Monday, July 18, 2005

Rant time!

I've just realized something.... This place is called Guppyman's Rant Zone, but I never take the opportunity to rant on here. I originally named it that because I love to argue politics and whatnot... But lately I've just been bored with it all, so I never bother. But today I figured I'd throw out a couple of rants just to make sure it lives up to the name.... First off... At about 8am this morning, I took a 24 hour sinus pill. At 2pm, my nose is all stuffed up and I'm getting a sinus headache. So now what the Hell am I supposed to do? Have you ever been driving down the freeway in a driving rainstorm and the white van in front of you who doesn't bother to turn on his lights making him almost completely invisible keeps slowing down closer and closer to 20 mph while at the same time the 18 wheeler that is riding your ass keeps nudging closer and closer to you thinking you must be the problem because he can't see the van in front of you all the while turning your knuckles white due to the fact that you know that you and your car are about to be a guppy sandwich? Just curious. Why do some people insist on talking loud enough for others a mile away to hear them even in closed spaces when no one else is around? And why do those people always seem to have mullets? And why does every other word out of their mouth need to be one which would make sailors blush even when they are in mixed company? There was a fire this morning at a restraunt on my way into work. We got detoured around it. I saw a news helicopter over the whole thing, but there has been no mention of it on any of the local news websites. I was lucky enough to catch a brief description of it on the radio during lunch... Why does my wife's job have to stress her out so much? They tell her it's important (and it is), but management doesn't back her up when she needs it. She comes home stressed out and it really doesn't need to be that way... all they'd have to do is get her a little help now and then and be half-way consistant. Why is it that the day you finally decide to go back and jump into a message board that you got bored with is the day that they decide to close it down due to the hostility and crap that's been going on over there? I was almost ready to argue politics with people again and now my favorite place to do it is closed!!!!! Anyway- enough for now.... I just felt the need to rant a little.... I feel much better now!

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Texas_Ivy10 said...

I noticed the news board was down. Aruba asked me about it, but I haven't been by there since last week. Mane must be on a roll. LOL