Thursday, March 31, 2005

Some pics for your enjoyment

Here's Squeakers Squeakers Squeakers Here's my tank stand finally in use: Fish Tank Stand - In use A couple of pics of our entry table: Entry Hall Entry table And this is a wedding present from my dad.... Very nice! Wardrobe

Happy Birthday to my little angel!

My baby girl turned 7 today. I told her she was not allowed to have any more birthdays, but she went and did it anyways. She's growing up too quick- making me feel old. It seems like she was just my little glow-bug- she was jaundiced a couple of days after I brought her home from the hospital and they hooked her up to some blanket/light thing... I remember when she was home.... she'd make the slightest noise and I'd jump out of bed to see what was wrong (and I could sleep thru nuclear war). I rememeber her saying things like popliar and renember... Now she's a full fledged girl- not just a baby... independant as can be... Daddy's little angel. I hate that she's growing up, but I love who she is becoming. She is so good-natured... so loving... so into wanting to know all she can about God... So curious... So happy... Happy Birthday Heather! I love you sooooo much! (Or as you used to say... "I love you too much"!)

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Subserviant playthings....

I figured I'd give ya'll something to do today.... There are still folks out there who have never seen Burger King's Subservient Chicken. I figured I'd post him up here along with a few copies that have surfaced since.... Try em out... type in your commands and have a blast! Virtual bartender Subserviant Bush Subserviant Tony Blair Subservient Stickfigure Subservient Sanjeev (at the mini-mart) Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I haven't posted in a few days.... Had the holiday weekend and all that. Here's a quick little update on life: My daughter Heather is turning seven on Thursday. We got her a guinea pig for her b-day... I think she finally settled on Squeakers for a name. The little fuzzball is too cute. Hopefully we can get rid of it's skitishness soon... gotta work on handling it a bunch. Our church decided to do an outdoor service on Sunday. When we went out the door, we noticed it was a bit cooler than it had been... grabbed the jackets and headed on. We got to the football stadium and realized that there was absolutely nothing blocking the cold wind from hitting us straight on. About froze to death out there. But it was nothing compared to what the man who we were honoring went thru for us, so I can't complain at all. Thank you Jesus! I still haven't made it thru a day at work since I quit wearing the patches without smoking. I have no problem not smoking at home.... but something about work stresses me out enough that I just can't do it. Go figure. Have I mentioned how much I love my wife? She is the best thing that ever happened to me. Anyway- I think I'll wrap it up there... I need to take some pics of Squeakers and get them on here sometime soon. Until next time.....

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

American Idol thoughts.....

