. It sucked but in an INXS type of way... Finally, Mig made his way over for his first shot at the final three... He sings the great song- Damn... This Ain't a Musical.... He is way high pitched and overemphasises everything like you'd do if you were acting.... He's so not right for a band, but he ripped his shirt, so he'll definately still be there after getting Dave's vote. Well... Suzie ended up being the one who's not right for OBINXS this week.... Next tuesday is the finale.... Can't wait to see JD win it all.... Today is the beginning of the new Survivor! Woohooo!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


How about a few links..... All you ladies talking about your chocholate craving time of the month have inspired these first two..... Butter, Chocolate and Cheese... Oh My! Chocolate fountain OK... Did anybody realize that this was some kind of a fetish? Bee Dogs This guy really hates MCI.... LEGAL REVENGE AGAINST SPAM SNAIL-MAILERS And finally.... One for True Jersey Girl and Patsy Darling... One more... A friend of mine has a blog dedicted to his new baby girl... check it out!

BB6 / Rockstar:INXS

Big Brother 6 Final 4- Jedi Janey is HOH and has put Ivette and Maggie on the block... All is good up until the veto competition.... Then the fireworks start. Evilette wins the veto and jumps for joy- screaming about how she is in the final three... April gets pissed at this outburst... She bitches at Ivette... Ivette bitches at her... hurt feelings and loyalty seems to go out the window.... The friendship finally breaks? Janey actually has a shot at the money? I guess we'll have to see.... They start part one of a three part HOH competition... they have to hold onto a key while balancing on a spining safe dial.... Then... off the air till Friday. Final three are: Maggot Evilette Jedi Janey Rockstar:INXS Final four here too.... 2 songs each- one of which the contestants have to suffer through Dave joining in on... Is he really that short, or is everybody else on the show just really tall? Anyway- Brooke has on the world's shortest skirt tonight... I hope she had decent looking underwear on for the benefit of all the folks around the stage who I'm sure got an eye full.... Anyway- on to the performances.... Suzie Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song Four Non-Blondes - What’s Up Suzie has such a powerful voice and a great stage presence... She did great on both songs (even though the first one does not sound good in a woman's voice). She will have a great career after she gets told she's not right for OBINXS. JD Pretty Vegas Pink Floyd - Money Oh joy... he's added glitter to his megaphone... yippeeeee... JD is exactly right for this band... Go JD! I personally think he sucks, but what a fit he is! Marty Trees Radiohead - Creep It's you and me up in the trees.... Nice acoustic version of this... What freaked me out was that my wife had never heard Creep. I can't stand music like that, and I've heard it a million times.... go figure. But he nailed it.... Mig Rolling Stones - Paint it Black Seal - Kiss From A Rose Mig sucked on the Stones song. But he reminded me of a question I had.... When he performed with "Rent", was he there at the same time Constantine was? I can see those two hitting it off quite well.... He did sing the Seal song pretty well... This is what he should be doing in my opinion... that fit him so well.... He's the next Michael Bolton! Then Dave showed us all once again how badly he wants Mig... Please Mig... show us your chest! Fruitcake! Anyway... I habe no clue who the bottom three will be.... But JD will win it all... The rest are just not right for OBINXS.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Picketing Wal Mart....

This is one of the funniest articles I have ever read. Picketers for Hire There are folks, hired by the union... making $6 and hour with no benefits and standing in 104 degree sun.... picketing a better job than they have. They are picketing Wal-Mart. My question is... why isn't somebody picketing the union for making these folks work in such deplorable conditions? Their own employees are far worse off than Wal-Mart's... Go figure.

Astroworld is closing!

I know- anybody not in Houston probably doesn't care.... but this is a pretty major deal.... Even though the park was old and has been taken over by hoodlums and thugs.... Even though the average temperature is probably about 150 degrees out there... Even though I haven't been in quite a few years... I can't believe they are shutting it down. I have some good memories from there... I saw Heart there... I dropped a zippo from the cable cars and almost hit some guy with it (accident)... I rode the Batman roller coaster about 40 times in a row one evening when the park was almost empty... I almost died the first time I ever rode Greased Lightning when I prevented the lap bar from coming down all the way.... I slipped out and luckily the guy in front of me caught me... Anyway.... It'll stay open until Oct 30 and then it's done... Getting sold off to developers so they can turn it into condos or something.... Oh well.... I guess it was fun while it lasted....

