Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Quitting smoking... Day 2

Well... I made it through day 1 without killing anybody. I did not smoke at all yesterday except the one I had at 5am. This morning, I woke up and did the same thing.... stepped outside and smoked one. Damn- that tasted nasty.... only smoked about 3/4 of it and wondered why I even bothered. If only every cigarette tasted that bad.... I'd never bother again. So I slapped on a new patch after my shower- I can still taste that cigarette even after brushing my teeth, Listerine, candy, etc.... Nasty taste in my mouth.... I feel much better today. I don't have the huge urge to starngle everybody yet. My only real problem is that my arm hurts from this patch I'm wearing- kinda a dull throbbing ache. I need to start dropping the money I'd spend on cigarettes in a jar- I'm about to start construction on a new train layout and will need the money to build it anyways.... maybe my smoking money can go to that. Hopefully I can stay this calm all day...

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