Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sunflower harvesting redux....

Today, we got out in the yard and got a few things done.... Here is my beautiful wife sculpting the jasmine bush that tried to cover the front corner of the house... Meanwhile, I went out and brought our garden down to size.... Doesn't it look pathetic???? Here is my haul from the chopping..... I wanted to harvest seed, but there are hundreds of these little guys competing with me for rights to these plants... But I got a few seeds.... I left a bunch all over the driveway for the birds and squirrels... And here is my haul..... So I will be trying once again to salt these.... Last time they molded before I got the chance to do it (besides, I harvested them too soon). Hopefully this time turns out a bit better.... I'll let you know.

Mandatory new template post...

This is the required post that must accompany all template changes. This is where you can ask me things like "What the Hell are you thinking?" or say such things as "This template sucks!" Alternatively, you can leave comments of love like "MMMmmmmm guppy.... This template makes me so HOT!!!" or something similiar.... Anyway... come on.... Tell me what you think!

Saturday, July 30, 2005


Have you ever seen a video that made you step back and say WTF????? Here are a few that I've run across tonight.... Maybe you can explain them? The Ding Dong Song Milk and Cereal *****PresentStorm's Favorite!!!! Green Leaves Yatta! Asian Lip Synching

Weekend fun!

Happy weekend folks! Here are a few links to help you get through it..... Enjoy! 4 Leaf Clover - Warning... this game will drive you nuts! I thought I was hungry, but after seeing this... I no longer want pizza... I pity the fool who messes with yo mamma *warning disgusting* This guy has had a bit too much Arrow game... Cop vs railroad tracks.... oops! After the UK bombs went off, This site made me feel pretty good about the way the world responds to terrorists.... But then I found this.... I'm scared becuase there are people like this in the world.... Stupid lighter tricks Hopefully that's enough to keep you occupied for a little while...

Friday, July 29, 2005

Cat/Dog love....

Don't they realize...... This can lead to this!

Big Brother / Cool links / More spam...

Big Brother.... Last night on BB, Eric finally got kicked out! But then, his puppet won HOH, so it was a bittersweet victory. Question for Maggie.... Your "friends" in the house all voted against you. Yet this is still the side you align yourself with.... What's up with that? Smart move for Maggie would be to put James and Howie up for eviction. Both are still playing with their partners, and are more of a threat that way. I'm sure your girl squad is pushing for Janelle & Kaysar, but it'd be smarter to break up the pairs first. I have been reading people's reports of the live feeds, and they aren't showing any of the good stuff on the show. Apparently there is a lot going on in the house- petty attitudes, stupid stuff that would make for great TV, but they are watering it down bigtime. I guess they are trying to sell the live feeds. Anyway... This week should be entertaining... But can't wait to see who gets HOH next. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Here are a few tidbits I found while surfing around... Dad & me... a pretty cool game I found for ya'll. Poor Michael.... His new album only sold 8000 copies in it's first week.... Sit on men for money... Think this guy has a drug problem? ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ And just a tiny bit more spam that has found it to my Inbox.... Best love dr@gs at best store! Is this about cross-dressers or car racing??? I have no clue! good riddins to thighs My thighs need some good riddins... Don't yours? Its celeb time on PPTV channels, don't pay a cent for watching OK, I won't pay a cent to watch them... How bout I just don't watch? Can You Last 36 Hours? inu I haven't even figured out how to get 'inme', much less last 36 hours once I get there. Can't wait to talk to you again. Ummmmmm... you haven't talked to me yet, so what's this again crap??? Date-site with a twist First it was Pepsi and Coke... now they're adding lime to dating? I promise to go down if you take me out Now that is forward.... Lose inches - No diet needed The Lorena Bobitt method of inch loss maybe??? FW:PERMANENTMALEENLARGERBarney Now that's scary.... barney with a vacuum pump? The Hidden Dangers of Internet Access Yeah.... you might get a bunch of spam!!!! Hook up your cell with a hot new ringtone A dating site for cell phones??? Well... That's all I've got for today.... Hope everybody has a great weekend!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

An Average Joe finally wins!