Monday, September 12, 2005


****WARNING**** This post is probably TMI for a lot of people... If you are young or bothered by open discussion about sexual contact (Or if you are reading mom), go ahead and click somewhere else. It's Monday again... back to work and all that... But I'm not letting that get me down... I got out of the shower and my wife was listening to Joel Osteen- He was preaching about not letting others steal your joy... about having a positive attitude towards your life and the things you face... It really hit something this morning and I'm feeling pretty good after hearing it. I worked a bunch from home over the weekend.... I'm on call every other week and since the hurricane, we have been very busy! So I spent a lot of time on the laptop or on the phone.... gotta love overtime! Mom- (or anyone underaged) quit reading now.... Saturday morning I got up early like I usually do... I went in and got on the computer.... shortly after, my wife woke up... she came in and proceeded to go down on me... Wow! What a way to start the weekend.... I will tell you that nothing beats a morning blowjob! It gives a perspective to your day that is normally unatainable! Every day should start that good! If you ever want to jumpstart somebody's day... give em head first thing in the morning... Anyway- most of Saturday was spent cleaning the house. Somehow, I didn't mind doing this usually mindnumbing chore... We got everything cleaned up and then took Tracii's friend to our church Saturday evening. I think she enjoyed it, I guess we'll find out if she wants to go back or not.... Saturday evening was also Big Brother. Janelle got America's Choice (like anybody doubted that), and she got to go see what some people on the outside thought about them... I think the others are starting to realize that America hates them! She put Ivette and Maggie up on the block, but this week it really doesn't matter anyway.... the person with real power is whoever wins the veto. ( I know who that is, but I'm not telling)! Yesterday was mostly a lazy day around the house. I shampooed the hallway carpet, (it was looking pretty bad).... I don't think my daughter even got out of PJ's yesterday.... My wife decided to make a recipe of my mom's for the first time.... I thought she did a great job and they were great, I don't think she impressed herself though. I'm glad that she's willing to try things like this and trully appreciate her for it... I hope everybody has a great week... I hope you can either give or receive head in the morning sometime this week... Don't let anything get you down... Life is good!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Link day......

OK.... By now I'm sure we've all seen Stuff On My Cat. Classic little page about stacking stuff on your cat.... great fun! But what else are cats doing out there on the net? Well... let's see.... What is Cats in Sinks? It's obvious. It's about cats. And kittens. Who like sinks. And basins. KittenWar May the cutest kitten win! And of course, there's always Bonsai kitten! Enough with the kitties.... did you know that today is World Naked Gardening Day? Everybody get out there and garden naked! (and send pics to me)..... And finally, Everybody wants to help New Orleans somehow.... here's the way somebody found to do it.... Boobs 4 Bourbon St.... That's all I got today..... Hope everybody has a great weekend! And if you've been waiting for my wife to post, she finally has!

Friday, September 09, 2005


Last night, we started with Howie and April on the block... Howie and Janey tried to get Evilette to see that she had no chance with the other friendsheep, but she ended up voting Howie out anyway.... Stupid stupid girl.... We got to see Evilette's girlfriend last night... funny stuff. She can't stand Cappy either! And she loves Janelle.... How classic is that? I would love to see what the members of the friendsheep think after they watch all this when they get out.... I wonder if they'll think they played such an "honorable" game then.... Anyway... Best possible outcome in the HOH competition... Jedi Janey wins! Wooot. I don't even care who she puts up this week... Just knowing that one of the Nerd Herd is leaving makes me happy....

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Third post today... spam!

