Friday, July 08, 2005

I am clueless...

I want to post something here... But I am clueless what to post. I looked around at the usual pages of useless crazy crap I go to and I was bored. I looked at news pages and I was bored. The politics of a new Supreme Court justice or two aren't even exciting me... There's a hurricane in the Gulf and I yawn. What is wrong with me? London got bombed and I tried to go back into my own little shell... I am so out of touch with the world I don't feel like myself. Usually, I am the guy everybody asks for details on any news story... I am usually the first to know and I gather info from everywhere I can. I follow the weather- esp. tropical weather very carefully. I am a political junkie. I like to get on message boards and argue with people who are just as ingrained in their beliefs as I am... I skipped all of that this week. Vacation has been nice. But I feel so out of touch. I sorta enjoy that- but it's scary at the same time. I know Monday will change everything... I'll be back at work and busy as Hell... we'll have to deal with the aftermath of Dennis, plus we'll have all kinds of other things going on... I'll be listening to talk radio again in the car... I'll be surfing the news sites and all that... So I guess for the next two days I'll celebrate the fact that I have no clue what's going on in the world! I hope ya'll are all enjoying it... Oh yeah.... And for a future post... Ask me a question... What would you like to know about guppyman?

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Suzi said...

Sometimes a break from the news is very good for the ol' attitude. Enjoy it!

Hmmm. . .a question for a future post. . . I see you have a young daughter. How 'bout telling us about your thoughts when you found out she was on the way? I'm a complete sap for stories like that!