Well... sorta. Nathan was kicked off before even getting a private date with Anna... But they took him for a makeover. They cut his hair, cut his beard and straightened his teeth. Then they gave him another shot... and he took it and won! Well... Maybe Rocky lost actually... We learned in his visit with Anna's mom that he is not exactly the most faithful guy when he's in a relationship. He also doesn't seem to have been blessed by the brain fairy. But both mom and Anna think he's good looking.... But she chose Nathan in the end... I have all kinds of ideas about this... who knows if I'm right... 1.) The producers told her she had to pick a Joe. If she didn't, they would never have the chance to run this show again and have people actually watch it. 2.) Anna wanted to project that she was not just the shallow little slut that she appeared to be on the show. After having her tongue in each of their mouths, she wanted to show that she wasn't just after physical attraction. 3.) An actual Average Joe has no chance on these shows... Only after a makeover will one of these girls give him enough time to actually show that he is a decent guy. Anyway... The last 2 minutes of the show were funny enough to justify the time I invested in watching this.... Tonight... Eric finally gets kicked out on Big Brother!!!!!
Get your position here

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Random links, and some reality TV thoughts...

Cow Lingerie - Do you think this is the type of thing that leads to this? I should get with this guy and get him to promote The Sign Game! WordPhoto - Photography is often a battle against motivation. Much like writers block can slow down the best authors, photographers can often get lazy without something specific to shoot. This site presents photographers with a challenge - take a new photograph specifically for the word of the day, and post it for the rest of us to see. The only description and caption you get to include with your image is the word of the day (which the site does for you). Ba-Donka-Donk Mouse Now for some reality TV reviews.... Big Brother Last night was great! Kaysar convinced James and Sarah, and Howie and Rachel to join him and Janelle in getting Eric evicted! WTG Kaysar!!!!! The funniest part of the show was the POV challenge... Watching everyone go after Ivette, then attack Maggie was classic... Watching the looks on the faces of the other folks was even better! After, when He put Eric up on the block, listening to the cotrast between Eric and Maggie was pretty funny too. She was saying she didn't want to play without Eric in the game... He was saying he'd walk all over her to keep himself in the house. Eric is such a prick... can't wait till Thursday to see him sent home! (Not so) Average Joe... They brought back the 4 guys who got makeovers, and Anna had to choose one to join them in Tahiti... She chose Nathan to join them. Then she went out with each of the 5 guys... Stuck her tongue in each of their mouths and wondered who she'd keep around. I was suprised by her decision... I figured it'd be Josh and Josh... but they were the first two to get sent packing. Then she kicked Arthur off (he reminded me of Morton Downey Sr.)... So now she has to choose between Nathan- The Average Joe who has plans for the future and makes her cry with his poetry, and Rocky... The studly guy who is dumb as a box of rocks. Either way... I feel sorry for whichever guy she chooses... Slut puppy Anna is not worth the time guys! I think this time around, the winners were the guys who she kicked off.

Yeah yeah yeah... It's my B-day... so what?

Most years I celebrate my birthday for about a month.... This year... I could care less. What happened? I am 33 today. WOW! I was 16 yesterday... Somehow, somebody snuck a bunch of years in on me.... Oh well. Funny thing.... I got two blowers. Leaf blowers... Come on... get your mind out of the gutter! My wife bought me one Monday, and then yesterday my mom showed up with another. Pretty cool. Apparently, you aren't supposed to turn these on in the middle of the living room... Who knew? When I got home with one it was late... I couldn't go try my new toy outside, so I brought in an extension cord and turned it on.... 195mph wind can blow some stuff around! Any way... happy birthday to me, yada yada yada....

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Just curious....

I have been thinking about the 2 benches I've built for family members... What if I made some of these and sold them...? Hom much would you pay for something like this? Just trying to get a feel for if I think it's worth it to make these for sale.... BTW - I am not soley responsible for these. My incredible and beautiful wife is quite the artist! I couldn't do this without her. ***She thinks I'm full of shit but I'm not... she is incredible and beautiful and I love her very much.***

Congrats NASA!!!

WAY TO GO! It's so good to see the shuttle flying again! STS-114 astronauts Steve Robinson, Jim Kelly, Andy Thomas, Wendy Lawrence, Charlie Camarda, Eileen Collins and Soichi Noguch

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Our old bathroom

At our old house, in the back there was a combination mudroom/bathroom/laundry room. It was an ugly little place that nobody wanted to be in.... One day we decided it needed a new shower curtain.... after that, we decided it needed some paint on the walls... and it just kept snowballing from there. I only bring this up because we do this from time to time... we start thinking a room needs something, and before you know it, the whole room has changed. My wife has that bug right now... she wants to redo the bathroom here. Here's a few pics of the one at the old house.....