Here's the latest after going thru my spam mailbox...... Sp'erm Pi`lls cause mul'tiople 0rgasms for men ` OMG... Pauly Shore is now a spammer! Everybody hide! Êàê âûéòè â ðåãèîíû? ðõïïðïð ôïï òðñ Don't talk to me in that tone of gibberish bitch! expanded range of all US products, handled in the US by US staff, But I like chinese products handled by Wal-Mart! Bargain teeth whitening kits, we give you the best OK.... When shopping for things that are going to bleach your teeth.... everybody raise their hands if they are going with the bargain brand sent to you from a spammer..... real replica watches : $199 Fwd: Make your beloved the best present - Replica Watch! Re: All big brand watches for the price you can AFFORD! High end watches, no comparison! First off... I told you people I don't wear a watch. Second... If i did, I'd pay $4.95 at Wal-Mart rather than paying $200 for a cheap ripoff... Remember the old days? You mean back when all my junk mail was delivered by a little van that pulled up in front of the house? My time in important Obviously... Too important to waste bothering with little things like grammar... Your Friends Will Envy You First off... I don't like people, so who are these "friends" you speak of? And why would I care if people envied me? Would your life be better if you feared nothing? No... but it would be better if you quit sending me stupid e-mails! •Do something about your smallDickkkkk•wishful •Avoid Divorce Get a BiggerDick•aurora First off... the size of my dick is none of your buisness. I have not heard a complaint yet. Next... If I was going to get a divorce over my dick size, I don't think I would want to be in that marriage. And finally.... Go fuck yourself! Fucking spammers! While they continue to entertain me, they also continue to annoy the hell out of me.... And they all want the same things.... Add dick size Stock tips Fake watches lose weight Cheap viagra Gimme you bank info etc.... I really wonder how many people go for this crap that makes them keep on going strong.... There has to be some kind of profit in it for these people.... So maybe it's not the spammers themself that I should take my hatred out on.... it's the fucking idiots who encourage them to keep it up. You people are pathetic!


Last night on Rockstar:INXS.... First up, JD gets told he gets the encore performance.... the world is stunned by this... Marty deserved it but somehow JD got it.... go figure.... But first, INXS wants to actually play the instruments that are on the stage... we get a full on lovefest of the final 5, INXS and Dave.... This is a horrible new song by INXS that the contestants had to perform a couple of weeks ago, but this time done in cheesy American Idol style singalong.... Somebody break out the Coke and hop in a Ford..... Anyway, after they finish torturing us with that, they switch to something much worse, we have to sit through JD performing again... Somebody save my bleeding ears! At least he didn't have the megaphone this time.... So we get our bottom three.... First up- Jordis (suprise) They tell her to sing their best song - "We Suck Royaly" or something of that nature, and once again she seems to have realized that she was competing to be a memeber of INXS and sings it horribly. Next of the bottom three is Suzie... Suzie sings INXS's hit song "We Almost Make the Stones Look Young" better than anybody in INXS could have done... This girl is a winner! Too bad she hasn't realized what the "prize" is yet.... And to round out the botton three, we get JD. Again. Again they feel like torturing me. Like my ears don't hurt quite badly enough... I fumble for the remote to hit mute but it gets knocked off the bed into a pile of dirty laundry and I can't find it! OHHHH The Agony!!! Anyway- JD sings the classic tune "We Weren't Even Cool back in the 50's When Our Stuff Was On The Radio"... He sucks, but he's right for INXS.... So after the torture is over, They finally announce that Jordis, You just aren't right for OurbandINXS... Jordis drops to her knees and praises God for not making her play with this geriatric bunch of has-beens... She got her exposure and has a bright career ahead of her.... Tune in next week for the Final Four.....


I just figured I'd share a few pics of the mushrooms that popped up in my yard... I have always been fascinated by these things..... (click the picture for a full sized view) 9-7-05 041 9-7-05 042 9-7-05 060 9-7-05 040 9-7-05 036 And here is a leaf from a white bird of paradise... This picture just really does something for me.... 9-7-05 026

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Some thoughts on my blog.....

