Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Hey Liberals - Let's talk.....

I found this article in the Washington Times... It is basically about Bush finally stepping up and calling the Democrats out on their lack of a plan... Go read it... I'll wait. la la la la la lala la..... OK... Now that you've read the article, can anyone let me know if there are any plans whatsoever on the Left side of the aisle? I know I've asked before... but I still haven't found an answer. Is the only goal of the left to obstruct anything from happening? Are there any plans to move forward? If there are... what are they? And if there are none... how do you expect to win anything with no plan? Not trying to inflame anyone.... Just really curious. I know I'd be pissed if my party seemed to be flailing about with no purpose other than to block the other side... I'd demand to know what their vision was moving forward.


TrueJerseyGirl said...

I don't have time to read the article right now, but I will be back!

I do agree that we don't seem to have a direction at this point. And if we are going to win in 2008, we need to get there quickly.

Sar said...

Agreed, a plan is much needed, and hopefully it will offer a tangible counter to the deception and destruction being leveled by this administration.

Jay said...

Typical. Bush screws up and then blames others for not knowing how to make his failed policies work.

Also typical is the conservative tendency to overlook the failures of their own leaders and condemening others when it is pointed out. Rather than slam liberals for not having the about asking why those in power don't seem to have any that work. I mean, do conservatives ever take responsibility for anything?

TrueJerseyGirl said...

I read the article, and I don't know how to respond. I agree that we need a vision and do not have one right now. I think we are still looking for an identity to bring the party together. That's why we lost in 2000 and 2004 - Gore and Kerry did not rally the troops and refine the message the way we needed. The Repubs have rallied the Christian right and gotten them all fired up over silly things (IMHO) like gay rights and one woman in Florida on life support. Not that they aren't issues, but should that be our nation's main discourse? I want to be fired up over our nation's security (we are no safer now than we were before 9/11 - extremely scary to me living less than 10 miles from NYC) and the economy getting back on its feet and a national healthcare system and improving education.

I am hopeful that shortly, we will get it together and get focused on the things that really matter. So while I agree that we don't have a good plan right now, I so strongly disagree with the right wing plan that I will support whatever we can put up against it.

Sorry for going on and on...I have alot more to say but will leave it at that. For now.

Guppyman said...

Jay- The policies I have seen put in place are working, and the one's that the left are blocking will work once they are put in place. Wanna get more specific and we can go point by point?

Jersey- You really couldn't be more wrong. The folks I know who voted the way they did didn't vote because of gays or Terri Schaivo. We voted for the security of our country. We voted for the economy. We voted for fixing SSI. We voted to keep the government from trying to nationalize health care. We voted for a lot of things....

The 2004 election was lost by Kerry because he gave nobody anything to vote for. And 2008 will be lost by your side again- they still haven't figured that out.... if you don't give people something to vote for... they won't bother.

Texas_Ivy10 said...

2004 Election was lost not only because Kerry couldn't make a decision and take a stand on one damn thing. The way he rolled was based on who was standing in front of him at the time. Wishy Washy Flip Flopper. Then there was his running mate, the ambulance chaser. Voting for Bush was a no brainer!

From article: 'We hear 'no' to making tax relief permanent, we hear 'no' to Social Security reform, we hear 'no' to confirming federal judges, we hear 'no' to a highly qualified U.N. ambassador, we hear 'no' to medical-liability reform. On issue after issue, they stand for nothing except obstruction, and this is not leadership,' he said to resounding applause. ________________________________

I agree with Bush.

Exactly what does the left side stand for? More and more taxes? Crappy healthcare an allowing people to continue to sue, sue, sue which is causing doctors to stop giving healthcare and our healthcare costs to sky rocket? Not allowing people to use a portion of the SS that is taken out of every hard earned paycheck to start a retirement fund that will actually be there when we are all old and grey? The left is doing nothing but blocking everything, with no alternative plan of their own to offer up instead.

Over 80% percent of the people in this country call themselves Christians of some demonination or another. It wasn't hard to rally the "Christian Right" when the other party had/and still has absolutely nothing to offer.

Bush is not a perfect President by any means. I do not agree with a few of his stances. The Illegal Aliens (undocumented immigrants my ass)that are flooding this country and sucking up our resources like there is no tomorrow is one of them. Not only do I not want national worker cards for illegals, or any kind of amnesty, I don't want to pay for their healthcare, send their kids to school, provide food stamps, housing or any other government assistance. What's this about allowing them driver's licenses? I want to provide a big ass bus to take them right back where they came from. If they want to come here, that's all fine and dandy. Go through the process and do it legally.

I heard alot of "anyone but Bush" when the elections were going on. Some people are still saying that today, apparently. Nothing to offer, but are willing to just go blindly with "anyone" who isn't Bush or a "right winger". Pathetic.

Guppyman said...

Right on Texas Ivy!

My point here was to give those of you on the left a chance to tell us what you'd like to see... an alternative....

I've made the offer in a lot of different places and pretty much gotten the same answer every time... That you don't have any ideas other than to try to obstruct republicans.

Maybe it's just the antagonist in me... Maybe it really is curiosity- But I really would like to hear anything positive from your "side"... something looking forward that would be good for the country... something other than Bush sucks.

What would you do for any of these:
Health Care
Gas prices

The left has no leadership...
They have no ideas
All they have is negativity and obstruction at this point, and it's not winning them anything.

Just my two cents...

If you differ on that... please... enlighten me.

supplymadam said...

I am with you on this. I used to vote democratic but they have nothing to offer like when Kerry ran "My Plan,blah,blah,blah" I never heard his plan except that he had a plan. Kerry is a good debater and a brainless wit. When his wife spoke at the convention she sounded like she was on Lithium or something. Like with Clinton our national security would have been in jeopardy.

Then there is the scare tactic with the social security. They only tell you half the story. The actual story is that it is an optional plan and no more than 4% of your social security can be invested. People need to chill out and really get the facts.

Then it always "The economy", when all else fails. I see people spending like mad. The malls are always crowded. The economy goes in 8 year cycles. When Cinton took office it was already on the increase. Then you had the dot com boom and then when GW took office alot of those dot coms went out of business and then we had 9/11 which by the way Clinton got that memo too aout Bin Laden using planes against us. And they trained here for 10 yrs to attack our own country. What is wrong with that picture?
Not to mention that Clinton had the biggest tax hike in the history of this nation. So there could be more of your money going to someone else's healthcare that isn't even here legally or has 10 kids with 10 different last names.
When I was out of work many years ago I didn't qualify for healthcare
because I wasn't a substance abuser. Good incentive!

Anonymous said...

The democrats are doing exactly what the Gingrich-led republicans did in the 90's. Have you forgotten about that?

Guppyman said...

I remember the Republican Revolution in the 90's very well- The Democrats are missing the one thing that made all that work- IDEAS!

They have none. The Republicans came out with the Contract With America and won on the ideas that it contained.

You can try to rewrite history to forget that part, but we'll keep winning while you do.

Jay said...

The policies are working?

What planet do you live on?