Saturday, July 23, 2005

More from my morning....

After I took about 80 pictures out front this morning, I figured I'd wander out back to see what was interesting out there.... Here's a few things I found: We have gotten so much rain lately that one of my trees has sprouted a little fungus.... Looks like the bugs are enjoying the morning glories! I planted 6 bulbs of these in various places around the back... all 6 came up, but this is by far the best looking! Just look at the flower! As I was wandering, my neighbor out back came to visit me.... After some good petting, it was decided that he could take care of the grass outside my fence.... Cool.... I don't have to mow that part anymore! Then he was off to his home, and I went back inside of mine....

Just some thoughts on my morning....

This morning I looked out on my yard and decided that it really really needed to be mowed. So I jacked up the wheel's on my mower and went to work.... I got the front yard mowed and edged before my shirt was soaked with sweat and it got too hot to do much more.... So I decided it was time to take a look around the yard... Here's an Angel's Trumpet in bloom... Have you ever wondered what became of my sunflowers? I have been letting them get ready for my harvest... the ones I tried with the first time were so not ready! Probably this weekend we will be harvesting some seed! I'll let you know how they turn out. The seeds are huge and full... can't wait to try em out! (they're not bad raw either) Just a quick shot to show how massive the trees in my backyard are! Society Garlic. Anyway... there's the 50 cent tour of the front.... I have a lot of cool shots I got out back this morning and I'll have to post them later. Hope everybody is having a great weekend!

Friday, July 22, 2005

WTF? Why mess with the clocks even more????

Lawmakers move to extend daylight-saving time House and Senate negotiators on an energy bill agreed to begin daylight-saving time three weeks earlier, on the second Sunday in March, and extend it by one week to the first Sunday in November. Friggin idots! This pisses me off beyond belief! It's bad enough that daylight savings time exists in the first place, but now they are going to screw it up even more. I liked my idea... rather than springing forward and falling back, we split the difference and set the clocks on one time and leave them there! Pick a time... I don't care, but quit screwing with the damn clock! Here's another little tidbit from the story.... Upton noted that the extension means daylight-saving time will continue through Halloween, adding to safety. "Kids across the nation will soon rejoice," said Upton, because they'll have another hour of daylight trick-or-treating. Hey idiot... actually, parents across America will soon be royaly pissed. What kid wants to go trick-or-treating in the day light? This will just keep kids out later due to the late start they will be getting. Some days I wish they would just shut Washington down and do nothing at all. We'd all be better off if they did.

More on London + More on Gwen Stefani...

Police kill a suspect in London today. I say Way to go! This is not only the best way to deal with terrism suspects, but for criminals in general! If people who ran from the cops were just dropped on the spot like this guy, I betcha we'd see a lot less running... Too bad they can't adopt this policy here in the states! I do have to say that if we have to deal with terrorists, these are the kind I want- The incompetant kind. What are the odds that four bombs made to kill quite a few innocent people don't go off? I'll betcha the bombmaker is pissed at himself... And I betcha his buddies who thought they were on the way to get their virgins are even more pissed. Maybe one less bombmaker to have to deal with if they get hold of him? Anyway... Stay stong England! We're behind you all the way! On a lighter note... Some of you may remember my post about Gwen Stefani's Hollaback girl back in May... Go ahead... go read it real quick... I'll wait. Now, I found this article from OC Weekly looking at this song in-depth trying to figure out just what this song is supposed to be about. Anyway... Happy Friday everybody!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Summer TV = Reality TV

