Wednesday, August 31, 2005

BB6 / Rockstar:INXS

BB6 April's turn at HOH.... She nominates Howie and Janelle, but wants to backdoor James.... Janelle wins a trip during the veto competition, and April gets the veto... James is on the block with Howie. Now.... Why the Hell is everybody getting pissed at Janelle for winning things? Janelle gets the phone call from Michael- this set off everybody in the house.... April says that if America voted for Janelle to have the call, than American's are pieces of shit. There are some people in that house who have a very rude awakening when they come out.... April, Maggie, Ivette, Bo... People hate you! They hate Jennifer! They hate Cappy! The entire 'friendship' is despised by millions! Kaysar got voted back in by 82%... Janelle gets the phone call... all because we can't stand your side! Wake up! James is trying with everything he has to stay in the house... He thinks that he can convince Janelle to vote out Howie rather than him?!? I don't think so dude..... Bye bye James! Anyway- guess we'll see thursday.... Rockstar:INXS Ty Rolling Stones “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” Maybe it's just me... But Ty needs to get a job with Gwendolyn and the Goodtime Gang or something... he gets this look on his face when he performs that just scares me.... Like he's some kind of demented Mr. Rogers or something..... I hate the Stones anyway, but he didn't even live up to their standard... and the choir sounded like crap. Not my favorite of the night. J.D. Elvis Presley “Suspicious Minds” I can't believe I am going to say this, but he wasn't bad. He wasn't good, but it wasn't bad either. I can see why he had a job as an Elvis impersonator... it works for him. Dance monkey! Marty Pink Floyd "Wish You Were Here" Marty has a talent of taking songs I either don't like or I am burnt out on and making me want to hear them again.... He did this again last night with this one. Nailed it. And it sounds like ourbandINXS likes the softer side of Marty... Jordis John Lennon “Imagine” Jordis was in my pick for top three of this show a few weeks ago. She has turned into something far from that over the last two weeks. She's boring. Last week, she straight up sucked... this week, I almost fell asleep. Mig Paul McCartney "Live and Let Die" Worst I have heard Mig perform anything... He took a song I love and slaughtered it. I was glad when it ended. Suzie Queen “Bohemian Rhapsody” She didn't hit the high notes, but it really didn't matter... she pulled it off well and had a blast doing it. Suzie has elevated herself in my eyes to the spot Jordis once held. My bottom three predictions.... Ty - goes home Jordis Mig I'd love to put JD there, but he was ok enough that I think the others were worse. Marty or Suzie will get the encore, probably Marty.... BTW- The choir was horrible. Maybe it's just me, I usually like choir music when done well... last night it was just, well.... bad. There you go... Guess we'll see tonight if I am right or not....

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

Where to begin.... I thought about posting some of the pictures of damage from Hurricane Katrina.... I thought about talking about how New Orleans is now flooding due to the levee breaks... I thought about talking about the oil rigs that were in the path of the storm... I though about talking about the people who lost their lives... But really- all I want to say about it is to take a moment and ask God to help the people who were/are being affected. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been impacted by this storm. The news reports we are seeing are horrifying... God bless you all.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Getting ready.....

Here are a bunch of balloons in various stages of getting ready for flight..... enjoy!

Hurricane Katrina

Usually, I think hurricanes are pretty cool. Not sure if cool is the right word really... fascinating maybe? anyway....All Katrina is at this point is SCARY! She hit Category 5 this morning and may be that when she slams into shore.... Here's the forecast in New Orleans for Monday.... Forecast for New Orleans..... Monday Widespread showers and scattered thunderstorms. Hurricane force winds. Some thunderstorms may produce damaging winds and heavy rainfall. Locally heavy rainfall possible. Highs in the upper 80s. Northeast winds 60 to 90 mph with gusts to around 125 mph becoming northwest and decreasing to with gusts to around 115 mph in the afternoon. Chance of showers and thunderstorms 90 percent. Category 5 CATASTROPHIC DAMAGE Shrubs and trees blown down; considerable damage to roofs of buildings; all signs down. Very severe and extensive damage to windows and doors. Complete failure of roofs on many residences and industrial buildings. Extensive shattering of glass in windows and doors. Some complete building failures. Small buildings overturned or blown away. Complete destruction of mobile homes. Major damage to lower floors of all structures less than 15 feet above sea level within 500 yards of shore. Low-lying escape routes inland cut by rising water 3 to 5 hours before hurricane center arrives. Massive evacuation of residential areas on low ground within 5 to 10 miles of shore possibly required. My prayers go out to all those that will be affected by this major storm....

Saturday, August 27, 2005


This weekend is Ballunar Festival!!! Every year, I get all excited and must get up early and go watch the balloons take off... Today, only my daughter would wake up with me, so off we went... First- we found a field where they were inflating.... Here's my daughter and her favorite.... Here's what this cow wishes everybody would kiss.... Just a few in the sky... Benihana! We got real close.... Close enough to feel the heat off the flames.... Another one taking off... This one is another that we were real close to.... Here we go landing.... We ran around to the other side of NASA to watch them all land and play in the water... Heather discovered that they all will give out trading cards if you ask them thanks to the guys in this balloon..... Taking a little dip.... On the water.... Anyway- There are a few of the 138 pics I took this morning.... Another launch this evening and another in the morning.... I love this time of year...! Find out how Sleeping Beauty woke up this morning by checking out her site!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Big Brother sucks, plus more stupid links....

