Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I'm still working on quitting

Well..... On the smoking war... I have been doing pretty good since I ran out of patches... But I am still struggling to get by at work. It has been such a pattern for me- I get frustrated- I'd go smoke. I finish a project- I'd go smoke. I just need a break from staring at the computer- I'd go smoke. So now when things happen.... I look around and go.... What do I do now? So I cheat a little on the smoking thing at work.... I'll bum a cigarette off someone and go out and take a few drags.... It still tastes nasty and I really don't see why I do it... I don't enjoy it anymore... I don't want to smoke... I want to be completely smoke free... But for some reason I can't seem to make it through a day of work without any at all. Maybe I should get some more patches... I wasn't smoking even a drag or two when I was wearing them (except in the mornings when I actually had some at home). But I don't have any there to tempt me any more. So maybe I'll grab a box of the step 3 patches.... get enough nicotine to sustain me without any of the smoking (I think just wearing them is enough incentive for me not to risk serious health effects caused by smoking while it's on). Anyway- I need to defeat this.... It sucks to walk around with this nasty ashtray yaste in my mouth. I need ideas on what to do during breaks from working... I need to figure out something to take up my time. Maybe I'll start walking around the building or something.... there are so many people who started working here that I don't know.... maybe I could just go around and introduce myself... Anyways- I guess that's enough of this for now... Hope everybody is having a great day! Maybe what I need is for them to hurry up and approve this: New anti-smoking drugs promising

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