Thursday, April 07, 2005

Reality TV updates....

Just thought I'd give some thoughts on reality TV..... American Idol- This week sucked for all of em. The Bottom three were Scott, Nikko and Vonzell.... I yawned... any of them could have gone and I would have said "Who cares"? Nikko went home... The Vote For The Worst crowd have decided to put their support behind Scott since it was found out he has a criminal record. They have been trying to get behind somebody horrible to keep in and they kept switching... they went thru Janay, Mikalah, Constantscream, and I think a few others.... hopefully they can stick with Scott and get the support they need.... He'd be the funniest one to watch the American Idol folks try to package. On another note... Why the Hell is Anthony still on that show? He sucks beyond belief. Even he admitted it last night.... he is by far the worst singer who has ever made it this far. As long as Bo and Carrie are the final 2... I could care less about the rest... I'm still pissed they voted Jessica off last week. Amazing Race- I went in to this season thinking I would hate Rob and Amber, but they have become my favorites to win. Rob has turned out to be a lot smater than I gave him credit for. The food challenge he quit and then got two other teams to quit was brilliant. Lynn and Ashley (or alex or whatever) get on my nerves.... racist little queer boys... I can't wait till they show up last. The old folks have suprised me by how tough they've turned out to be... I hope they do well too. Survivor- A tribe of two... OK... if they lose again and go to Tribal Council.... Do you think Bobby John will still lose? I think he's dumb enough that Steph could convince him to vote himself out.... Guess we'll have to wait and see. Koror hasn't been on camera enough for us to know who all is over there, much less have an opinion about any but Tom and Ian.... The Ultimate Fighter- Final episode is on Saturday, with the last 2 fights plus a bonus Ken Shamrock match! Can't wait for that one... It's been a great show! I think that's all the current reality shows we are watching.... wow... I could have sworn there were more than that but I guess they all ended... So I guess I'm done with this post. Comments: I couldn't agree more with your American Idol opinion. Bo and Carrier are also my favs. Last nights format bit the big one. Freakin show tunes? UGH! I didn't haar about Scott's criminal background... interesting. Texas_ivy10 | 04.07.05 - 6:40 pm |

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