You probably want to see what I think about big Brother last night.... well.... I've quit caring! Rachael got sent packing (which sucks) and then April got HOH (which really really sucks). There is no show till Tuesday, so we have a long weekend to get a fix in again... Best case scenario, Ivette pisses April off enough to evict her (wishful thinking?)... or maybe Maggot will talk her in to backdooring James..... I guess it's wait and see time. Anyway- I'm not real thrilled with it at the moment. So here's something completely different: What Should I Do If The Internet Goes Down? Dogs in Cars - Finally, a website dedicated to posting pictures of dogs in cars on the Internet! I've waited so long! I guess everyone needs a hobby... Hurricane katrina hit Florida, and if it follows the forcast track, it looks like it'll hit Florida again.... My man does not need turtle eggs...

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Stupid links.....

I used to post a bunch of stupid links as I came across them. I haven't posted any for awhile... Not because I haven't been looking, because I have... It's mostly just because the ones I have been finding are just too dumb to rate. But I decided that I can't deny you stupid links any longer... so here are a few I found today... Enjoy! What if they had kids? The scary results that would follow if these people had babies together! Star Wars Episode III - Translated twice..... Translated to Chinese, then back to English form the translation.... Write Backwards - !og uoy ereh tuB ....aedi on evah I ,siht od ot tnaw d'uoy yhW Humming Bird Vs. Praying Mantis Nature can be so cruel.... Poor kids... scarred for life Betcha they don't want to stay up watching scary movies anymore though...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Rockstar:INXS Vote off show....

Tonight was the vote off show.... Suzie got the encore performance- She looked like she was having the time of her life up there tonight.... It's the most comfortable I've seen her so far. Then she got the honor of being the only one of the seven that was never in the bottom three! WTG Suzie! First of the bottom- Proud Mary himself, Ty! He sang some crappy song by some crappy band... I guess they liked it... I thought he sucked! The more I watch this show, the more I can't stand him.... He needs a career making jingles for Nickelodean commercials or something..... Next was Deanna- She also sang some crappy song by the same ol' crappy band. I liked her... That raspy voice with the faint tinges of Janis just sounds good... Last was Marty. I realized something tonight... I have always hated INXS, but I might actually listen to them if they had Marty singing. He brings something to their music that it has severely lacked.... Go figure. Marty blew away the other two.... they could have done a double elimination after that one and it wouldn't have been that big of shock. But Deanna got told she wasn't right for theirband.... No more sultry sounds of Deanna... Oh well.... Suprisingly, Jordis didn't hit the bottom three... After her seriously off night last night, I was amazed... And I have no clue who it is voting for JD to stay, but they need to be strung up somewhere.... He sucks people! Please, somebody... anybody... explain to me why he is still there every week. I have yet to find anyone who likes him... are you out there?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Big Brother and Rockstar:INXS

Judging by the overwhelming number of comments I got on my last post, I see i am the only one watching the Ultimate Fighter! That's ok.... I'll go back to posting about the shows you are watching..... First up- Big Brother... The Friendshit has to be the most annoying group of people on the planet. I can't stand any of them. They drive me nuts having to see them on TV. Please please please don't let them win anything else. Send them all home. Anyway- First up, Beau nominates Howie and Rachael. Big suprise there.... The Ivette goes into this long rant about how horrible Rachael is. Ummmm.... Has anybody seen rachael being horrible? I haven't figured it out.... the folks that watch the live feeds haven't figured it out..... what exactly does Rachael do that makes her so horrible? She must have shot Ivette down at some point..... Anyway.... for some reason, Beau let's James play veto for him... and suprise suprise... James wins. He doesen't use the veto, so most likely Rachael will be gone on thursday. Pretty predictable and boring episode tonight. Rockstar:INXS- The show where the best place to be is in second place! (First place gets stuck with a bunch of overaged burnouts) Suzie - Start Me Up I thought she did great on a song I hate by a band I hate. But she's been getting good practice doing that every week- she keeps singing INXS songs..... JD - Cold as Ice Is it just me that hates this guy? He just seems so cocky and I have yet to see the reason for it. He is not good. He is on a level way below the others in my opinion, yet for some reason INXS likes him.... But hey... they like INXS songs too, so what do you expect? Deanna - original I like Deanna... My wife hates her. She's got that raspy voice that has always done something for me.... Good song... Ty - Proud Mary Ty is good. I wouldn't pay to see him, but he is good. Pulling double duty this week with this song and co-writing Deanna's song.... great week for him. Mig - Original Good week for Mig. More strange references by Dave that make me wonder if he and Mig have something going on the side.... Marty - I Alone Marty looks constipated when he sings stuff like this. He did a great job with it, but I agree with the band.... How does this fit with INXS? Actually... What I wonder is WHY would anyone WANT to fit with INXS? Jordis- Dream on Jordis screwed up. Badly. from the first note till the end. Worst performance I have ever seen from her. WTF was she thinking???? My bottom three this week would be Jordis, JD & Suzie.

