Saturday, October 08, 2005


OK... I feel like a big idiot.... We had all kinds of things to do today, so we spent most of the day running around... Then this evening, we planned on going to church like we always do... so when we finally got to church at 7pm, we noticed that everybody was leaving.... what is going on here???? Oh yeah..... church is at 6pm on Saturdays! We totally spaced it and missed church..... Thankfully, we have 3 more services to choose from tomorrow morning.... Otherwise I'd feel like more than an idiot. Maybe something spectacular is going to happen at our service tomorrow.


The Medieval Islander said...

Old age creepin' in? Too many fun college "daze"?? LOL! We've done that a couple of times, so don't feel too bad.

You & the missus gonna join our lil' campout?


Texas_Ivy10 said...

At least y'all had a chance to "catch up" on Sunday! :)