Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Ultimate Fighter 2

I don't know if any of you watched The Ultimate Fighter 2 last night... but I figured I'd give my review of it anyway.... Last time was great. The ending fight between Stephan & Forrest was well worth the time I spent watching the whole season... I'm starting to wonder about this year's show. Last night, two people quit! One decided after the first day of training that he just couldn't handle it- he's supposebly one of the top 18 up and coming fighters and he just couldn't take the training???? WTF? Then the other one... He was singled out as the weekest of the welterweights... He had a chance to prove himself by fighting the guy of his choice. He chose and then they started cutting weight... He cut 15 pounds and only had five to go... The trainer and a few of the guys helped him get through it... and he decided that cutting off the last five pounds was just too much for him to do. Why did these guys even come on this show? They have to know they'll be training and cutting weight... Why bother if you are too much of a pussy BEFORE you ever step in the octogan???? The other guy who got eliminated was Kerry Schall - He twisted his knee during training and will need surgery to repair the damage. This killed the guy... he wanted to be there so badly... This is the type of guy this show needs... Not the pansy boys who quit before they even get started. Hopefully they weeded out the pansies and the rest of the show will go better. Some of these guys look entertaining- I can't wait to see some of them fight.

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PresentStorm said...

wow it is so empty in here ..lol HELLO ,HELLO ,HELLO !!I think I hear my echo.
I guess noone else watches this how ..lol