The Ultimate Fighter 2

I don't know if any of you watched The Ultimate Fighter 2 last night... but I figured I'd give my review of it anyway.... Last time was great. The ending fight between Stephan & Forrest was well worth the time I spent watching the whole season... I'm starting to wonder about this year's show. Last night, two people quit! One decided after the first day of training that he just couldn't handle it- he's supposebly one of the top 18 up and coming fighters and he just couldn't take the training???? WTF? Then the other one... He was singled out as the weekest of the welterweights... He had a chance to prove himself by fighting the guy of his choice. He chose and then they started cutting weight... He cut 15 pounds and only had five to go... The trainer and a few of the guys helped him get through it... and he decided that cutting off the last five pounds was just too much for him to do. Why did these guys even come on this show? They have to know they'll be training and cutting weight... Why bother if you are too much of a pussy BEFORE you ever step in the octogan???? The other guy who got eliminated was Kerry Schall - He twisted his knee during training and will need surgery to repair the damage. This killed the guy... he wanted to be there so badly... This is the type of guy this show needs... Not the pansy boys who quit before they even get started. Hopefully they weeded out the pansies and the rest of the show will go better. Some of these guys look entertaining- I can't wait to see some of them fight.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Memes and Blog spam...

OK.... I have been tagged a few times but nobody every bothered to drop by here and tell me. So I decided to sit on these for awhile.... Why not do em? Cuz I hate memes. They are so restricting, plus... they want you to spread the misery to others... I just don't wanna do that.... So here are a few I know I got hit with. I'm sure there are others out there that I don't feel like doing either. First, Texas Ivy hits me with this one.... The rules say: List five songs that you are currently digging - it doesn't matter what genre they are from, whether they have words...or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions and the five songs (with artist) in your blog. Then tag five people to see what they're listening to. Hmmmmm.... My taste goes all over the board, so it's hard to list just 5 songs... It all depends on my mood. So I'll just answer this a little more broadly.... Rock, Metal, older country (or newer with attitude), older rap, folk, disco, that strange stuff from the 80's, punk, thrash, etc... Nothing freaks people out like hearing a playlist that includes Slayer, Peter paul & Mary, Hank Jr, and Run DMC..... So I'm skipping this meme. If you want to grab it, feel free. The next one I will pass on comes from Kristi at Interrupted Wanderlust. This meme is a way to introduce others to your blog neighbors, just as you would in real life. I'll answer the questions, and tag four others who frequent my blog to answer the same ones. If I tag you, just copy and paste this meme in your blog, and change the answers for the bolded questions. Then, tag four others to do the same. If I tag you and you don't want to be tagged, it's no big deal. When did you move to the neighborhood? What region of the neighborhood are you from? What is your favorite part of our neighborhood? What is your favorite place to visit 'round these parts? Where would you suggest someone new to your region should visit? Check my archives if you want to see when I moved in... check my profile for where I am, Check my blogroll to see where I visit, and check my posts to see where I go. There... I feel better now. Folks who tagged me... I'm not trying to be rude... I just don't wanna do it! ;) Now on to something more annoying than memes... COMMENT SPAM What the hell is going on with this? I have gotten the occasional spam comment here and there, but this weekend the spammers apparently found my blog and declared war! I was deleting spam and by the time I got back to my comments after deleting one, two would pop up in it's place. This is ridiculous.... what do these anonymous posters think they will gain by clogging people's comments with their latest sales pitch for cheap st0x, viiiiaagra or MLM sheme? Wy do they think I or my readers need to be subjected to this? Is my e-mail box not enough? Did they figure out I like to ridicule spam and they are trying to give me post fodder? Or are they just annoying little pissants with nothing better to do than waste my time and energy on deleting them? So I had to add the codeword thing on comments. It really sucks to get up and see you have 23 comments and then realize that 19 of them are from "anonymous"! Bastards!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Decisions decisions......

Which battle should I join in...... Looks like Gizmo has won in the naming department..... And this is the last time this dog will be using my computer..... it is bad enough that the guinea pigs try to steal it all the time.... I'll be damned if I have to share it with a dog too.....!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

What's my name?

First- an apology.... I had to make my comments a little bit harder for you to leave me one.... But I was getting hit HARD by comment spam.... So fast that I'd delete one and there would be two more in it's place. So you now have to type a few extra letters in.... Thanks in advance for understanding.... Ok..... Today we decided to just go look at the pound to see if they had any small dogs.... We already have one dog who weighs about 100 pounds or so.... Figured the next needed to be small. Here's the one we already have.... Meet Daizii..... Well... Daizii came from the pound and has been the best dog either of us have ever had... So we figure our next dog needs to come from there too.... We went and checked and everything was too big. Ok... No big deal.... But then we talked to the girl up front... She says "hang on, let me show you what they have down the road.... They're open till 6.... you have plenty of time to get down there". Then she pulls up a bunch of mini-dogs up on her PC and we decide.... Yeah... we should head on down just to look..... YEAH RIGHT.... We "just looked" into one cage and happened to see this.... So the next thing you know, this dog that we "just looked" at was sitting in the passenger seat of my car.... Checking out the world and being all lovable.... So Now we have a problem.... We don't know what to call him. We've gone over all kinds of ideas, but we decided to enlist ya'lls help. We really need to know..... Beware of going to "just look" at the pound.... You too could end up being a sucker for those puppy dog eyes....

