Friday, April 15, 2005

10 Second Survivor Update

Poor Stephanie... all alone... (except for all the production crew members who are always around)... She has to keep the fire going... has to find food all by herself... has to do it all... Then she got mail... Load up your stuff... You are going to Koror! She loaded up her boat and took off with the map to Koror's Island... Then commercial time while they hooked up the tow rope to Jeff's speedboat to tow her to Koror's beach. So here comes Steph up to Koror.... everybody seems overly excited by the smell of her clean buff (yes, I said BUFF- get your mind out of the gutter). Then they get some locals to teach em how to fish. Those local guys sure eat well, you can tell. Anyway... after the master baiter Coby throws a hissy-fit about who gets to go fishing, they start pulling in fish left and right.... Enough so that they have a huge meal. Tom proves that he is a lightweight, stumbles around and falls down a lot... Morning comes and he's first up fishing again like nothing ever happened. Next up is individual immunity... and this part confuses me... they all ate very well the night before, but every one of them (except Tom) jumps off for food. Maybe after Coby jumped off they all figured they were safe, but still... you never know, do you? I figured Steph and Tom would at least make a good show of it. Coby ends up going home... I am so glad... He was such a whiny little bitch. Next week, the first one to give up on a challenge ends up living alone for awhile. Maybe that'll teach em not to give up so quickly.

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