It's summertime... The big reality TV season... So I just thought I'd post my thoughts on a few of the shows that are out there that we've been watching.... So You Think You Can Dance? This one started last night... I think they forgot the part that made American Idol such a hit... where's all the lousy dancers??? Where are the idiots who get up and make complete fools of themselves on national TV? Sure... you had a reject white-rapper guy and a horse-faced pop-locker... but where's all the trully horrible folks that surely applied to get on this show??? So far... I'm not overly impressed. Hell's Kitchen We came in late to this one, but it has been pretty good. So far I've learned that these so-called chefs pretty much suck, that all chefs chain-smoke and drink a lot, and that Chef Ramsay tries real hard to do his best Simon impersonation, but just doesn't have the charm to pull it off. Still, it's been pretty entertaining. Beauty & The Geek This one is over already, but it was one of the better summer offerings this season. I'll watch the next installment. Average Joe Why do I keep watching this crapfest? Which guy on there is average? And everybody can see that the chick is about as deep as a sidewalk when it comes to picking who she'll date. The last episode, she cried after witnessing a guy who she hasn't even been on a private date with kissed a girl he met in a bar. Ummmm... Anna... You've kissed every one of the guys you've dated on the show. Every guy in the house knows what all the other guys tongues taste like. How is it that it's ok for you, but if the guys do it they are somehow "betraying you"?????? Big Brother 6 Clash of the lies and egos... This season looks like a wonderful train wreck... Tuesday they actually had to get on the mics and tell everyone to go to seperate corners... I wish they wouldn't have stepped in... I was ready to see a fight! Anyway... the folks in control seem to be big assholes, and the likable folks will get picked off. But for some reason I'll stay tuned... Rock Star INXS I haven't bothered watching this one, even though I keep hearing good things about it. I guess the name kinda threw me off... Why put Rock and INXS in the same sentance??? They should have called it "Really sucky old band needs a new singer". Anyway... Somehow I became a reality TV junkie... I don't know how I allowed myself to get to this point, but I'll admit it... I like the damn things. Much better to watch wannabees than to watch already rich overpaid actors any day. So if you need me in the evening, just look in front of the TV... That's most likely where you'll find me!

Here we go again... London

Word id getting out that three different tube stations in London have been evacuated. Reports are sketchy at this time, but it has been reported that witnesses have seen smoke coming from one of the stations. Here's a couple of links I've found so far... anybody have a clue what's going on? London Tube stations evacuated - CNN Incidents reported on London Underground - MSNBC London Underground Evacuated - FOX NEWS Three London Underground stations evacuated following reports of incidents of unknown origin, British police said. No casualties reported. Details soon. - CBSNEWS 3 London Underground Stations Evacuated - ABCNEWS 'Incidents' spark Tube evacuation - BBC NEWS

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

More spam....

I know, I know... another spam posting??? But this one will be short. It's just that I have noticed a new rash of spam in my bulk mail box, The mispelt werd fenominoon.... Re: [4/83]: Odrer and svae Re: [5/06]: Bset Quialty, Way Chaeper Re: [2/80]: Fuond a betetr suotloin Re: [9/21]: Oninle orrdeing is the gtreeast Re: [1/03]: Hey tehre Re: [1/24]: Antyihng u need 4 lses Re: [7/48]: No prsecirpiton Do you think maybe these spammers have read this: Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteres are at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a tatol mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed ervey lteter by it slef but the wrod as a wlohe. Or maybe the folks sending out these e-mails are just stupid? Either way, I'm glad they entertained me for a minute! So thanks Mr. mass Internet spam mailer! While your e-mails will never get opened, just the titles alone provide me with endless seconds of mild amusement. And I get the added bonus of having something to blog about too!

I've been tagged!

Phoenix went and tagged me with this meme.... So without further ado..... What I was doing ten years ago: 10 years ago I was working at Stop N Go with no real plans for much of anything.... 5 Years ago: I was married to the spawn of Satan but I did have the greatest 2 year old daughter a guy could ask for! 1 Year ago: I was getting ready to get married to the greatest woman I have ever met! Yesterday: I worked, I blogged, I watched reality shows, and I was miserable thru it all due to my sinuses! 5 Snacks I enjoy: Not much of a snacker, but Chocolate Ice cream Rotel™ Cream cheese braid Chocolate ice cream 5 Songs I know all the words to: Mercedes Benz - Janis Lunatic Fringe - Red Rider Paul Revere - Beastie Boys Thank You - Led Zep Don't Call Me Dude - Scatterbrain 5 Things I would do with $100 million: Set me and all of my family up for life Tithe Give to charity Finally own my 68 Camaro exactly how I've always dreamed it Travel 5 Locations I would like to run away to: Belize Brazil - Way up in the jungle Hawaii Australia Kentucky 5 Things I like doing: Sex woodworking Modelling trains Taking pictures relaxing 5 Bad habits I have: Procrastination I procrastinate I tend to put things off till later Why do today what can be done tomorrow? I'll tell you later. 5 Things I would never wear: High heals a bra a "pull me" thong a mini skirt a tube top 5 TV shows I like: Survivor Riptide (Remember that one?) Amazing Race Monster House New Yankee Workshop 5 Biggest joys of the moment: My wife My Daughter Waking up early and having time to myself Taking Pictures relaxing 5 Favorite toys: My Kato Southern Pacific SD45 (Model train engine) My DVR My power tools My camera My wife I don't feel like tagging anybody.... If you wanna do this, please... grab it and run with it...