Someone on Blog Explosion left me a comment that I found interesting.... They asked why I talk about Big Brother so much- said that my life was so much more interesting.... Wow! That amazed me.... I never really thought that anybody out there would really want to hear about my day to day life.... Most days are nothing more than work, come home exhausted, scrounge up something to eat, watch whatever reality show has caught our interest that day, and go to bed. I enjoy it, but didn't figure anybody really wanted to hear all that... I do try to mix things up- Sometimes I am in a humorous mood and will post "interesting" links or rag on the piles of spam that flow in... Sometimes, I want to talk about the shows I watch... There has even been a time or two where I've decided to get all political... Sometimes I talk about projects we've done or things we've grown... Sometimes I just type to get things out ... I like it all.... I don't see myself changing the way I post... I just post the things that interest me at the time I get a chance. There's no set in stone rules I follow or formula to my madness... I have seen that some topics are more popular than others (I tried posting about Ultimate Fighter 2 and had ZERO interest)... That's ok. I almost said I'm not posting for the recognition, but that wouldn't be entirely true.... I get off to the fact that people come around and take the time to read and comment on what I have to say... It feeds the ego. I love cruising around and seeing what others have to say too... I've sorta lost track on what I started this to say... I appreciate you being here and reading what I write... If you like it, great! if you don't... I'm sorry... But when it gets down to it, this is my outlet... I can't change who I am or what I post about to fit other's needs... I like my blog. Hopefully you do too.

BB6 / Rockstar:INXS

BB6 This week on BB6 The evil one has HOH.... She nominates our beloved Jedis, but Jedi Janey prevails in the Veto competition.... Jedi Howie and Pathetic loser April sit on the chopping block. Can't wait till Thursday when Evilette's reign at HOH is over! Rockstar:INXS This week there are only five left, so each singer gets two songs.... one chosen by the fans and one original.... The host slut Brooke Burke has finally quit playing around with semi-revealing clothes and just came out in her PJ's. Tonight, she'll probably be in a teddy ..... Anyway, on to my thoughts... JD Nirvana - Come As You Are Pretty Vegas I realized something tonight.... JD should win this competition.... I can't stand him, I think he's a cocky little fuckhead... But he sounds like INXS. He slaughtered some crappy Nirvana song then did his own, and the whole time I was thinking that he would just fit right in the band.... Suzie Bonnie Raitt - I Can’t Make You Love Me Soul Life I guess Suzie did ok... But she made me hate her original before she sang the first note.... Dedicated it to Ty of all people.... ruined it for me. Mig Black Crowes - Hard To Handle Home in Me I was not impressed with Mig's Hard to Handle... He seemed like he couldn't figure out if he was trying to rush thru the vocals or trip over them coming out of his mouth.... Another not very impressive Mig week for me.... I will say that he did a Hell of a job on his original.... I think that's Mig's niche.... piano bar singer guy.... Jordis Queen - We Are The Champions Try Not Jordis took her own advise.... Try Not. WTF has happened to Jordis recently? She sucked again. I have the feeling that Jordis will be making the trip home tonight. Marty Foo Fighters - Everlong Trees Marty stole the show again. First, his slowed down version of Everlong really worked for him, then his original was good enough that you'd think you've heard it on the radio before. Based on talent alone, Marty should win this thing... But I don't think he's the right fit for INXS.... He'll have a great career though without them after all this exposure. Bottom three tonight Jordis (going home) Mig Suzie (due to somebody has to be there) Encore- Marty

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


They are everywhere! You turn on the news, and there they are... Every time a news crew sees one they thrust a camera in their face and get them to tell their views on how things have been handled... They whine... They complain.... Personally, I'm sick of them all! No... I'm not talking about our wonderful guests from New orleans... they are more than welcome here... I'm talking about the massive influx of celebrities... Oprah, Travolta, Dr. Phil, Hillary, etc... WTF are you doing here other than trying to make yourself look good on TV? Who cares what you think about the way things are being handled? Either start helping out or get out of the way so those who do want to help can. Sean Penn- Politically, I can't stand him.... Every time he opens his mouth I change the channel.... BUT- He hopped in a boat in N.O. and started rescuing people.... I like that. That's the type of thing people need to do... Nobody cares to see the rest of you just sticking your face out in the public eye so you can look like you were there in a crisis.... Send your check to the Red cross and get the hell out of the way.... OK... I feel better now.... BTW- The hurricane season is far from over.... We have our M, N, and about to have our O named storms....

