Monday, May 16, 2005

Survivor Finale

After last week, I was starting to wonder if it was possible for Ian to make a worse mistake than he did after not taking Katie with him when he won the car. Well..... last night proved that yes, he is more stupid than I thought. We start the show with the final four, Jenn, Ian, Katie and Tom all getting the spoils of making it this far in the game- More food. OMG... if i have to watch these people eat anything else I am going to get sick. Rmemeber old Survivors where they would see themselves in the mirror and be amazed at how much weight they lost? Remember seeing people's ribs? Not this time around.... I think these folks actually gained weight while on the island. Anyway- Ian and the girls are plotting against Tom... If Tom doesn't get immunity... he's out of there... So of course, who gets immunity tonight? Tom. Poor Ian... Anyway... They all sit down and tell Jenn that it's her night to go. Everything seems to be cool until she realizes that she doesn't just have to lay there and take it... she brings it up to Tom about what Ian had to say about voting him out. This works... Ian screws up and says he'd have a hard decision to make if he had won.... So at TC, Tom and Jenn vote for Ian to go home, while Ian and Katie vote for Jenn to leave. After the revote, it is still tied up.... Which brings out a fire mini-challenge. Ian burns hotter than Jenn, and he gets to stay. After they get back to camp, they unload on Ian.... end up making him feel crappy. Next immunity challenge is the endurance challenge.... each of them need to cling to a floating stripper pole for as long as they can. Katie lasts around 4 or 5 hours and gives it up.... Tom and Ian sit around for almost 12 hours. Then Ian makes the dumbest move I have ever seen.... he says he will get down if Tom takes Katie to the final two. WTF? Why spend 12 hours on a pole just to give up the whole game just like that? So in a makeshift on the spot tribal council.... Tom votes Ian off... Final two usually hangs at camp and spends time destroying everything.... but all these two did was stick their table in the fire... dishes, bottles, etc.. and all.... Then we're off to the final tribal council. Questions from the losers... Coby - Tom... I told you I thought you were hot... why didn't you ever cuddle with me at night? Gregg- Uh.... wow... ya got me... duhhhhh.... Oh yeah.. and katie... You are pathetic. Janu- Katie wouldn't even answer her question... sh figured there was no way she had her vote anyways. Steph - I thought we had an alliance... Caryn - Was I just the pawn I think I was? Duh Caryn. Jenn - Why didn't you repect my game? Tom's answer... you had a game? I thought you were just a lazy ass hiding in the shadows.... and Ian... Am I stupid or what? Anyway- they all voted and Jeff took off into the jungle, and walked right up onto the stage in the studio. Man... I wanted to see his amazing cheese sequence where he cruises halfway around the world on a jet ski or something..... But he reads the votes, and sure enough, Tom wins it all. He got the million bucks... he got the car I want.... Next they run through the reunion.... Pretty boring stuff.... but we get to see everybody all cleaned up. The funniest part was after Coby told everyone about his adopted kid that he named Janu.... Janu was looking at the pic and looking like she was about to bawl.... and Coby jerks it away to show somebody else... It just struck me as hilarious for some reason. Anyway- Congrats Tom. Good job! Next time, they are going to be playing in Mayan ruins. We have to wait until Septemeber before we get to see that one though....

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Texas_Ivy10 said...

Whew, those red words with the blue background strain the eye sight... hahahaha ;)

After Ian quit (why would he quit is beyond me. Screw all that integrity crap... you're trying to win a million bucks! LOL) I knew Tom had it in the bag. He earned it at least. Katie just rode the coat tails of others, although, it was a good enough strategy to get her to the final 2. I did not sit through the reunion show for very long... very boring indeed! lol. I did like seeing everyone all spiffed up though.