Wednesday, April 20, 2005

American Idol, Amazing Race and the new Pope

Well... It's time for my weekly roundup of American Idol... Here lately, I haven't been right about the bottom three, but I'll still give my opinions of who I'd like to see there.... Here goes..... Constantine Maroulis Nights on Broadway by the Bee Gees Constantscream's performance tonight sucked. I remembered tonight why the Vote for the Worst crowd had originally picked him. Hopefully he makes the bottom three. Carrie Underwood MacArthur Park by Donna Summer Not the greatest performance, but she sang it well.... and what's wrong with looking like a cross between barbie and a Stepford Wife? I thought she was pretty hot. Scott Savol Everlasting Love by Carl Carlton Scott sang it well, but his presence there still bugs Simon half to death. I hope the Vote the worst crowd keeps him around... he wasn't the worst by far. Anthony Fedorov Don't Take Away The Music by Tavares Please please please send this boy home... he sucks, he's boring, he's goofy looking. Not his worst performance, but so far under what the rest are doing. How did he ever make it this far? Vonzell Solomon I'm Every Woman Chaka Khan Vonzell nailed it... she's a lock to make it through to next week. Anwar Robinson September by Earth, Wind & Fire Anwar needs to go back to teaching choir... Those who can, do... those who can't, teach. Anwar... you are the weekest link..... goodbye! Bo Bice Vehicle by The Ides of March Best of the night... Bo nailed it and looked comfortable doing it... I agree with Simon on this one.... the only authentic performance of the night! Bottom three? Anthony, Constantine and Anwar Anwar is going home. Amazing Race I am so thrilled today.... The "happy boys" finally got sent home! Let's see.... first, they sent them all to a train station and bunched them all up again on the train... Then it was off to some clock tower which was closed... insuring they stay bunched up even longer. Why does CBS do this???? Not much of a race when every time you turn around, the folks you worked so hard to get ahead of are suddenly placed right next to you. Anyway... They got their clue which included a fast forward, that Uchenna & Joyce headed off to. The rest went and pushed elephants through the streets... Well all except Gretchen, who decided to take a ride in her elephant... Then they had to go race a camel around a track a couple of times.... The camels weren't to thrilled with the idea, but eventually they all made it around... Uchenna & Joyce found out that their fast forward required them to shave their heads... Uchenna's already bald, so Joyce was the only one to have to lose any hair.... She actually looked pretty hot bald... funny stuff. Anyway, they raced to the mat, but the happy boys got lost on the way, and came in last! Happy days! The new Pope- I'm not Catholic, but I am confused by what I am hearing about the new pope... people are saying he is too conservative.... What I can see is that he wants to keep the church focused on the teaching of Christ. Others seem to think that just because they are living some morally depraved life, they want the church to justify it for them, thus insuring lots of company when they end up in Hell I guess. Go figure... Folks, if you don't like what the church belives... and you aren't willing to follow the teachings of Christ, why are you in the church? Just move on and hope that you are right when it comes down to judgement day. Anyway- I think I'm done for now... I get Comments! I concur 100% with your assessment of the American Idol Crew. I think Constantine would be good on Broadway.. he's very dramatic and theatrical. His facial expressions still grate on my nerves... Carrier sounded great again. I don't mind the way she dresses, and like it that she dressed the way she wanted to, even after Simon said she was dressing old fashion in a previous show. I agree with you on Scott. He picked the perfect song for his voice tonight. Again, he has a lot of heart... but he looks like a homeboy standing up there. I still like him though. Anthony is the worst of the worst. Anthony singing = Nails on a blackboard. Nothing else to say! haha Vonzell has been rocking the last few weeks! You go girl! lol I don't think she will make it to the final 2 though. Anwar just doesn't have what it takes in my opinion. His song choices and his singing are both very forgettable. Bo, Bo, Bo... he rocks the house! His voice is really sexy too. I just wish he would cut that 80's Metal do... hahahaha He would look super hot with a short do! lmao Here's the order in which I WISH they would get voted off: Anthony Anwar Constantine ScottVonzell Then the 2 running for Idol status will be Bo and Carrie. Texas_ivy10 04.20.05 - 10:18 am Oh the new Pope. The one thing that really stuck out to me is that he is 78 years old. They may be choosing another Pope in a few years! I'm thinking it would have been better to choose a somewhat younger person. I am not Catholic, so my knowledge of the Pope and the Catholic religion is slim to nil. I looked up the Vatican website and have been doing some reading but... Texas_ivy10 04.20.05 - 10:21 am

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