Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Your next American Idol will be........

I have changed my mind.... I have been watching the coverage that Vote For The Worst has gotten recently and I think that they are now going to be a major force this year.... so much so that I have decided that Scott Savol will be the next American Idol. Today, almost every news website has an article that mentions Vote the worst.... Fox even went so far as to put out a long statement about how they think it's an insignificant portion of the voters who are trying to keep Scott in... But all the publicity can only work in Vote the worst's favor... Many who never heard of it now know that there is an option to the folks who Simon and company have been pimping since the beginning. My choice for winner would still be Bo, and I still think Carrie is a close second.... BUT- I now think Scott will beat both of them out. And I will be laughing the entire time.

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