Friday, August 19, 2005

Most memorable vacations - Part 1

June 2001- The day before I was to go on vacation, Tropical Storm Allison hit Houston. It was a weak tropical storm and was thought by me at the time to be no big deal.... My mom's boyfriend decided he wanted someone to go diving with him. My mom gets claustophobic, so she was out... he decided that I should go. He paid for my scuba certification and the trip. I was more than willing. Certification was entertaining... all in the pool until the actual qualifying dives. These were held in a former quarry north of Houston. It rained for two days before we went up there and all thru the weekend while we were there. the sign at the gate said- Visibility Great (for limited visibility diving). They weren't kidding! You couldn't see more than about a foot in front of you! I had some small problems during that weekend... At one point I kicked one of the submereged platforms and lost a fin (it was later found by another dive group). At another point I swam into an underwater roap and knocked my weight belt off (never to be seen again). Other than that, I passed without problem! The trip was planned to go diving in Belize. It turns out that you can get creative when you buy plane tickets and get a much better deal. This was the case here... it was cheaper to get tickets to fly to New Orleans, get a hotel for the night, and fly to Belize thru Houston the next day cheaper than getting on the direct flight from hHuston. Go figure. So we did this both ways... got to stay in New Orleans on both ends of this trip! Wooohoooo! We got a room right on Bourbon Street and enjoyed New Orleans. The next day, we went to the airport to fly to Belize with a stop over in Houston. It seems TS Allison was causing some problems in Houston, the airport was shut down.... We sat around the airport forever and sat on the plane even longer... but we finally got moving (about four hours late). Did I mention that we were flying first class for all this? Oh my! That is the way to fly! The entire time we were on the ground in the plane, they were bringing us drinks and treating us great! I wish I could always fly like that. Anyway... We get to Belize and we have to try to get an air taxi out to Ambergris Caye where we'll be staying. We hop on a little puddle jumper and make the short terror filled flight to the little airport in San Pedro. When we get to San Pedro, I realize that this place is nothing like I am used to. The streets are sand. The primary vehicle is a golf cart or foot power. This is a different world. We decided to find a hotel (no, we did not have any reservations) and it turns out that the one we stayed in was directly across from the little airport. When we went in, I got my first view of the ocean... Beautiful blue water- postcard setting! Ok... I'm in paradise! We throw our stuff in the room and go find a dive tour so we can get to diving! The first dive (due to my inexperience) would be an inside the reef dive, 30 feet depth. They took us to this little hole in the reef... First time I realized that barracuda look fierce when they are pacing you just out of fingertip range. Every time I'd look over I'd see that mouth full of teeth smiling back at me- he stayed with me for the entire dive. I got to see an octopus, some gorgeous fish, some small corals, but mostly it was just sand and sea grass. Not quite what I expected diving on a coral reef would be. The next dive we went outside the reef. OMG- 15-20 foot waves on a little boat hit somebody who is not used to it hard! I felt like crap before I ever got in the water. This led to a rapid purchase of Dramamine once we were back on land.... Anyway... Once I convinced myself that it would be better under water, I dropped down into the most beautiful place I had ever seen! This was what I had been watching on all those documentaries all these years! The colors were amazing! Huge corals, huge fish, sharks, turtles, rays, OMG... Everywhere I looked I was in awe! I was so not wanting to go back up when time was up... That was amazing! Next we ran over to Shark Ray Alley and snorkeled with huge sting rays and nurse sharks. They know that when the boats come, they will get some food, so they all come running when you pull up. It's pretty cool petting and playing with creatures who could seriously hurt you if they wanted to. We also did the night dive from Hell... Everybody had a flashlight when we started... Mine crapped out after about 2 seconds in the water... the replacement about 5 minutes later. I think we had 10 of us all with lights when we started... by the end of the dive we were all swimming together with the one remaining operating flashlight. I got to see some cool stuff out there, but by the end of it it was pretty pathetic! That could have been one of the best dives, but the crappy equipment kinda ruined it. For the first four days, we dove the reef right in front of the hotel. Swam through caves, valleys, shipwrecks, etc... and had a blast! On the fifth and final diving day we hopped into the boat early in the morning and headed off for the three hour journey to The Blue Hole. OMG it was rough. Most of the ride was fighting huge waves. But when we finally got there I couldn't wait. This was going to be the deepest dive of our trip... 130 feet! All the dives I had been on before were in the 60 to 85 ft zone... So we hopped in and started going straight down. After about the first 30 feet, the water got cloudy... couldn't see much, but I did notice the 15 foot bull shark that came in out of nowhere and left just as fast. I did notice the black tipped sharks that were coming in to grab the cut up fish the divemaster was throwing out into the water... I wasn't expecting that... kinda scared me actually... those things were fast! At 130 feet, I did something really stupid. Apparently nitrogen can effect your body at this depth- you get a little high from it. Somehow, I decided I didn't need this big thing in my mouth anymore... I took one deep breath of seawater and realized how bad of an idea that was! I moved up to 110 feet and was fine there- although I felt like Darth Vader with my deep breathing! The stalactites and stalagmites were beautiful, but I didn't care! I wanted to go up as quickly as possible. Luckily, this was a very short dive and we started to head up as quick as we got there. I'm glad I made that dive just to say I did it, but I won't ever do it again. The other two dives that day were worth the entire trip. The first on at Half Moon Caye was great! The corals here hadn't been affected by the hurricane a few years earlier... They were HUGE!!! And the last dive was on the outside wall of the reef... This was spectacular! On one side of me was the most incredible scenery I have ever seen, and on the other was the deepest blue imaginable. The Eagle ray I watched come out of the blue darkness and leisurely glide by made the entire trip worthwhile.... That last dive made the entire journey worth it! I have never been at such peace as I was when I was there. I didn't turn on the TV until the last day in Belize... I had no clue that TS Allison turned around and sat over Houston for all those days. I missed the great flood while relaxing in a hammock with a rum punch watching the waves break on the reef. I can't wait till I get another chance to go diving... It was one of the greatest experiences I have had. Somewhere, I have a few pictures that I took while there... I'll have to dig them up and let you see. This was one of the two greatest vacations I have taken. The second was where I met my wife... I'll tell you about that one later...

