Friday, May 13, 2005

Survivor recap....

Well... After last week when they took Gregg by suprise, they got back to camp and Jenn was suprisingly calm about it. The plotting continued... Tom and Caryn, Ian and Jenn, Tom and Ian, Ian and Katie... everyone going a different direction..... The reward challenge turns out to be playing for a new Corvette and a night in a mansion... They have to pole out to a bouy on a raft and retrieve 5 bags that contain distances to big cities around the world, then figure out how far away they are from each. Ian wins. Then he shocks everybody by telling Katie that he's taking Tom instead of her for a drive. This was one of the dumbest moves I have ever seen on this game, but then... who blamed Ian for being the smart guy out there. Anyway... turns out that this is Ian's first car. What a first car... a brand new Corvette convertable.... Damn him! Anyway- back at camp, Katie is pissed! They decide that one of the guys is going home tonight. When Tom and Ian get back, all hell breaks lose with Katie and Ian... They looked like there is a lot more going on between them than just some kind of Survivor friendship... The fight they had looked like a couple that had been together quite awhile.... I wonder if they have edited out a bunch from these two... Anyway... they cry, hug and all that and seem to make up. The immunity challenge consisted of crossing an obstacle course and memorizing a puzzle, then comming back and putting another puzzle together to look just like it. Using all this brain power will guarantee that these folks are going to take awhile to get this figured out. Finally, three weeks later... Tom gets it right and wins immunity. Everyone at camp is paranoid about how the votes will go... They try to get Katie intimidated enough to vote with Tom and Ian. At Tribal Council... Caryn goes off the deep end and tells everybody who is in an alliance with who, and throws in some extra details just to make suer everybody is confused as hell... But it doesn't do her much good... She ens up getting the axe, and now we have our final four for Sundays finale. With the way this season played out, I am not too thrilled with any of this.... For more than the first half of this season, Ulong kept losing, so we'd see how things were playing out at their camp. We knew all their alliances, we knew all about them. But Koror hardly got any camera time at all... so then with just a few episodes left, we have only Koror left.... It kinda sucks... I like the chance to get to know everybody. I wish we had that chance this time... so now we have some folks who i could care less about trying to get a million dollars in the end... Hopefully next time, they figure out that we like the merge... we like to see folks who we have gotten to know in the end... Who's going to win? I don't care at this point. I'd probably say Jenn will walk away with it... she has been so quiet and behind the scenes... I doubt she's even had a chance to piss anybody off yet.

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