Friday, October 14, 2005

Oops... I forgot to watch Survivor.....

Usually, I'd post about what happened on Survivor last night, but we were busy watching the Astros pluck the Cardinals last night. So... sorry, but no report on Survivor today (I do have it on my DVR... I still get to watch it) It's funny... the entire city has caught baseball fever... Even my wife- who claims to hate the game- sat down and watched it yesterday (and went to work in her Astros shirt today).... I have a feeling that this is their year. Go Astros!


Texas_Ivy10 said...

Come on Astros, y'all can do it this year!


Scooter said...

I was watching the game myself, but I have to catch up on the shows I taped Thursday in Survivor, Smallville, Everwood, and Everybody Hates Chris. Game 7 is set for next Thursday so homefully the 'Stros have things wrapped up by then.

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