Sunday, March 06, 2005

Remember LEGO™ ?????

When I was a kid, Legos™ were the shit.... I had what I thought was a huge collection... I'd spend hours creating entire worlds, spaceships, castles, cars, etc.... I still have quite a few packed away in the hall closet... Occasionally I'll get the urge and pull them out and see what I can figure out how to build. But what I come up with doesn't even compare to what I see others are doing. From Lego movies, the Bible, Lifesized R2D2 and harpsichords, Lego murals, etc... Some of these people are incredible with what they have come up with! Here's just a few Lego links.... Google Lego sometime and see how much more there is... Everything from robotics to trains to Boolean math... It seems that there are quite a few out there who refused to grow up to the point that they'd actually get rid of their favorite toys.... Lego Bible Cool Lego movies Buy Sell Trade Etc... Eric Harshbarger's LEGO® Website How do they make Legos? Lego Harpsichord LEGO STAR WARS TRILOGY Abston Church of Christ MJ's Thriller BrickFilms Lego Spiderman Here's a guy who made himself a Lego Computer Beretta 9mm Lego Online Community

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