Thursday, June 09, 2005

Vagina makeovers?

Apparently, plastic surgery on private parts is the new "in" thing.... Ummmmm.... ok.... Hmmmmm..... I just don't know what to say about this.


-xtessa- said...

okay! i'm torn between laughing and gagging!

janie q said...

lol, that doctor is from toronto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just think, i may have sat beside him at a ballgame, or on the train, maybe even across from him at a christmas party

Texas_Ivy10 said...

yikes! lol.. I guess I am not surprised... just seems kinda pathetic to me unless you have a true medical condition or serious deformity.

Sera Strawbridge said...

I know what to say about it .. OUCH! =D

Curator said...

Roger that, I saw that too today.

Something tells me if a gurl told me she got 1ne... I'd be wondering WTF she must have looked like B4 hand.


-E said...

You know you think it's cool!

Michele sent me.