Sunday, March 05, 2006

Guppy jumps on the bandwagon.....

Yeah yeah.... I decided to be a follower... I went and looked my name up at Googlisms... And here's some of my favorites: he is worth whatever nottingham forest wants to pay he is a big kid he is almost spot on he is right he is hot he is here he is easy to please he is the bomb he is officially the most he is clueless he is reading your mind he is not mean he is crazy he is amazing he is alive he is miss anguilla 2002/2003 he is not really dull he is almost 100 percent certain he wasn't a woman yesterday he is so tasty you could just eat him up he is the casually late one he is king he is awsome he is a very good boy he is a man he is amazing he is weird he is masturbating he is music he is quite right he is the man he is a great guy he is currently recording his third cd


Beanhead said...

Here's mine

beanhead is sending lots
beanhead is sending lots post a comment name
beanhead is a groupie that follows red beans and rice
beanhead is a german bastard
beanhead is the mascot of our java
beanhead is god
beanhead is going to have to step up because keeping this from the world is a crime
beanhead is fine
beanhead is losing brain juice

Seawave said...

He is so tasty you could just eat him up, huh? Why does this not surprise me? LOL