OK... I'll confess... I'm a reality TV junkie.... I watch Survivor, Amazing Race, American Idol, and various other shows.... I can't get enough! Luckily, with DVR, most are pretty short when you fast forward thru the commercials. Here's a few thoughts on American Idol this week: Fox screwed up and put the wrong numbers under 3 of the names on American Idol last night. Was it a screw up, or did they just want to try to get people to watch 3 shows this week.... Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm..... Anyway.... I figured it was my time to give my thoughts on these people trying to be the next American Idol...... So here we go: Anthony Fedorov, "I Knew You Were Waiting for Me" by Aretha Franklin and George Michael. Ok... this was his best performance yet... but that's not saying much. This guy is mediorcre on his best night. he's got a great backstory... they said he'd never talk, much less sing... but outside of 12 year old girls... I can't see many people voting for this guy to win. The sooner they throw this guy off, the better. Carrie Underwood, "Alone" by Heart. Carrie is a great singer! She's one of my top 4 picks for this season... Her version of Alone sounded great. Scott Savol, "Against All Odds" by Phil Collins. I'm not a Scott fan, but he has a great voice. But this isn't just a vocal competition, and he's not exactly the "chocholate teddy bear" type. I expect him to last awhile, but he doesn't have a chance in Hell of winning this thing. Bo Bice, "Time in a Bottle" Jim Croce Bo is going to win. He's the one guy on the show who looks like this is what he does. Simon was right saying that the rest look like they are in a competition, but Bo looks like he is a professional. Nikko Smith, Sisqo's "Incomplete" Nikko has already been voted off once, and looks to have learned a little from it. He realized that every time he gets up there, he needs to put on the performance of his life.... mostly because he's not that memorable in the first place. Nikko will be gone soon. Vonzell Solomon, "Best of My Love" by The Emotion. Vonzell doesn't impress me much. She's in the boat with Nikko. She can sing... but I'm like meh. Constantine Maroulis, Partridge Family's "I Think I Love You"? I hate ConstantScream! Him being called a "rocker" is insulting to rockers everywhere. Dude is ugly, can't sing, and has been pimped by American Idol beyond belief. I can't wait for his week to go home. Nadia Turner, "Time after Time" by Cyndi Lauper I like Nadia, but she slaughtered Time After Time. That was a truly pathetic performance, but I doubt most people noticed.... They were too busy looking at her Grace Slick impersonation to hear what she sounded like. Her Frohawk was hilarious! Hopefully she comes back stronger... she's another of my top 4 picks this year. Mikalah Gordon, Taylor Dayne's "Love Will Lead You Back." OMG - Cats in heat sound better than this girl. The funny thing is she's taken over as the "vote the worst" choice... They were going for Constantine, but he's got the 12 year old girl vote to keep him around awhile... I wonder how long they can keep the little nanny around? Anwar Robinson, "Ain't Nobody" by the legendary Chaka Khan. Anwar sounds great when doing Stevie Wonder, but has sounded like crap the last few weeks. I think he has a career ahead of him as a Stevie Wonder impersonater, but I can't see him on this show much longer. Jessica Sierra,"Total Eclipse of the Heart" by Bonnie Tyler Jessica rounds out my top 4 picks... She's got that rasp in her voice that impresses the hell out of me. Plus, she belted her song out last night. Basically, any of the following could go tonight and I wouldn't be unhappy.... Anthony, Anwar, Mikalah, Constipate, Vonzell or Nikko.... But no telling how the votes will go this week considering Fox's screw up...

Monday, March 21, 2005

Conspiracy theory, or am I just nuts?

Ok... It's time to convince all of you I am some kind of wacko. Here's my big government conspiracy theory.... Back in the 50's or 60's or whenever they decided they should add fluoride to the drinking water supply, they convinced American's that they were doing so to prevent tooth decay. This worked, even though it has been proven that fluoride actually weakens teeth and bones.... But what they didn't tell you was that it wasn't fluoride that they were adding. You see, the government was panicked by the threat of nuclear war at the time- they were looking for a way that we could win a nuclear exchange. The solution? The cockroach! Government scientists extracted DNA form the common pest, the cockroach. They added this to our nation's water supplies hoping that the body would gradually take this DNA and give us some of the amazing survival characteristics that the roaches posses. They planned for Americans to be able to live thru the radiation and would continue to be the dominant force on the planet. Unfortunately, our enemies learned of these plans. They spent large sums of money on a massive propaganda campaign to convince American's that tap water was not safe. So called environmentalists (mostly communists) took to the streets and carried the word that our drinking water was not fit for human consumption. Thru this, bottled water was born. American's spend millions of dollars a year trying to avoid the governments attempt to try to keep them alive. In recent years, government scientists have figured out a way to get the same cockroach DNA to us via airborne dispersement... look up chem-trails sometime on Google.... there are thousands of sites wondering what these things are... you finally have your answer right here. ;)

