Wednesday, May 11, 2005

American Idol Final Four

Hey hey hey... It's Wednesday morning, and I'm sure everyone wants to know what to think about the trainwreck that was American Idol last night.... Glad I can be of service, here are my thoughts..... Tonight's themes were one song by Gamble and Huff and one country song.... Country? Looks like Carrie should feel at home...... Carrie Underwood- Sin Wagon from the Ditsy Twits Gamble and Huff’s If You Don’t Know Me By Now I have to go with the exact opposite from the way the judges saw this. I thought her Ditsy Twits impersonation sucked. Of course, it may be just my prejudice against the Dixie Chunk, but that song just plain sucks! For a girl who supposebly sings country, I was not impressed. On the other song, I actually liked the version she did... It didn't sound like the original, but I saw that as a good thing. Go figure... Bo Bice- Travis Tritt’s It’s a Great Day to Be Alive For the Love of Money by the O’Jays Bo... He looked bored on the first go round... and I have been reading too many opinions about Bo and the mic stand.... It got on my nerves tonight. Dude... the mic will slip out with just a little effort and then you can be free! Anyway, For Love of Money rocked and was by far the best performance of the night. Vonzell Solomon- Trisha Yearwood’s How Do I Live Gamble and Huff Don’t Leave Me This Way OK... What was up with Vonzell tonight? Did she hear that Vote For The Worst picked Anthony as their contestant of choice rather than her? Is she scared that she's leaving tonight? Either way... She did not look like she belonged up there on either song... and the tears... they even made the judges be nice to her when she didn't really deserve it. Bye bye baby V... Anthony Fedorov- Lonestar’s I’m Already There If You Don’t Know Me By Now Anthony is painful to watch, and has been since this whole thing started. Pathetic performances on both songs, followed by praise from the judges???? I was like.... WTF are you three watching???? Is this the guy who Paula is sleeping with this season??? I just don't get it. One thought is maybe if they give the appearance that Anthony is not the worst.... maybe the VFTW crowd will change their minds and not vote for him? He did inspire the best comment from Simon of the night: "I think you need soul to sing this song – it’s like Woody Allen trying to play the lead in ‘Shaft.’" — Simon Cowell, after "If You Don’t Know Me By Now." All in all... I'd say Vonzell gets the boot, but it would not hurt my feelings at all if Anthony beat her out the door. Now on to the controversy- American Idol Gets The Numbers Wrong Again! Apparently they put Carrie's numbers up for Bo, Vonzell and Anthony on the closed captioning of last night's show. Which brings on the question.... How many deaf people are watching and then calling in to vote for these folks? If you are watching on CC... Can you really judge what they sounded like? Just curious..... Here's what Fox has to say about it.... STATEMENT REGARDING CLOSED CAPTIONING ON AMERICAN IDOL MAY 10, 2005 During the second round of songs on the Tuesday, May 10 live broadcast, the closed-caption graphic listing call-in numbers for the various contestants was identical for every performer. While the producers and network acknowledge the closed-captioning error, the correct call-in number for each performer was still read by Ryan Seacrest and broadcast on screen during each performance, as well as the show recap. The producers and network apologize to our hearing-impaired viewers for any confusion, and the situation was immediately corrected for our tape-delayed west coast broadcast. Too funny! And I'd like to congratulate Uchenna and Joyce for winning the Amazing Race last night! Way to go!

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