Friday, March 10, 2006


First... I have to say a little about American Idol last night.... Who was that guy claiming to be Bo??? Poor guy. That sucked royaly. He needs to get far far away from any contracts he has with that show and start making music.... The vote outs were great! Kinnik, Ayla, Will & Gedeon all went home... And I won't miss any of them. So now... Only one will go home each week.... Anyway- you're here for Survivor, so let's get started..... We start out at Casaya, and Shane is bitching about being in his alliance. He wants to be released from giving his son's name to the girls.... They are more than ready to release him- and put him on the chopping block. Over at La Mina, Dan reveals that he use to play football for the Dallas Cowboys.... oh wait... thatwas last season... Dan reveals that he was an astronaut. The guys are in awe that they are living with some guy who has been in space. I think that's a great job and all, but come on guys... Anyway... They also catch some minows and swallow em live like back when they were in college... REWARD/IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: IN-COG-NEATO the tribes must each choose three members to race one at a time out into a field to untie, lower, unhook and retrieve four puzzle pieces. Once all four pieces have been collected, the two remaining tribe members will use those pieces to solve a spinning puzzle. The first tribe to solve it correctly will win Immunity and the Reward: a feast in a Panamanian fishing village. The winning tribe also gets to banish one member from the losing tribe to Exile Island. But in a surprise twist, the person sent to Exile Island will not go to Tribal Council, thus protecting them from being voted out. La Mina- as usual- starts off with a huge lead... But they blow it when the rocket scientist can't figure out how to put a puzzle together... And Casaya wins reward! They get to send someone to Exile Island and that person will have immunity at tribal council... They make the smartest move yet and send Sally.... So the guys will have to eat one of their own... Casaya goes to a fishing village and they are met by a bunch of kids- they hand out toys, and they are led to a feast... Chicken, rice, soup, sodas and beer! And for Shane- he bums a smoke off of one of the locals... I have never seen someone make love to a cigarette before- and I really never want to see it again... That was nuts. I figure he probably ate the filter when he was done with it... But it did turn him into a halfway sane person again... Nic fit is gone and suddenly Shane is lovey dovey with the girls... Cirie didn't look to happy about that one. La Mina decides Dan needs to be the guy to get voted off tonight, and he gets his torch put out by Jeff... Next Wednesday they are doing a recap episode, and there won't be a new show for the next three weeks! So everybody needs to go find something to do on Thursdays for awhile....


grace said...

come on. you can't tell me that Kevin deserves to be there. he sucks

Sherry said...

WHO is Kevin???
Good recap and I like the way you put in...the astronaut joke. Who really cares and is it really helping the team?!
I would make-love to a cigarette too if I could have one. I haven't smoked in over a year. I miss it, but not as much as detox man.
PS Oh I get it.....that comment was about American Idol.

MommaK said...

Shane's lips were making me gag. *shudder*

What's with the 3 week break??? That has never happened what am I gonna do.

Does anyone know when the next BB will air?

Angie said...

Shane makes me want to scratch out my eyeballs and poke hot pokers in my ears at the same time! I want him GONE!! The whole cigarette sequence grossed me out!

I say, GO CIRIE! She's my favorite..if only she can lay low a while longer she can keep going in the game.

The whole 3 week wait will drive m crazy of course..and I'm with mommaK...when does BB start up again???