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Bye bye Bitches!!!!!

Yea Janelle!!! I was worried that you wouldn't get the HOH... But you pulled thru!!!! Little cum guzzler threw the key rather than handing it to you.... Little did she know she was about to be on the block! Tonight kicked ass! Janelle had the most classic look on her face as she told jennifer and Maggie they were up on the block... And then when she told them bye bye bitches!!!!!!! Woooohoooooo!!!!! And even if one of them gets a veto... you still can't go wrong... Ivette or April could easily take their place.... Hell... I'd even be happy to see worthless little Beau go on Saturday! Woooohooooooo!!!!!

Cars I've owned

I was just talking to somebody about cars... I got to thinking about all the cars I have owned. 75 Olds Cutlass 4 door- This was my first vehicle. My mom figured a teenage boy needed to be surrounded by as much steel as possible. I think she paid $300 for it. It was ugly, but it was great! I loved that car. I could pile up everybody in the back seat (I think I had 11 people back there one day) and go everywhere. I hauled people to concerts, to the beach, to the mall, to the bowling alley... all over the place! I screwed up and lost my oil cap... one day while exiting the freeway, I was suddenly engulfed in a huge cloud of smoke and hearing the loudest clanking noise I have ever heard. I put all the oil I had in my trunk in it and drove it home- couldn't do over 25 mph, but it got me there. It never started again after that- I sold it for $50 to a junk yard. 75 Dodge half ton pickup- This was the first vehicle I ever paid for myself- well... sorta. I made a deal with a friend that if he kicked in $200 of the $500 I needed, I'd sell it to him after 6 months. Dumb decision, but I was desperate for a car. She was big, yellow and ugly! 2 days after I bought it, the brakes went out as i was pulling in to What-A-Burger. I drove in. Thankfully, that large brick wall was there to stop me. I did $3500 worth of damage to What-A-Burger. I did not scratch the paint on the truck. The guy who owned it before me had lost his right arm- they changed the transmission out to an automatic and put the shifter on the floorboard between my legs. One day, I discovered that they hadn't bolted the transmission on quite right... I was doing 80- then i was slowing down... The engine was reving higher and higher, but the truck was going slower and slower. The bolts that connected the driveplate to the cam had sheared off. It took 2 weeks of drilling to get the bolts removed, but finally got it going again. I miss that truck. 71 Pinto- What was I thinking? It was dirt cheap. The right front spring was bent, so the car sat high on that side. If you hit 55mph, the whole car would shake like an unbalanced washing machine. My girlfriend at the time wanted to dump me for the car... I drove it for three weeks and it crapped out.... I abandoned it on the side of the road. Next was an 81 Olds Cutlass Supreme- This car had belonged to a friend of mine. It had air-conditioner problems, so he ripped out the compressor. He replaced what used to be the firewall on the passanger side with a thin sheet of sheet metal. So I was driving a blast furnace. I got all the heat straight off the block in the passanger compartment. I also got a lot of the exhaust. I hated that car. We painted it primer black with graffitti. I was so glad when that one bit the bucket. 68 Dodge Dart Someone had painted this one with silver house paint. Then they tried to wax it at some point. You can imagine the result. It was huge, it was heavy, it was one of my favorite cars! I put in a cheap ass stereo that we had modified a bit and it pumped out the tunes... It was great for sitting on at the beach... Then it died. :( 78 Yamaha 250cc I rode this little bike for almost 2 years, rain or shine. Cold rain on a motorcycle sucks! Having to ride such a small bike all the time sucks! By the time i got rid of it, I was glad to do it. 85 Cadillac Seville This monster of a car cost me $500. She was pretty (besides the fact that all the plastic dry rotted). The problem? Tie rods. The front wheels bowed in badly. I could get about 2000 miles out of the front tires. I couldn't see paying $1200 to fix a $500 car, so i parked it. 91 Grand Prix (I think it was a 91) Piece of Shit. The windows fell off the tracks, the air conditioner didn't work, leaked fluids, etc... i was thankful that my mom let me borrow this for awhile, but I hated that car. 2001 Saturn L-Series This is my current car. It has been great! This is the second Saturn I bought actually (I somehow bought one for my ex). It has been a reliable car that hasn't had many problems. Well... there's my little walk down car-memory lane. I still haven't owned my dream car, still don't own another truck or another motorcycle... But that's ok. Some day.

