Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Are you ready for a hurricane?

Me neither.... But just in case you wanna be..... here's a checklist for what should go in your hurricane kit. (BTW- This week will probably have a lot to do with hurricane Rita.... She's threatening to come visit me......) HURRICANE SUPPLY KIT During the hurricane season between June and November, you should keep the following supplies on hand: * At least a three-day supply of canned or packaged, non-perishable food. * Enough water to supply each person with one gallon per day. Also fill bathtub and other containers. * First-aid kit * Bleach (without lemon or any other additives) * Extra prescription medicine * Plywood boards to board up windows * Lantern * Fuel * Fire extinguisher * Battery-operated radio * Flashlights * Extra batteries * Toiletries * Can opener (non-electric) * Eating utensils * Matches * Emergency cooking facilities * Baby food, diapers and formula if applicable * Portable cooler * Mosquito repellent

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