Saturday, May 21, 2005


I was messing around with my format and it looks like I dumped all my comments. :( THAT SUCKS!


chaudes said...

I have posted some of
my photos here

Indigo said...

Don't they give you a warning that some things will be lost????

Guppyman said...

Yeah.... but I decided I wanted to get it done... I was sick of looking at my page.

But look.... it got me my first porn spammer comment.... Thanks chaudes... Nothing like some hard-core porn pics to introduce yourself with..... But when you start with those, what do you leave to learn?

Redhead Mommy said...

I feel for you! When I switched to Haloscan, that happened to me, I was most disappointed.

Thanks for blogrolling me! As you can see, I've already added you to mine (even though you are a conservative ;) )

By the way, I like your blog template, seems familiar, somehow. ;)