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Update on The Sign Game

Here are the first 8 entries for The Sign Game! The group now has 8 members and we'd love to have your help! Why not come by and check it out- You know you need something to do with that digital camera you have.... Enjoy the pics! Dollar Home Home Fish new Fruit DSC03266 Sale DSC03021 Super 'SUPER' Sign Garden 'GARDEN' Sign Free 'FREE' Sign The current list of words needing to be found is: 1. Sign 2. Game 3. Big 4. Win 5. Adopted 6. Guppy 7. Wet 8. Veg 9. Crabs 10. Rent Why not come on over to The Sign Game and join us!

A few random thoughts....

First Live Billboard Debuts In Times Square Models Living On Building OK... Here is a company who's prodct is so obviously overpriced that they can afford the most asinine advertising campaign ever. WTF? Does seeing people paid to look like they are partying make anybody want to rush out and buy a bottle of CK One? Am I just not hip enough to get it? Flip-Flops At White House Cause Stir I'm sorry, but I just can't get that worked up over this. They wore flip-flops. They met the President. OK... who cares? I don't care who is in office, he's still just a citizen of this country. He is no better than any of the rest of us. Why shouldn't they wear flip-flops? Too funny.... You can create your own Pepto Bismol dance on their web site Looks like Emily is about to slam into Mexico...

Monday, July 18, 2005

Fun with spam part II

Another installment of fun with spam - First a side note.... I decided to research spam a little and came across the SPAM™ website. They do not have a problem with junk e-mail being called spam, but they say that if you are refering to the e-mail variety that you should NOT capitalize the word. You learn something new every day! Anyway, here are a few gems from my inbox... Is this your contact information No dumbass... you sent me an e-mail at somebody else's e-mail address! What kind of a question is that? Your Attention Is Needed. OK... You have it... Now what? Hey. We Owe You Some Money Now we're talking! But why have I gotten this e-mail from so many different strange e-mail addresses? I think I'll just have to let you keep my money if getting it involves actually openeing your e-mail! Really WWorks Good WWorks Good I hope it wworks better than you spell! Re: Or complain by harmony sybaritic Huh? I spent many valuable seconds trying to decifer just what in the Hell they are trying to tell me here. I just don't get it! Bay cigarettes at home and save I bet you landlocked smokers are pissed about this one... If you have Bay cigarettes at home, you save! This is our f.i.n.a.l o.f.f.e.r syw I still d.o.n.'t. c.a.r.e! But I am grateful that you won't be clogging my inbox with your dribble anymore. This is better cornish Thank God! I have been trying to find better cornish for so long! Where on earth did you find it? Platinum St0ck Report Watch This Emerging Growth St0ck NEW ST0CK:Emerging Growth St0ck Profile NEW:Flying Under The Radar With Stealth St0cks Market Wizard Stoxs Could this Stox be Undervalued? OK... I don't know about anybody else, but I expect the folks who give me stock advice to at least be able to spell the word stock. Maybe I'm just funny that way..... Only Cailis Help sxoNxF I better st0ck up on Cailis! My snoNxF has been acting up lately! Hasn't yours? Last longer in bed I do already... I hit snooze when the alarm goes off! 6 times increase in your cum Ummmmmm.... As if the teaspoon isn't enough.... talk about making a person gag! I still don't get the e-mails with the random word generated at the end.... Bone and joint pain is difficult. Let us help you cope. brunswick Download the app or have it shipped, your choice. delegate Are you interested in a good time? Fuck someone tonight right here.,..abuilding Brunswick? Don't they make pool tables? At least the second one there made some sense.... it's your choice. Delegate! But I don't think I'll be taking them up on the screwing abuilding offer though! NNot Another Bad Offr Thank God! I've had all the bad offrs I can handle. Meet easy girls Looking for a date with a naughty girl or guy Want to find some hot action? Fuck buddys are available and waiting now....venial Has anybody met the person of their dreams through badly written e-mail offers? Has anybody even met easy girls this way? I think I am going to have to pass..... Re: The work or octogenarian outside HUH??????? WTF is that supposed to mean? You made it YEAH!!! I made it! Ummmmm... What is it? And now that I've made it.... What do I do with it? Extra Time - Last 5-10 times longer Wow... I've been wondering how to get everything done in the little bit of time I have now.... These guys must have some super-machine that'll actually let you warp the space-time continuum to incredibly make.... ehhhh... screw it! SEXUALLY-EXPLICIT: Hardbody Men Selling Meat & Potatoes guppyman! This is disturbing on so many levels..... #1 I like meat & potatos, but I don't think I want to buy them from hardbody men. #2 They personalised this e-mail just for me.... #3 Since when has meat & potatos become something that is sexually explicit??? Say bye to stomach and thighs The gut has to go WeGot the DroppingPoundsPills Bye stomach and thighs! Bye gut! The magic DroppingPoundsPills are here! Yippeeeee! And finally- Your Reliable Source for Prescription Drugs Without Prescription The last time I checked, we have a few of these guys who like to hang out on the corner in bad neighborhoods.... It's good to see that dealers have discovered the Internet.... but I think I may have to pass. Anyway... That's a trip thru the last week worth of spam... There was a lot more, but each just seems to get more pathetic than the one before it. And besides... how many fake rolexes do these people think I need? I'm convinced that these people think I am a round, tiny-dicked guy who is so ugly I can't get laid without their help... I need to fool people into thinking I have lots of money with my impressive portfolio of stox and my fake watches... And that I am stupid enough to believe that I've won just about every lottery on the planet (even though I fotrgot to buy a ticket). When will they learn? Thank God for my delete key!

