Monday, May 09, 2005

Monday night TV

It's Monday again.... This is the one night a week where my wife and I can't agree on what to watch on TV... She likes the Nanny shows, I started watching wrestling again.... I tried- I tried real hard to watch the Nanny shows with her... But after awhile, they all looked like the same show over and over again... Kids are a pain, Dad is at work, so mom feels like she should baby her kids through everything to the point they bacame spoiled little brats. Nany makes some rules, mom resists.... but eventually all is right with the world. With a variation here and there... that's both Nanny 911 and Supernanny. So she ends up back in the bedroom watching them, while I end up on the couch watching Monday night Raw... Raw is cool for the simple fact that you can miss years worth of the show... come back one night and while the people have changed, you can pretty much figure out who is who, who likes who... who is feuding with who and whatnot before the night is over. Go figure... I thought I was done with wrestling, but I got sucked back in. At least before she dissapears on me, we can sit down and watch something on the DVR or watch the How'd they do that Extreme makeover deal... The rest of the week we get along with what we watch.... Tuesdays are for American Idol and Amazing Race Wednesdays are the AI voteoff, Life on a Stick (Cheesy but we love it) and Stacked.... Thursday is Survivor night. CSI ususally too Not even sure what's on over the weekend days... but we usually find something... Soon though, all the current shows will have their finale and then we'll have to find something else to do.... maybe we'll finally get around to cleaning up the office or the spare bedroom so I can start building my trains... Or we'll get more active and start taking longer walks than the ones we try to take every evening... But Monday nights suck...

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