Monday, May 23, 2005

My weekend?

Let's see... Saturday, we went and helped out with a car wash benefitting one of my wife's co-workers.... his house burned down a week or so ago, so hime and his 5 kids are homeless with no stuff for awhile. We were out there for three hours between 10am and 1pm.... I usually don't sunburn, but my arms are quite red... But it doesn't compare to my wife.... she has definately turned in to a redneck after that. She has a bright red painfill ring all the way around her neck. Poor thing... I've been drowning her in aloe. Sunday... I got up and mowed the yard in the morning... then we ended up just laying around for most of the day. We tried out a new church Sunday evening but neither of us were too comfortable there. Other than that, I didn't do too much. I love weekends like that... when you actually get a chance to relax a little bit.


Indigo said...

I love weekends like that when you get a chance to relax. I'm hoping for soon!

Texas_Ivy10 said...

Oh No! I am sorry to hear of the serious predicament your wife's co-worker and family are going through right now. Wow. I pray they can get back on their feet soon.

I am glad you both got a chance to relax for a bit! I'm lucky that I don't burn much. I have a kick ass golfer's tan happenin right now, from our outings the past few weekends... LOL Hope to erradicate that soon, as our neighborhood pool opened last weekend.