Thursday, May 05, 2005

Fallen Idol / Scott Savol voted out.....

OK... I'm dissapointed today. First, Scott got voted off American Idol. I don't think Scott got the fewest votes by far... I honestly think that was rigged. Anthony just plain sucks! Now, the VFTW crew are saying they'll vote for Anthony... I just can't get behind that. He is by far the worst, but I honestly don't want to see him ever again.... Scott was the perfect candidate for the Vote for the worst... Criminal record, attitude, ugly, confrontational.... he was the total package! I'm going to miss him being up there..... So now I guess I really will be pulling for the best that's still there.... It has to be Carrie or Bo who wins this thing... preferably Bo. Anyway- Next I wasted an hour of my life watching the Fallen Idol show.... I don't buy it. First off.... He stayed out partying all night, then went in and sang in the infamous kissing paula's hand performance.... Afterwards, he was given her phone number and stayed up thinking about it till midnight before he called.... then went to her house until 5am that night? So... he was going on at least 48 hours with no sleep the first time he went over there? I'll bet that made quite an impression.... He just seems like he is pimping his new album... and from what I heard last night, that's gonna suck... and pimping the book he's trying to release. And the biggest part about not believing him... Is there anybody out there who thinks Corey Clark is straight????? That boy (and his friends they interviewed last night) makes Ru Paul look like a straight man. I have faith that Paula has more taste than that. And where was Life on a Stick last night? That show is so stupid it's funny. It sucked not getting my braindead humor fix. Just a dissapointing evening all around on my TV.

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