Saturday, March 19, 2005

My lawnmower and the Internet police

Yesterday, I discovered that this guy decided to call attention to what I post in my blog. Apparently my posting anything about my new lawnmower annoyed him enough that he felt he had to comment on it..... That's ok.... He drove a lot of traffic to me. For some reason there are a few people out there who care what Alex Blagg has to say. Not quite sure why, but hey.... everybody has to be in to something, right? Anyway.... I thought since there seems to be so much interest in my new lawnmower, I'd post some pics of it for you to enjoy. Mower 1mower 049 Mower 2mower 048 Mower 3mower 046 Mower 4mower 045 And I even decided to take a special one for you.... This is what I actually see of the mower when I am mowing.... Mower 5mower 047 Come on.... I know your impressed now! Sorry about the grass on the deck... I mowed- it's dirty. It cuts great.... My yard is beautiful! COMMENTS just kidding around, no hard feelings.that is a nice mower, though.Alex Blagg Homepage 03.19.05 - 2:34 pm I figured you were kidding, but I had fun with this. How often does one get a chance to get up early on a Sunday and go out in the garage and take pictures of his lawnmower? Wow! Sweet mower!trisha Homepage 03.20.05 - 9:38 am Thanks!

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