Monday, September 12, 2005


****WARNING**** This post is probably TMI for a lot of people... If you are young or bothered by open discussion about sexual contact (Or if you are reading mom), go ahead and click somewhere else. It's Monday again... back to work and all that... But I'm not letting that get me down... I got out of the shower and my wife was listening to Joel Osteen- He was preaching about not letting others steal your joy... about having a positive attitude towards your life and the things you face... It really hit something this morning and I'm feeling pretty good after hearing it. I worked a bunch from home over the weekend.... I'm on call every other week and since the hurricane, we have been very busy! So I spent a lot of time on the laptop or on the phone.... gotta love overtime! Mom- (or anyone underaged) quit reading now.... Saturday morning I got up early like I usually do... I went in and got on the computer.... shortly after, my wife woke up... she came in and proceeded to go down on me... Wow! What a way to start the weekend.... I will tell you that nothing beats a morning blowjob! It gives a perspective to your day that is normally unatainable! Every day should start that good! If you ever want to jumpstart somebody's day... give em head first thing in the morning... Anyway- most of Saturday was spent cleaning the house. Somehow, I didn't mind doing this usually mindnumbing chore... We got everything cleaned up and then took Tracii's friend to our church Saturday evening. I think she enjoyed it, I guess we'll find out if she wants to go back or not.... Saturday evening was also Big Brother. Janelle got America's Choice (like anybody doubted that), and she got to go see what some people on the outside thought about them... I think the others are starting to realize that America hates them! She put Ivette and Maggie up on the block, but this week it really doesn't matter anyway.... the person with real power is whoever wins the veto. ( I know who that is, but I'm not telling)! Yesterday was mostly a lazy day around the house. I shampooed the hallway carpet, (it was looking pretty bad).... I don't think my daughter even got out of PJ's yesterday.... My wife decided to make a recipe of my mom's for the first time.... I thought she did a great job and they were great, I don't think she impressed herself though. I'm glad that she's willing to try things like this and trully appreciate her for it... I hope everybody has a great week... I hope you can either give or receive head in the morning sometime this week... Don't let anything get you down... Life is good!


-xtessa- said...

i wonder how the nerd herd will react once they find out that they're the villain in this show?!

Angie said...

LIke xtessa said...the NH is in for a rude awakening! :)

As for that adult section of your post...My hubby loves that, too.(of course) The unexpected ones are the best. hee hee

Does PS know you told the entire INTERNET?? ;)

Texas_Ivy10 said...

Regarding the TMI:

Don't forget the ladies, guys... lol

Michelle said...

LMAO!! Loved this post.