Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Is it Friday yet?

Well... Tonight starts another season of American Idol. So of course, this means that the folks over at Vote For The Worst are gearing up for another great round of bashing the slop that judges inflict on us as finalists. The next few weeks are the most fun of any American Idol season... Seeing the idiots who think they can sing and the clueless look on their face when they are told they can't.... This is friggin cool! I want one of these in Houston! But instead, we just get this... I guess a year round water park is a good thing, but can you picture year round snow??? While thinking of things to do around Houston, there's always the Rodeo! Not that I'll be going, but some people seem to enjoy it... I went once after they moved out of the Astrodome, and decided that I will probably never go again. Reliant Arena just sucks... Anyway- Hope everybody is having a great Tuesday!


Texas_Ivy10 said...

Year round snow sounds like hell on earth to me... ack! lol

I can't wait for AI to start... whoo hoo!

Nic said...

AI is my one MUST WATCH show of the entire year. Gotta have my AI. Love the snark sites about it too. LOL! One of my favorites is Television Without Pity. Now you have given me another one. Thanks!

ivy said...

My dad just went to the boat show at the Reliant Center.. They had a good time..

I'm not big on those kind of tv shows.. I dont watch much tv at all.. They are popular though!

JOE B said...

Guppy, I was going to suggest we get a group up and go to this place but for the money I guess we could go to the real thing.

By the way, I found you a radio station to go with your blog. I think it is www.thefishatlanta.com

Joe B

Texas_Ivy10 said...

My favorite "loser" on AI last night was the chic that was trying to look like Paris Hilton and her mom who was dressed like a teenage hooker. Those two were something else! haha

Nic said...

Texas_Ivy, absolutely. I cracked up over some of those people b/c don't they realize that excuses make them look "stoopid" and gimicks/props are going to piss the judges off? Especially Simon.

Hey Guppy, I have an Ask Nic post on my blog today if you or PS wanted to stop by and ask me something. :)