Saturday, March 19, 2005

My lawnmower and the Internet police

Yesterday, I discovered that this guy decided to call attention to what I post in my blog. Apparently my posting anything about my new lawnmower annoyed him enough that he felt he had to comment on it..... That's ok.... He drove a lot of traffic to me. For some reason there are a few people out there who care what Alex Blagg has to say. Not quite sure why, but hey.... everybody has to be in to something, right? Anyway.... I thought since there seems to be so much interest in my new lawnmower, I'd post some pics of it for you to enjoy. Mower 1mower 049 Mower 2mower 048 Mower 3mower 046 Mower 4mower 045 And I even decided to take a special one for you.... This is what I actually see of the mower when I am mowing.... Mower 5mower 047 Come on.... I know your impressed now! Sorry about the grass on the deck... I mowed- it's dirty. It cuts great.... My yard is beautiful! COMMENTS just kidding around, no hard feelings.that is a nice mower, though.Alex Blagg Homepage 03.19.05 - 2:34 pm I figured you were kidding, but I had fun with this. How often does one get a chance to get up early on a Sunday and go out in the garage and take pictures of his lawnmower? Wow! Sweet mower!trisha Homepage 03.20.05 - 9:38 am Thanks!

Monday, March 14, 2005

Why why why????

Why do I wake up at 3:30am sometimes? There is no point in me being awake this early, but for some strange reason my body decides I should hop out of bed and get going with my day.... Anyways- This morning I have to take the car into the shop, it needs new tie-rods. So there goes over $300 I didn't want to spend.... Saturday my dad came down and brought me a lawnmower.... I gave him my rider after we moved in here, my yard isn't big enough to maneveur it around... So he bought me a nice 7hp Craftsman self-propelled mower... (cue Tim Taylor grunting here). Very cool. Unfortunately while he was here shit hit the fan at work and I spent most of the time he was here on the phone. Then I had to go spend 5 hours at work after he left.... So much for the yard on Saturday.... Sunday morning I got up ready to get some yard work done.... I went and got landscape timbers and dirt.... after all the trips to various stores I ended up building a 16' x 4' planter box next to our driveway.... 30 bags of dirt and manure and a bunch of flowers, seeds and bulbs made it in. Can't wait for a month or so to go by and see how it looks. I am sore as hell after driving in 10" nails with a sledge hammer... Not used to having to works so hard. But it felt great to get it done. Now I just need a chance to play with my new mower! So... that's my weekend.... all that and a sick little one... Luckily Heather is feeling better.... Gonna try and take her to school today (she had a fever and has been feeling bad for most of the last week). Want some games to try? Acne Be Gone Pop as many zits and pimples as you can before the timer hits zero. Skeet Shooting American Idol Punch Like Whack-A-Mole That should hold ya'll over for awhile.... Hope everybody has a great week. COMMENTS I love my craftsman mower. Or, I did, until it blew up. Luckily, Sears replaced it.Does yours mulch?trisha Homepage 03.18.05 - 3:38 pm Yes... mine does mulch.... It's actually a 3 in one mower... Mulch/bag/side discharge

Friday, March 11, 2005


I love Fridays. Finally, the work week is over, and I get to spend time with my family. It seems like during the week time flies by and the little bit of time we get together seems like nothing.... but the weekends are special. We actually get to be together.... And I really enjoy the time I get with them. So I'll be hanging out with my wife and daughter this weekend.... and I'll be happy. Check out this Flea Circus Ever wonder where the money in your pocket has been or is going? Try tracking it at Where's George? Hope everybody has a great weekend! I'll be out in the yard planting and getting everything looking nice... we got some seeds and bulbs that need to go into the ground, and spring fever is calling me to go buy a few flats of something to plant. Time to make the house trully look different from the outside.... it still pretty much looks like what the last owners left us with right now.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


One of my hobbies has been political debate.... I love to get the blood pumping in passionate arguments with people who oppose my political leanings... But since the last election (actually, since about a year before then) good political debate has been hard to come by. All I can find are people who oppose Bush- not for any fundamental reasons... just because he is who he is. I asked over and over during the election how John Kerry would make a good president... the only answer anybody gave me..... "He's not Bush". I asked how Kerry would do things differently... I got "He has a plan". There were no details, no substance, no alternatives.... just pure hatred for President Bush. And it continues... The Bush bashers are out in full force. They whine and complain about everything the man does, and attribute anything and everything that goes wrong in the world to Bush. Yet I can't figure out what any of these people are actually for. I can't figure out what they'd do differently. They seem to be running on pure hatered. What is the Democrat agenda? What do they stand for? What would they do with Social Security, taxes, terrorism, etc...? Do they even know at this point? Or is Bush enough to motivate everything they say or do to the point where they feel they don't need an identity? Luckily, enough people in this country seem to be asking the same question... Bush is still President and we are moving forward. I wonder if the Democrats will ever catch up?

