Wednesday, September 14, 2005

BB6 / Rockstar:INXS

Big Brother 6 Final 4- Jedi Janey is HOH and has put Ivette and Maggie on the block... All is good up until the veto competition.... Then the fireworks start. Evilette wins the veto and jumps for joy- screaming about how she is in the final three... April gets pissed at this outburst... She bitches at Ivette... Ivette bitches at her... hurt feelings and loyalty seems to go out the window.... The friendship finally breaks? Janey actually has a shot at the money? I guess we'll have to see.... They start part one of a three part HOH competition... they have to hold onto a key while balancing on a spining safe dial.... Then... off the air till Friday. Final three are: Maggot Evilette Jedi Janey Rockstar:INXS Final four here too.... 2 songs each- one of which the contestants have to suffer through Dave joining in on... Is he really that short, or is everybody else on the show just really tall? Anyway- Brooke has on the world's shortest skirt tonight... I hope she had decent looking underwear on for the benefit of all the folks around the stage who I'm sure got an eye full.... Anyway- on to the performances.... Suzie Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love Song Four Non-Blondes - What’s Up Suzie has such a powerful voice and a great stage presence... She did great on both songs (even though the first one does not sound good in a woman's voice). She will have a great career after she gets told she's not right for OBINXS. JD Pretty Vegas Pink Floyd - Money Oh joy... he's added glitter to his megaphone... yippeeeee... JD is exactly right for this band... Go JD! I personally think he sucks, but what a fit he is! Marty Trees Radiohead - Creep It's you and me up in the trees.... Nice acoustic version of this... What freaked me out was that my wife had never heard Creep. I can't stand music like that, and I've heard it a million times.... go figure. But he nailed it.... Mig Rolling Stones - Paint it Black Seal - Kiss From A Rose Mig sucked on the Stones song. But he reminded me of a question I had.... When he performed with "Rent", was he there at the same time Constantine was? I can see those two hitting it off quite well.... He did sing the Seal song pretty well... This is what he should be doing in my opinion... that fit him so well.... He's the next Michael Bolton! Then Dave showed us all once again how badly he wants Mig... Please Mig... show us your chest! Fruitcake! Anyway... I habe no clue who the bottom three will be.... But JD will win it all... The rest are just not right for OBINXS.


Mona said...

I only saw Mig sing. I would have like to see the other perform. I felt the same way about Mig.

Gina said...

Well I have to say I'm glad I wasn't the only one who had to plug my ears when I heard mig doing paint it black, I was waiting for the dancers in the red glitter vest to come out on stage. But I have to say, he sounded just like the original lead singer when he did the INXS song tonight. I think he'd be good for their band.