Rant time!

I've just realized something.... This place is called Guppyman's Rant Zone, but I never take the opportunity to rant on here. I originally named it that because I love to argue politics and whatnot... But lately I've just been bored with it all, so I never bother. But today I figured I'd throw out a couple of rants just to make sure it lives up to the name.... First off... At about 8am this morning, I took a 24 hour sinus pill. At 2pm, my nose is all stuffed up and I'm getting a sinus headache. So now what the Hell am I supposed to do? Have you ever been driving down the freeway in a driving rainstorm and the white van in front of you who doesn't bother to turn on his lights making him almost completely invisible keeps slowing down closer and closer to 20 mph while at the same time the 18 wheeler that is riding your ass keeps nudging closer and closer to you thinking you must be the problem because he can't see the van in front of you all the while turning your knuckles white due to the fact that you know that you and your car are about to be a guppy sandwich? Just curious. Why do some people insist on talking loud enough for others a mile away to hear them even in closed spaces when no one else is around? And why do those people always seem to have mullets? And why does every other word out of their mouth need to be one which would make sailors blush even when they are in mixed company? There was a fire this morning at a restraunt on my way into work. We got detoured around it. I saw a news helicopter over the whole thing, but there has been no mention of it on any of the local news websites. I was lucky enough to catch a brief description of it on the radio during lunch... Why does my wife's job have to stress her out so much? They tell her it's important (and it is), but management doesn't back her up when she needs it. She comes home stressed out and it really doesn't need to be that way... all they'd have to do is get her a little help now and then and be half-way consistant. Why is it that the day you finally decide to go back and jump into a message board that you got bored with is the day that they decide to close it down due to the hostility and crap that's been going on over there? I was almost ready to argue politics with people again and now my favorite place to do it is closed!!!!! Anyway- enough for now.... I just felt the need to rant a little.... I feel much better now!

Happy Monday....

After a few days vacationing.... I had to catch up on all the things I missed out on that interent thingy.... Here are a few that caught my eye.... First off, I am more convinced than ever that the big earthquake is coming and California will soon fall into the sea.... Thanks to this story about the price of a mobile home.... On top of the 1.4 million price tag, they still have to pay rent for the lot- about 2700 bucks a month!!!! Friggin idiots!!!!!! Im'a headid down to the Wal-marts to see if I can find me a date! You think sis will be there? Not the best day on the railroad Ok... It was cute for awhile... But Britney... I really think we've seen enough! I'm sure there's more out there, but it can wait.... Hope everyone is having a good day.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Back from Corpus!

Ok... we just got back from Corpus... Here's a quick look at the crowd I was running with down there.... One of the coolest signs I have seen in a long time... Speaking of signs.... Have you signed up for the Sign Game yet??? Well why not? We tried to go swimming, but everywhere you looked were all these lawyers.... Oh wait... never mind... these were at the aquarium today.... All in all it was a pretty good trip! I hope everybody had a good weekend!