I'm still working on quitting

Well..... On the smoking war... I have been doing pretty good since I ran out of patches... But I am still struggling to get by at work. It has been such a pattern for me- I get frustrated- I'd go smoke. I finish a project- I'd go smoke. I just need a break from staring at the computer- I'd go smoke. So now when things happen.... I look around and go.... What do I do now? So I cheat a little on the smoking thing at work.... I'll bum a cigarette off someone and go out and take a few drags.... It still tastes nasty and I really don't see why I do it... I don't enjoy it anymore... I don't want to smoke... I want to be completely smoke free... But for some reason I can't seem to make it through a day of work without any at all. Maybe I should get some more patches... I wasn't smoking even a drag or two when I was wearing them (except in the mornings when I actually had some at home). But I don't have any there to tempt me any more. So maybe I'll grab a box of the step 3 patches.... get enough nicotine to sustain me without any of the smoking (I think just wearing them is enough incentive for me not to risk serious health effects caused by smoking while it's on). Anyway- I need to defeat this.... It sucks to walk around with this nasty ashtray yaste in my mouth. I need ideas on what to do during breaks from working... I need to figure out something to take up my time. Maybe I'll start walking around the building or something.... there are so many people who started working here that I don't know.... maybe I could just go around and introduce myself... Anyways- I guess that's enough of this for now... Hope everybody is having a great day! Maybe what I need is for them to hurry up and approve this: New anti-smoking drugs promising

Monday, March 07, 2005

Who knew?

Hey....... You can post in color on this here blog thing.... Well I'll be damned.....

Good Morning

WTF? For some reason I can't explain, some days I hop out of bed in the middle of the night.... Today was one of those days... For some reason my body decides 3am is something it wants to see, so I lay in bed tossing and turning until I finally give in and get up. That was this morning.... So I figured I'd look around the net and see what kind of interesting things I can find.... Here's a few games: Mini Golf The Hedgehog Game Dodgeball Drunken Sexual Hangman And if you are in a really strange mood, try checking these out: Trippy Stuff More trippy Stuff There ya go... that should help you stay busy for a little while at least.... I gotta go think about getting ready for work now.... Gee... is it Monday already? Seems like the weekend just started. I hate Mondays..... Road Rage

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Remember LEGO™ ?????

When I was a kid, Legos™ were the shit.... I had what I thought was a huge collection... I'd spend hours creating entire worlds, spaceships, castles, cars, etc.... I still have quite a few packed away in the hall closet... Occasionally I'll get the urge and pull them out and see what I can figure out how to build. But what I come up with doesn't even compare to what I see others are doing. From Lego movies, the Bible, Lifesized R2D2 and harpsichords, Lego murals, etc... Some of these people are incredible with what they have come up with! Here's just a few Lego links.... Google Lego sometime and see how much more there is... Everything from robotics to trains to Boolean math... It seems that there are quite a few out there who refused to grow up to the point that they'd actually get rid of their favorite toys.... Lego Bible Cool Lego movies Buy Sell Trade Etc... Eric Harshbarger's LEGO® Website How do they make Legos? Lego Harpsichord LEGO STAR WARS TRILOGY Abston Church of Christ MJ's Thriller BrickFilms Lego Spiderman Here's a guy who made himself a Lego Computer Beretta 9mm Lego Online Community

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Tomorrow should be interesting.... I am out of patches as of today.... tomorrow I am going to test if I really need them or not. If I can make it thru without killing someone, then I'll just not get any more. I guess we'll see. Anyway- Not much goin on in my world... Just catching up on the shows we watch.... Survivor, Amazing Race, American Idol, etc.... we've become reality TV junkies. All I can say is thank God for the DVR! Gotta love being able to watch it all while fast-forwarding thru the commercials.