Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Tonight's Reality TV...

Tonight is the season finale of The Amazing Race. Can't wait for that... Three teams left: (Pics borrowed from CBS's website) I can't believe it, but after watching these folks... I hope Rob & Amber win it. Or Uchenna & Joyce... I wouldn't mind seeing Ron win, but I can't stand Kelly after her POW comments... She is a friggin nutcase. So we'll see how it all turns out tonight.... And then there is American Idol. After last week's dissapointment, the final 4 just isn't as much fun. Sure, Vote For The Worst is trying to pimp Anthony, but I just can't get excited over him as a choice. I could have been excited over Janay... Even Mikala would have made a great worst... Scott, by far was the ultimate candidate... But Anthony? Yes... He is the worst... but he has nothing to make him stand out.... nothing to say.... yeah... it'd be funny to see them get stuck trying to package him.... just blah..... So we'll see who gets to step up next week to lose to Bo and Carrie.... I get the feeling Baby V will be leaving tomorrow.

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