Monday, February 13, 2006

Olympic coverage

Am I the only one who gets pissed off over the coverage of the Olympics? I like live coverage. I understand the need to put stuff in prime time... that's fine... Package up the popular events from the day into a nifty little prime time slot, and show it... But there are events all day that you could/should be showing live. Especially on the weekend. Why does NBC insist on tape delaying EVERYTHING???? Grrrrrr..... Another thing that pissed me off last night... They showed Chad Hedrick getting his gold medal- they showed the very last line of the Star Spangled Banner... Then immediately after, they showed Canada's Jennifer Heil - And I got to sit thru every bit of O Canada. WTF??? This is on American TV? Why do you cut the American athlete short, and give the Canadian full time??? I just don't get it. Whoever is the programming director over at NBC needs to find a new job.... Of course, this is the same complaint I have every time the Olympics are running. If you have 4 or 5 different channels to show events on... USE THEM! Show us live events... use your glamour channel for highlights! OK... I'll quit ranting... at least I got to see some good women's hockey this weekend.

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stranger said...

it's not just the weird times that drive me nuts. here is what is known as the biggest athletic competition IN THE WORLD, and yet only one network gets to cover it??? er, excuse me, they have it on nbc and msnbc, but seriously - there are far more than 2 events going on at any one time.

even the olympic committee is a sucker for commercialism, i guess.