More on Big Brother

I got this off a message board, so you can decide what it's worth.... The first double eviction on this seasons edition of BIG BROTHER will take place this week with the elimination of two contestants from the house. One houseguest will be sent home on the live show Thursday, August 18 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT). Following the live eviction and Head of Household competition, the new HOH will immediately go to the diary room where Julie will inform him/her that they have to nominate two people immediately for eviction. The new HOH will then go back into the living room and nominate two people LIVE on air. The second eviction will be broadcast on Saturday, August 20 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) and that person will be become the first member of the BIG BROTHER 6 jury. Let's hope that Rachel can win HOH tonight... she's about the only one that I think could handle this with no notice. If Janelle or Howie get it, I have a feeling they'll still try to go after James.... If any of the dark side get it... well... this season will suck just that much worse!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

One for the WTF column.....

I'm all for making God interesting to folks... In fact, I think it's very cool. We go to a church that sometimes feels more like a concert than a church service. But this has me wondering....

Reality shows-

I figured I'd take a look at a few reality shows today... The first couple are current ones we watch, the next few are ones we will be glued to the TV for all season..... Rock Star:INXS After refusing to watch this just because INXS is involved, we finally broke down and decided to give it a chance. It turns out that it's a pretty good show. Watching the folks prepare and then performing is good. A few of them have some real talent. the only down side is on Wednesdays. The bottom three have to perform INXS songs.... Poor things haven't realized yet that getting the top prize is a fate worse than winning American Idol. You get stuck with a band full of old guys who weren't all that back when they were a 'hit'. If I was in this competition, I'd be shooting for second place! Big Brother 6 Kaysar came back in thru a revolving door. Everybody was impressed with him for being some kind of great strategist, but he's about to leave for the second time. Sure, he's a likable guy, but his game skills are seriously lacking. The last couple of days have been entertaining if you are a live feed follower. Howie and Janelle have been making life miserable for the rest of the houseguests, particularly April. I can't wait to see how much of that they'll play on TV Thursday. The Biggest Loser SEPTEMBER 13 I don't care about this show, but my wife wants to watch it. I figured i'd put it up here so she'll know when the premier is. Survivor Guatemala Sept 15 Finally, it's almost Survivor time again. Still the best of the breed in reality shows... I can't wait! Family Amazing Race Premiers Sept 27 They decided to put a little twist on The Amazing Race this time by including families of four... it should be interesting to see how the kids help or hinder the show this time.... I'm sure there are other shows out there that are good, or at least bad enough to make them worthwhile... Who knows what else we'll be glued to? BTW- I also want to bitch a little about shows that got cancelled way to early... Life on a Stick- This one was so dumb it was funny... They replaced it with Stacked, but then that seems to have disapeared too. Life as We Know It - This show was great... Right in the middle of it (when they got us all involved) it just vanished... I hate that! At least finish the story line, finish the season... Give us some kind of closure! I feel so empty not knowing what happened when they just pull the plug like that! On another note... here's something else you can do with your hands.....

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

You be the judge.....

Madonna injured with a horse.... Some guy injured with a horse... Coincidence?

BB6, a few links.....

Big Brother- For anybody who just waits for the show, who doesn't want to know what happens until it's on TV... After tonight... you have to go read the live feed reports. The last 24 hours have been the best ever! Watch the show so you are up to date on why the things that are going on are happening, and then go read about it. Most of what's happening will never make it on TV. I would love to get in to more detail, but I know some of you don't want to know. And Ficken Chingers.... You're welcome! Here's an idiotic way to pass a minute or so.... Video game toilets This is just funny... Apple waited quite awhile after releasing the iPod to file a patent for it... Microsoft walked in and filed one first. Apple may have to pay M-soft for every iPod they sell.... I've seen this a bunch lately. We apparently found a bunch of fighter jets buried in Iraq. We found them back in 2003. (I started looking for links, they're all over the place). So... I wonder what else is buried out there in the desert....? OK... I'm heading back to the Live Feed reports... Ya'll have fun!

Monday, August 15, 2005


At this moment, I am rapidly approaching my 10,000th visitor! Wow! Who'd have thought that when I started this thing, that so many people would wander in... Thanks! Also, thanks everybody for the great response on the sign! The first time I drove by that, I knew that I needed to take a picture.... Some of your ideas had me cracking up! For you Big Brother fans- I have a bad feeling about this week. Kaysar came back after America voted him back in, but then he pulled off the ultimate act of stupidity when he gave HOH to Jennifer. I have a feeling that James will not be the one they backdoor.... My daughter started school today. 2nd grade. Is it way to early to already be in school? This is nuts... the summer just started... They need to go back to starting after Labor Day. Anyway, she's excited.... I hope she stays that way. Hope everybody has a good week. If you haven't seen it yet, go check out my wife's new template... I think she has a good one this time!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Give me a sign....

