Friday, April 29, 2005

Bocaine and Survivor

Here we go.... it seems that the future American Idol winner Bo Bice (aka Harold Bice) has been outed by the Smoking Gun as a coke head... Seems he got busted with possesion of cocaine, and later got busted with pot.... Got all charges dropped by successfully completeing a diversion program.... My thoughts? Well... Simon did say he is the only authentic rocker on the show.... now we have proof. I still think he's likely to win the whole thing..... If they end up kicking him off because of this, My full support will have to switch to Scott Savol.... Survivor Well... after last week when Steph helped make sure Janu quit, she decided it was time to actually start trying to influence how folks were going to vote.... She tried to get the girls rallied around the idea of voting Tom off... Too bad they didn't get hold of Caryn before Tom did.... They went to the madatory food auction.... Bought even more food (like these folks have not eaten enough... They are gaining weight this season). This time it just didn't have the same effect.... It's nice to watch starving people drooling over the plate of food someone just bought... this was just kind of like..... what's the point? Tom held his money until he saw something from home.... letters! He bid $220 for his, but then Jeff decided he'd sell the others their letters for the same price.... These people are way too coddled! Yippeee... ya'll got mail... nobody broke down so badly that we felt for them... It was really kinda lame. Ian and Greg played bath games in full view of the entire camp.... getting eachother all lathered up and stuff... making the girls wonder if they had some sort of "secret alliance" (Or was that a Seacrest alliance?) Next they got to toss coconuts at ceramic tiles to see who gets immunity... Ian eventually won it... Tribal council saw the entire tribe vote for Stephanie... Rather than playing smart now while they had the numbers, the girls decided that 4th, 5th and 6th place were good enough for them. Stupid. Now I guess I'll have to root for Tom... He is the last one there that even remotely deserves this thing....(maybe Ian). I see why the guys went after Steph, but why did the girls? I'm still baffled.... Anyway... next week, we'll get to see everybody eat some more (I'm sure) and then we'll wonder which girl will go home first... I'd say Caryn is most likely.

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