Thursday, March 31, 2005

Happy Birthday to my little angel!

My baby girl turned 7 today. I told her she was not allowed to have any more birthdays, but she went and did it anyways. She's growing up too quick- making me feel old. It seems like she was just my little glow-bug- she was jaundiced a couple of days after I brought her home from the hospital and they hooked her up to some blanket/light thing... I remember when she was home.... she'd make the slightest noise and I'd jump out of bed to see what was wrong (and I could sleep thru nuclear war). I rememeber her saying things like popliar and renember... Now she's a full fledged girl- not just a baby... independant as can be... Daddy's little angel. I hate that she's growing up, but I love who she is becoming. She is so good-natured... so loving... so into wanting to know all she can about God... So curious... So happy... Happy Birthday Heather! I love you sooooo much! (Or as you used to say... "I love you too much"!)

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