Monday, May 09, 2005

Good Morning!

As if you cared, I figured I'd tell you about my weekend..... Saturday we went to a carnival... My daughter wanted to ride the Gravitron- it's all she talked about for two days before Saturday actually got there..... So we go out to the carnival... she rides some little rides with a friends 4 year old... then she's ready to go get on the Gravitron.... Until somebody gets off and throws up. They tells us it's going to be a little while because they have to clean up the mess he made inside.... She sees that and she says she doesn't want to do it anymore. So we go ride Whiplash... I Hop on with her and we start to go around... up and down... round and round... We are both having a blast.... Then they reverse it... still having fun... she's loving it.... Then they reverse it again... cool... long ride... she's grinning from ear to ear... I'm starting to get ready for it to be over.... Then they almost stop, but the guy decides to reverse it one more time.... I must be getting old. I started getting hot... sweating is more like it... I start feeling like I may see my lunch soon if this thing doesn't stop. I apparently went pretty pail too according to my wife. By the time it ended... I didn't want to ride anything else... My days of carnival rides spinning for ever seems to be over. I didn't ride anything else... as a matter of fact, I stayed feeling pretty crappy for the rest of the weekend. My daughter did get to ride the Gravitron finally... my niece showed up and went on with her. My daughter loved it, and made her go again.... Anyway- Yesterday started off with getting up and slipping out to go get flowers for my wife for Mother's Day. I wonder if she really realizes how much I appreciate the way she has stepped up to being a super step-mom to my pride and joy! I know that I can't show her how absolutely awesome I think she is, but I try.... Then, we went to brunch at my grandmother's place... she is living in a retirement home... Those folks have more stuff going on than I'd know what to do with.... It was cool. And then last night, we got one Hell of a storm... My poor sunflowers that started the day at over 6 feet tall are now all leaning... I need to go get stakes for them and get them back upright... I don't think one of them is over 2 feet tall this morning. So... there's my weekend... Hopefully everybody had a good one!

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