Friday, January 20, 2006


I have a new renter... She paid top dollar folks, so how about helping me out and giving her a few visits? Tell her guppy sent ya! Click on the thumbnail on the top of the far right column..... This is the weblog of the website Mystickal Incense & More. It not only features occasional site news and product announcements, but a look into the personal life of the owner, Stephanie Davies. Stephanie hand-makes all of the incense, candles, bath & body products, and other items sold at Mystickal Incense. For this purpose, this is both a personal and business blog. Welcome! What else is going on you might ask? Not too much... My back is screwed up and I need to visit my chiropractor... Other than that, it's just another day.... Have a great Friday everybody!

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Stephanie Davies said...

I couldn't be more excited that you chose me as a renter this week - honestly! Yep, I paid top dollar, but it was worth every credit! I'm a big fan of your blog, and am so happy to be here. Thank you very much for the great write-up and kind words also! You have a wonderful blog here, keep up the great work!