Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Reality wrapup- American Idol and Amazing Race

OK... Top 5 time, which means everybody gets to sing two songs this week... And what's this... Paula looked almost sober tonight???? WTF? Is she really that worried about tonights airing of Primetime Live's Fallen Idol? Anyway... this was the most subdued I think I have ever seen her... She was just kind of there. On to my reviews and thoughts... With just 5 people left, it breaks down like this for me... You have two amateurs, two superstars and Scott. Scott is the wildcard in all this... he has good enough vocals to beat both Anthony and Vonzell, but his look, attitude and criminal record turn a lot of folks off... But the Vote For The Worst support is helping him overcome all that... Can't wait to see how it all turns out in the end. And tonight's categories.... I've realized how out of touch I am with modern music... I knew all the old songs they sang tonight, but I only barely knew two of the top 40 songs they decided on. On to tonights performances.... Anthony Fedorov Poison Ivy by The Coasters Incomplete by the Backstreet Boys I saw both of these as weak. Anthony really should not be on this stage, he should have never made it to Hollywood in my opinion. His story is great- overcoming the odds after his operation... Getting told he'd never even talk and then making it on to a singing competition... but he sucks.I just don't understand who it is that is keeping him on the show... He's my pick for going home tonight. Scott Savol George Benson’s On Broadway Brian McKnight’s Every Time You Go Away Scott put on good performances tonight... He will stick around this week and I'm not sure he'll even be in the bottom three... (more on that later). On just vocals, I'd say Scott is the best of who is left. I did my part for the Vote For The Worst last night and called his number quite a few times. (And it was busy a lot!) Vonzell Solomon Elvis Treat Me Nice When You Tell Me That You Love Me as sung by … the "American Idol" finalists Baby V... She's a fun, energetic singer... But she's not good enough to be where she is. She'll be in the bottom three for sure tonight. And she slaughtered the Elvis tune to the point that my wife didn't even recognize it... Bo Bice Stand By Me by Ben E. King Heaven by Los Lonely Boys Now for the superstars... Bo was just good. He looked like he belonged exactly where he was. And he chooses songs that fit him exactly. Go Bo! Carrie Underwood Elvis Trouble Rascal Flatts' Bless The Broken Road Carrie is the other superstar... She will be a big country artist after this is over... She also chose her songs well.. I was impressed. The bottom three tonight is tricky... I know Anthony and Vonzell will be there, but i can't say who will join them. Logically, I'd say Scott... But I think with all the publicity that Vote For The Worst has gotten in the last few days, he may not be. I won't even guess between Bo and Carrie who would get the least votes... Either way, I'm sure both of them are safe... Guess we'll have to wait and see who ends up on the short side... Bottom three Anthony Vonzell ??????? Going home Anthony Amazing Race After departing from the pit stop, everyone had to go find the whirling dervishes and get there next clue.... Apparently a whirling dervish is a guy in a white dress who spins around like a child making himself dizzy in some show of devotion to their faith. Anyway, they grabbed their clues and found out they needed to fly to Londaon and visit Abbey Road.... Uchenna and Joyce and Meridith and Gretchen both got tickets for a direct flight on Turkish Air leaving at 8:30am and arriving at 10:30am.... Rob & Amber checked the Internet and found tickets through a connection in Frankford that would arrive earlier, but they'd have to be on standby in Frankford.... They decided to chance it. Somehow, Ron & Kelly found this option too and decided to cahnce it also. So Rob & Amber and Ron & Kelly all made it an hour and a half earlier than the rest... Romber got on the train first and it left without Ron & Kelly... They went to Abbey Road and enlisted a local to help them out.... After Abbey Road, they went to a big ferris wheel and had to spot the next clue... Detour - Brains or Brawn Both Romber and Ron & Kelly chose the brains, while the other two teams chose the brawn (go figure)... Brains was riding the tube thru a series of clues to end up on Baker Street getting the next clue from Sherlock Holmes... Brawn was moving 5 boats from the water up a path and stacking them. I figured Meridith was going to have a heart attack doing that, but somehow he made it... Anyways, Romber finished first, and raced to their next clue... which also had a yield... The chose to yeild Ron & Kelly. The Roadblock was driving a double decker bus through a series of cones without hitting any... it proved to be difficult for most of the racers.... In the end, Romber got to the pitstop first, and they won a home entertainment center for their efforts... Ron & Kelly made it second, and Uchenna and Joyce made it third. Meridith and Gretchen came in last and were booted off.... Next week is the 2 hour finale....

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