Wednesday, June 29, 2005

"Average" Joe Recap....

Ok... so the new season of Average Joe is out... I'll have to step up and ask once again, these guys are average??? If so... that means there are a lot more geeks, dorks, and far far below average people in this country than I thought. Anyway- They get all these "average" guys into a gym and they are met by three losers from last year... They make them go through a boot camp and eliminate 4 of them without even getting to meet the girl. They brought back the forth loser from last year too... Larissa... Yeah, I still laugh every time i think about the guy she chose last year dumping her when he learns she used to date Flabio. Anna (the new girl) gets to see the huge yaught she'll be staying on... She is impressed- feels like a princess and all that... I guess that's good considering she'll soon be kissing toads. So then she gets to meet all the guys... And the look on her face says it all... "OMG- ya'll stuck me on Average Joe! I have to date geeks and losers before ya'll bring the beefcake out!" Anyway, they have a cocktail party... 18 guys slobbering over the only available date... Typical scene found in bars across the country every night of the week. Then she kicked 6 of them to the curb. But wait- the twist... one of them gets to go have an extreme makeover.... He saw a nutritionist, a personal trainer, an eyebrow waxer, a life coach, and then a plastic surgeon.... A dentist, a stylist, etc.... After all that, They'll throw him back in the mix later for another shot... Soon, they'll throw in the buff guys who are there just to be assholes to the "average" guys... And one of the buff guys will win the heart of the girl dashing all dorks and geeks hope of ever finding true love with a beautiful woman once again. Gotta love making people who already feel like crap about themselves feel even worse on national television, right?


Last Girl On Earth said...

TURN IT OFF GUP! (It's not too late!) EEEEEK!

supplymadam said...

I hate reality TV. Okay I do like Blowout.

MommaK said...

Is this that show where they all try to lose weight? (kidding) I dont watch the dating shows. I'm a hard core Survivor fan though. Thanks for checking me out today. I think blogger is having some issues. I've been around and it looks like others are having the same skin issues as me. Oh well. We can't all be beautiful;-)

Beanhead said...

Kinda makes you wonder who is watching this stuff?

millennium hippies said...

omg i'm guilty, i saw it. and i have some comments.

1. why did the guy dump her because her ex was fabio? i never understood the reasoning behind that.

2. one of the new guys is actually really cute!! i dont know his name...but he's got glasses.

3. the magician came back looking exactly the same. so he had to get all that surgery and he's gonna get sent home a second time?

4. i hope when she picks a "hot" guy in the end, they will stop making these shows, cause the average joes will be 0 for 4. so what's the point? is it season 3 or 4?

5. just watching the previews of the so-called hot guys pissed me off. how they come in and tear up the other guys' stuff...they gross me out. i'd send them all home immediately.

Okay I think I'm done. I hate Summer T.V.