Friday, April 22, 2005


This has to be the biggest vacation season this show has ever had... Even the so-called 'abandon someone on an island' looked like she was just taking a break.... I have questions:Where in the world did Janu get the jeans she was wearing on the other island? She left the challenge with a basic pack of stuff... she wasn't wearing the jeans when she left... so WTF? Why give her the pack of survival stuff? They should have made her time there hard rather than just a break from the rest of the group. Anyway- The challenges- First up they split into teams of 4 and built scaffolding in the water... The winners got to go hang out with some tribe and eat (like they don't have enough food- I miss the days of trading your shelter for rice). Then they brought food back to the losers too. Lots of food. These people are going to gain weight on this little trip they eat so much.Janu showed she hasn't changed her style just because she's on Survivor... she purged halfway thru her meal just to make sure she wouldn't gain an ounce. The second challenge they had to hang out under some bars until the tide came in and they couldn't breath... Janu quit after about 5 seconds claiming something about the cold making her nipples hurt or something or other... The rest hung out for 45 minutes or so until Tom once again got immunity. Then we got treated to Janu's little break from the rest.... the next morning she looked like she felt better than she had since they got there... I guess not having food at all will leave you feeling better than having to puke up what you ate for appearances. Anyway- it looked like they'd be voting Steph out with the editing, so I knew she would end up safe- But I didn't realize Janu would end up quitting like she did. Why go on a show like this if you are such a baby that you can't hang for a month? Some of the people they let on these shows just SUCK. Next week, it looks like Steph wakes up and finally starts doing some scheming... about time!

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