Tuesday, March 08, 2005


One of my hobbies has been political debate.... I love to get the blood pumping in passionate arguments with people who oppose my political leanings... But since the last election (actually, since about a year before then) good political debate has been hard to come by. All I can find are people who oppose Bush- not for any fundamental reasons... just because he is who he is. I asked over and over during the election how John Kerry would make a good president... the only answer anybody gave me..... "He's not Bush". I asked how Kerry would do things differently... I got "He has a plan". There were no details, no substance, no alternatives.... just pure hatred for President Bush. And it continues... The Bush bashers are out in full force. They whine and complain about everything the man does, and attribute anything and everything that goes wrong in the world to Bush. Yet I can't figure out what any of these people are actually for. I can't figure out what they'd do differently. They seem to be running on pure hatered. What is the Democrat agenda? What do they stand for? What would they do with Social Security, taxes, terrorism, etc...? Do they even know at this point? Or is Bush enough to motivate everything they say or do to the point where they feel they don't need an identity? Luckily, enough people in this country seem to be asking the same question... Bush is still President and we are moving forward. I wonder if the Democrats will ever catch up?

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