Thursday, October 06, 2005

Questions and feeling great!

OK... Today I'm going far outside my normal posting style... I figured I'd throw this out there and maybe you can help me figure this out. I've found that if I just randomly open the Bible and read what I open to, most of the time I open to pages that directly correspond to what I am searching for.... Well the last three times I have done that have me a little confused. First, I opened up to Ezra- talking about rebuilding the temple. Next was Kings- talking about building the temple. Then yesterday, I found Nehemiah - talking about rebuilding Jerusalem. So what does this mean? Should I be building something? What temple? Where is this leading me? I am confused. On another note- Our church decided to stray from their normal schedule last night and had a Praise and Worship service... It was a pain to get there on time- seemed like everything tried to get in our way, but we made it. And I am so glad we did! We met a mother and her 2 kids who had to evacuate from New Orleans... then they had to evacuate from Houston when Rita came too... They are living in our area and were a great inspiration... to see people who have had such a hard time recently still standing there praising God for all he has done for them... To hear them talk... it was powerful stuff. And the funny part was that they felt bad for us for having to spend so long in the car when we evacuated.... It was a great evening, and I am feeling like a new man after it.... I hope God is working in all of your lives... If not, maybe it's time you asked Him to. Have a great day everybody!


-xtessa- said...

great post, guppy. God does answer our questions... it's just up to us to listen to those answers.

if you feel that there is something in your life that needs to be rebuilded or restructured, then maybe you should focus on that.;)

JOE B said...

The devil will do anything to keep us from going to church. He makes it hard on people and a lot of times people will just give up and not go. But like you said, most of the time when you have problems getting to church, you get a much greater blessing once you are there.
Joe B

Mitey Mite said...

Maybe the rebuilding has to do with helping out the ones who lost so much in the hurricanes?

I finally got through to your political link. No surprise, I am a social liberal (63% permissive) and an economic liberal (21% permissive.) I exhibit a very well developed sense of right & wrong & believe in economic fairness. In fact, you & I are exactly opposite on the chart. How did I raise you?

Carl V. said...

Don't want to even hazzard a guess at what that might mean but will throw out here that the temple is often associated with us, we are the temple of the Holy Spirit, etc.

In some ways if we are moving forward in our lives we are always in something of a rebuilding mode, the cares of life, etc. so easily tear us down and our daily interactions with others can take so much away from us if we aren't in there getting rebuilt via time with God, Bible reading, etc.

Have a wonderful day!