Ok.... a new sign has gone up on a road semi-close to here.... What's the best meaning of this sign that you can come up with????

Friday, August 12, 2005


Ok.... you know you all wanted it! They are finally available! Get your WWCD gear* today! *I have no clue who owns this store.... just figured I'd post the link.

A game....

I played along with True Jersey Girl's silly little game yesterday, and I guess I am now required to post this here.... I won't be as generous as her though... she had a huge response and I don't think I can handle that.... So I'm cutting this off at 10 people. 1) Put your name in my comments, and I'll respond with something random about you. 2) I'll tell you what song/or movie reminds me of you. 3) I'll pick a color/flavor of jello to wrestle with you in. (Maybe) 4) I'll say something that only makes sense to you and me. 5) I'll tell you my first memory of you. 6) I'll tell you what animal you remind me of. 7) I'll ask you something I've always wondered about you. 8) If I do this for you, you must post this on your blog. You MUST. It is written. Now keep in mind that if I don't know you that well I may only be able to do one or two of them, and if I don't like you I won't do any. LMAO.

Big Brother update

I know who won HOH. I'm not telling. I will tell you a few not too specific details about the competition.... It went a long long time! Some pretty good prizes were won- A Plasma TV, cash, A drink bar, pizza, etc... New rules kept being added because they were lasting so long. It should be an interesting week. That's all I'm saying about it. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Michele for making me Site Of The Day yesterday! I had a blast reading all of the comments everyone left, and I got to visit some new sites that I never knew existed. Hopefully, a few of you return on the days I'm not SOTD.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ok... I gotta say it....

Whatup KAYSAR! Can you believe he got 82% of the vote? Damn.... And they tried to make it look like the midget may have a shot.... why bother? I hope they told the hamsters the percentage.... It'll give the Maggots something to think about.... America thinks you suck! Anyway... Now they're pushing buttons for who knows how long.... Can't wait to see how that one turns out, and who the next HOH is. Hopefully Janelle or Kaysar... or maybe James... that'd be interesting. As long as none of the Maggots get it, it's all good.

It's early... I opened my eyes.... and.....

OMG.... I woke up and there it is....I have been chosen! How do I react? What do I do? Do I run over and post a welcome to all who will be coming? Do I just act normal and pretend all is just as it should be? How does one handle themselves in this situation? Ok guppy.... calm down... This is not that big of deal... Yes it is! Do you realize how big this is? You have been chosen the Site of the Day! Michele has more friggin readers than any site I know... Do you have any clue how many people may stop by here today???? What are you going to post? How will you welcome people? Maybe I should just post the rambling conversation I had with myself about this when I got up at 5 this morning and discovered all this. That'll insure that everybody thinks I'm completely insane! Maybe you could tell them to visit the Lesbian Guinea Pigs site while they're here? Or encourage them to join in the fun at The Sign Game. No.... that would be pushing it. You don't wanna use Michele's generosity to pimp another site.... That wouldn't be right (even if you do think they'd find it funny). Maybe I could show them some pictures? Anyway- Welcome everybody! I am at a loss for words! What a great suprise! Enjoy your visit- feel free to poke around as much as you want. you may find something you like buried somewhere.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Rock Star INXS / Big Brother thoughts....

I'll admit it... at first, the whole idea of a show that was trying to find a singer for INXS did not thrill me. I was like "INXS... WTF?" But I read people's blogs and I was hearing great things about the show... So I decided to take a look... I have become addicted! So I figured I'd give you my thoughts on last night's performances.... Suzie R.E.M.s Losing My Religion Suzie started the night off by setting high marks for everyone else. I can't stand the song she did (I can't stand much REM actually), but she pulled it off much better than the original. Mig All Right Now by Free Mig's style reminds me of early Bowie/Iggy Pop type bans... And he makes me wonder if Dave is a little queer (Dave keeps telling him to take more clothes off). He pulled this off quite well. J.D. Seals Crazy JD is an idiot. I hate people like him. Big ego and not much to back it up. I haven't been impressed by him yet... I have no clue why the judges seem to be. I thought this pretty much sucked (but I have no clue what the original sounded like). Jessica Come As You Are Jessica looked bored. She says that she poured all her emotion into the song, but if that was all she has... Ummmmm... Why is she here? Jordis Eric Claptons Layla Jordis is hot. She is the best on the show in my opinion. She could come out and sing the Oscar Mayer Weiner song and still have everyone groveling at her feet. She's my choice to win this, but is winning and having to play with INXS really winning? Brandon All Over Now by the Rolling Stones Brandon did a killer job with this song. BUT- This is him... he doesn't have much else. He looks like a junkie to me... I've known far too many people that have that look, and i can't say it gives me great feelings. Marty The Killers Mr. Brightside Marty decided to go unplugged with this, and it paid off bigtime. This David Spade lookalike is the most talented of the guys in my opinion... He will go far. Best performance of the night. Doobie Brothers Long Train Runnin I loved this. My wife says it's cuz she has such a raspy voice (Serious turn on for me). Maybe that's it... But I also liked the energy she put into it... Here running around, her band interaction, her working the crowd... She's strong with her stage presence. Ty Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry Ty did great. Good choice of songs for him... I'm not sure that I was trippin like the band was, but it was good. He could make it as a Reggae singer. There ya go... Here's my bottom three predictions: J.D. Jessica #3 is a problem, but I'll say Suzie (just because she went first- the most forgettable slot) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Last night on Big Brother, The 'friendship' got their ass handed to them when they were too stupid to figure out the veto competition. James walked away with the veto and royally screwed their plans to evict him. I was cracking up. So Ivette is up on the block with Sarah... And the seeds have been planted to evict Ivette! Hopefully these seeds will sprout into something! Wouldn't it be great to see Ivette go home and Kaysar come back in the same night? How perfect would that be?