Monday, September 05, 2005

Hurricane and my job

I work for a communications company- my job is primarily providing communications offshore on oil rigs and things of that nature.... As you can imagine, we got hit pretty hard by the storm. We have been super busy for the last week trying to restore communications to all the places that lost them... Luckily, I wasn't on call thru last week... but Today, that changed. I am now on call until next Monday. So... I went and picked up the laptop and cell phone that my job requires and came home- it's a holiday, you know? But I will be chained to the desk here at the house. Fun fun fun.... We were going to volunteer over the weekend to help out all the folks who were in town... But I think everybody else had the same idea. We called a lot of places to see what they needed... They were actually turning people away. It's a great thing to see- more people want to help out than there is a need for. I saw donations places turning things away too. So we decided to step back for a couple of weeks... Let the initial wave of giving calm down, and volunteer when the need is still there but the public excitement about it has died down. These folks won't get to go home for a long time.... I hope the people who are volunteering now are still there a month from now. I won't even go into how ridiculous I think people look who are making political issues out of all this. It's not politics folks... it's helping out your fellow citizens. Anyway- I hope everybody is having a great labor day. I hope you all have found what you can do to help out those who need it. Even if it's just a little, every little bit helps!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

WTF Videos....

Help this guy out. Apparently, he is a singer in need of a band. He dropped off multiple copies of a video of himself singing to a music store- an audition video. And he Rawks! That's why, he is The Rawker!


Let's see.... We start off with Bleau and Evilette on the chopping block... Howie is HOH! Howie gets the best HOH stuff ever- two lightsabers! Damn... I want some of those! Friggin' cool! Anyway.... They bring in the most annoying contestant ever on Big Brother (after the friendship of course) to host the veto game.... How life would have been better had I just forgotten about Holly..... Anyway... Maggot ends up winning POV... Ivette is working her to use it and put Yap-ril up, and for awhile, it looks like she might just do it.... But she doesn't and Bleau gets voted out! So we get a new HOH competition and Evilette wins.... The sound of millions of people screaming "SHIT" at their TV sets in unison disturbs the major fault lines in California, causing massive earthquakes that turn Nevada into beach front property! The gates of Hell have opened, and the Evil One is now in charge of the Big Brother house.....

Friday, September 02, 2005

Busy busy busy

Just a quick note- we have been getting slammed at work since Monday.... The folks I thought would be staying with me decided not to. They are getting an apartment instead.... I told them if they needed it, the room is still there... May fill it with someone else if the opportunity presents itself. BB6- James is gone, Howie wins HOH, and nominates Bleau and Evilette! Woooohoooo! No time for more for now... Have a great day- donate to help the folks and keep everybody in your thoughts and prayers!

Thursday, September 01, 2005


I almost nailed it.... Take Mig out of the bottom 3 and add JD.... I was right about who went home, and I was right about the encore! Yay for me! What was up with Ty blaming his suckiness on racism? Dude... you just sucked. I could care less what color you are. That was one of the most pathetic displays I have seen in quite some time. Did the guy honestly believe he was so much better than the folks he was up against? If so, he's dillusional. I am so sick of people who scream racism at every thing that doesn't go exactly their way... Wish I could do that- there has been plenty in my life that hasn't gone perfect (plus, I wasn't in the top six on this show getting worldwide exposure). I'm glad he's gone... Anyway- hope evrybody is doing ok... We might (probably will) have a couple from new orleans move in for awhile... A guy who works for my company in N.O. is stuck in Houston with pretty much nothing... he has no idea if his house/stuff even exists... That sucks. But I threw the invite out yesterday for anybody who needed a place- we have the room... now we just have to find the guy so i know for sure he's coming... (I still haven't even met him yet- we know he's in town, but getting in touch with him has been hard). I should know for sure some time this morning. Take care folks- keep all the people who's life just got destroyed in your thoughts and prayers! BTW- I have a few pictures that were taken from a helicopter flying over the Venice LA area on Tuesday... Venice is pretty much gone. If you feel like seeing them, here you go.