Saturday, July 09, 2005

***** SPAM *****

I have decided to share some of the recent e-mail's I have been fortunate to receive. Some of them just make you step back and say WTF? I'll start my journry with some folks that are trying to get me to buy a watch... Fwd: Check out our selection of all time Rolex s classics... Exclusive-Offers for Quality-WristWatches She told me you want a Rolex ? Fwd: Injoy your Rolex that looks 98% REAL! Wait a minute.... 98% real? Which 2% looks fake? Hmmmm... I may have to pass on that... Oh well.. let's see what's next for us in our Inbox.... 36 hours: for all your needs :) WOW! That is just stunning... 36 hours for ALL of my needs? I need my mortgage paid off... I need another car... I need millions of dollars.. etc... 36 hours, eh? Keep your eye on this news release Gas and oil up to $25 million HOLY SHIT!!!! 25 million for a gallon of gas? I may need that all my needs in 36 hours e-mail afterall..... Drilling for Oil with this technology. Watch Tuesday Oil in America. Lets find our own. Watch Thurs Wait a minute.... I can find my own oil? Screw the 25 million dollar oil... I'll just drill for some in my backyard... I am definately watching that! pot to be won !go get it You can win pot? Hmmmm... if you win enough, you could get so stoned you wouldn't care about the 25 million dollar gas! Erectile issues? No qualms. Fix it. children I think they meant to send that one to Michael jackson instead of me.... Sex is a play, and you must win! A play? Like Oklahoma or Grease or something? And I'm already trying to win pot.... Petsmart sent me the following: Dazzle your pet with a personalized collar OK... two things here.... Number 1, my pet doen't spend much time in front of the mirror, so how the Hell is it supposed to be dazzled by something it never sees? And number two... Do I really look like someone that is so pathetic that I need to try to dazzle my pet with gifts? The next two confused me: Inches can shed ADD 3+ inches today - don't get left behind Ok guys... ya'll need to go back to your spammer meetings and decide which way it is that people want to go.... do you think the want to add or subtract inches? WTF? Or should everyone just be looking to redistribute where their inches are maybe? And about getting left behind.... What, is this a growth race? recent legit babes showing off for you onW_ebcamz They were illegitimate babes before... but recently that has changed. Here are a few that made me wonder.... what the hell is the added word tacked on for? Want some fun?,, Screw someone tonight....refuge Programs sold at retail are too expensive. cucumber I will never pay exorbitant amounts for programs again. uterus Yeah, you Uterus! And here are the one's that bug me the most out of all the Spam I get.... How These MORONS Make -MILLIONS- Zen And The Art Of Viral Marketing WHY WHY WHY must you tell people how to Spam? Why must you continue the flow of these idiotic e-mails to my inbox? WHY? Anyway- if anybody needs me, I'll be learning how You really CAN get paid to eat and shop!


PresentStorm said...

lmao ..You mean everyone isn't trying to win pot and dazzle their pets ..hmmmm ...lmao

-xtessa- said...


you certainly get some interesting spam!!! all i get are are ELONG8 DICK! ehehehehe!!!

here via michele's but i'm a regular customer!

Claire said...

These are totally hilarious!