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Living room tour

Somebody mentioned that they'd like to see the rest of the living room after we posted the trunk pics. Here is a much too detailed tour. Let me know what you think.... should we paint the walls? At the other house, we painted them burgandy... it worked over there, but here.... we just can't decide. We are kinda happy with them being white. (I never thought I'd say that). First up is a clock I made out of a cookie tin. I think it turned out pretty good. Here's the most comfortable couch ever. Yes, it is denim. The coffee table was bare wood that we painted- same color as the trunk but with crackle. Here is Raggedy Ann & Randy Andy. Stormi's mom had them custom made to fit our house. This Raggedy Ann and Andy I bought for Stormi for Christmas. She kept saying she wanted some to put out.... I bought them and removed them from their boxes (I had bought her one before that she would not take out of the box). I got in trouble, but she likes em. This doll was handmade by my daughter in school. While sewing it, she sewed it to the couch. She was very proud the day she brought it home for her step-mom. This hutch-chair was one of the first projects my dad built when he and my mom got married so many years ago.... It has been passed around my family quite a bit, but I think it has found it's final home. :) Here's our love-seat. Made from actual Levi denim... Pictures, pictures, pictures.... Lot's of details in this one... The mirror started life as one of the tacky black and gold ones... The bench was bare wood- it and the frame were painted and distressed... The pillows were quilted by my sister... and I think I built the little shelf.... Here's the TV wall... (Notice the show that was on... lol) The Swag up top was made by my sister. Well... I hope you enjoyed the beginning of my living room tour. For more, you'll have to go see my wife's page... I'll continue over there.

My trains

I am a model train fan. I model in N-scale. Well... I used to at least... since we moved a year ago I haven't set anything up just yet. One of these days I will get around to it. But I figured I'd share a few of my pictures of my old layout with you. Maybe seeing them will inspire me to get started again. Here are a couple of my locomotives. The one in the back is my pride and joy. It was a gift from my wife. Yep... It's a Kato. Here's an old abandoned mine I built. I love how the weathering came out on this one.... The next couple of shots were taken to hilight the Atlas car... I used to frequent the Atlas model railroad forum and an idea was pitched to send this car around the country (and I think around the world). I got it in the mail, took some pics with it and sent it on.... Here's an overview of the layout... Pardon the mess... Not real sure why everything was in such a state of diarray when I snapped this pic. The last one was to hilight another car sent around from another message board. Hope you enjoyed these... If I ever get started on something new, I will post pics as I build it. I really wish I had taken more as I was building this one.

Random thoughts....

Need a Gmail account? I have 48 invites to give out.... Leave me a comment requesting one and it's yours. Yesterday during lunch, I went home and let the dog out... I opened up the back door and she started to go- about that time I noticed a huge orange truck parked behind my fence... I noticed my back gate wide open... And I noticed a guy sleeping in the middle of my back yard. He's very lucky I noticed all of this quickly because I had time to reach out and grab Daizii by her collar.... She was not happy that someone was in her backyard! I'm sure had I let her go the sleeping guy would have shit himself when 100 pounds of pissed off lab woke him up... They were out there trimming the tress away from the power lines. One of my trees is now a trunk with two whole branches coming off of it! It looks pathetic. Had I known how much they were going to be cutting back, I would have had them take the tree down (It's a tallow- friggin weed). Anyway... Luckily they didn't cut too much of my oaks... Here's a few links that the guinea pigs haven't posted... Enjoy! Dukes of Holland Real names of the stars Pregnant Britney Determination Stash of pot found in minivan auctioned by sheriff This guy needs a date

Monday, August 08, 2005

Happy Monday!

I wanted to give ya'll an update on The Sign Game. We currently have 10 memebers who have found 16 words on signs. The current list to look for is: 1. Adult 2. Photograph 3. Port 4. Win 5. Adopted 6. Guppy 7. Wet 8. Veg 9. Crabs 10. Fast Come on over and 'sign' up. We'd love to have you! What do you do when your guinea pigs steal your gig? I have posted silly links that I find around the Internet for quite some time now... Well today, I looked at Diary of a Lesbian Guinea Pig and they have stolen the idea! Maybe I should change the password on my PC? Anyway.... Happy Monday everybody!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Today's little project....

Today we decided to steal my daughter's toybox for our own selfish uses. (actually, it was in the way and hasn't been opened in months) We decided that it would make a great blanket chest in the living room. The living room is Americana, so you can guess how this is getting painted. Here's the main part getting painted blue.... And the lid before we added the cream.... Cream stripes and stars added.... We brought it in and it is too blue! Time to take it back out and do some sanding.... Well... Here it is.... What do you think?