Monday, March 14, 2005

Why why why????

Why do I wake up at 3:30am sometimes? There is no point in me being awake this early, but for some strange reason my body decides I should hop out of bed and get going with my day.... Anyways- This morning I have to take the car into the shop, it needs new tie-rods. So there goes over $300 I didn't want to spend.... Saturday my dad came down and brought me a lawnmower.... I gave him my rider after we moved in here, my yard isn't big enough to maneveur it around... So he bought me a nice 7hp Craftsman self-propelled mower... (cue Tim Taylor grunting here). Very cool. Unfortunately while he was here shit hit the fan at work and I spent most of the time he was here on the phone. Then I had to go spend 5 hours at work after he left.... So much for the yard on Saturday.... Sunday morning I got up ready to get some yard work done.... I went and got landscape timbers and dirt.... after all the trips to various stores I ended up building a 16' x 4' planter box next to our driveway.... 30 bags of dirt and manure and a bunch of flowers, seeds and bulbs made it in. Can't wait for a month or so to go by and see how it looks. I am sore as hell after driving in 10" nails with a sledge hammer... Not used to having to works so hard. But it felt great to get it done. Now I just need a chance to play with my new mower! So... that's my weekend.... all that and a sick little one... Luckily Heather is feeling better.... Gonna try and take her to school today (she had a fever and has been feeling bad for most of the last week). Want some games to try? Acne Be Gone Pop as many zits and pimples as you can before the timer hits zero. Skeet Shooting American Idol Punch Like Whack-A-Mole That should hold ya'll over for awhile.... Hope everybody has a great week. COMMENTS I love my craftsman mower. Or, I did, until it blew up. Luckily, Sears replaced it.Does yours mulch?trisha Homepage 03.18.05 - 3:38 pm Yes... mine does mulch.... It's actually a 3 in one mower... Mulch/bag/side discharge

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